monday 21/09/2009

Me add 1 dorian into the trade for tanaraeva

Caelus is 0xp. PM me if interested. Cheers.

My Vickie Cr (105k full, 111k 0XP) vs. 2 Alec Cr (55k full, 58k 0XP). I'll add non-CR filler cards to round out deals and would prefer to trade in bulk (blocks of 5 Vickie vs. 10 Alec) if possible. Please PM Me if interested.

I did the trade thanks .

Please close smiley

Need a LamarCr for 120K in clintz
or trade with cards plus clintz worth 125K

5 messages

No anyone smiley

Your offert + 1 page cr , and tessa is yours at any lvl you whannasmiley

Just Post Your Offers Here...

No Offer Below 20k cause im sure as hell aint gonna accept it

[Thanks Mods]

I love how you wrote approx 1.635m. That's pretty precise smiley

I'd make you an offer, but I already know it won't quite be in that price range. Good luck, though.

Please close the thread.

Yeah I seen this too. That's why I make all my offer fair smiley

Up now my offer is 2 alec cr +jackie full and tahan

Sold - Close please.

that should be better

Rubie for your eyrik

Homsikpanda is dahlia fully leveled now?

sunday 20/09/2009

Contact me with offers bidding start at 16K automatic buy at 17k

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