thursday 17/09/2009

Close pls

Close already bought him

I want it for 1800 . smiley

Looking for Jackie full, for 21K and 2 1* Nata's

Looking for a 4* Jackie for 21K and 2 1* Nata's

I will trade it for A Zatman

I will trade if you want still want too just pm me

I should be more specific. I am looking for the cheaper collectors. Also I need Ghumbo if anyone has him.


I am Canceling this.sry.

Depends on the market price

Ok sure

Trading 7 Nahi Cr's 0xp + 70k for Tessa Cr, and 3 Vickie Cr's. Pm if your interested, thanks smiley

I am buying any amount of sai sans max for 300 clintz. put in my sales.

Ok thanks pm me for info

wednesday 16/09/2009

Please close

** Vholt **

39990 lets trade!

Jackie market price = 30k

good luck

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