friday 02/03/2012

So I guess I am going to take out Lost hog for Kuei because it seems a majority say that so thanks

thursday 01/03/2012

Although it is interesting that ralph and rolph have the same ability and base power

Some missions have missions that have to be done befor the other one unlocks like Lea's and Kerry's

Interesting deck. I would personally change Olga Noel to Lorna and Jay to Grudj.

@M-Bison: I hope you don't mean Dregn full because the 1* version is the best out of all of them by far

wednesday 29/02/2012

Refresh the page and then go to your collection, change it to show only non leveled up cards and see if there there. If there not send a report to support (Use green ?)

@ jeromy

Captain, that sounds illogical.

We cannot expect a price reduction on something people happily buy at its current price.

Read the game rules (deck formats) check out some presets, if ur new u probably want 2 gain some expirience before creating ur own deck.

tuesday 28/02/2012

Do you want the decks to be T1, T2, ELO or Dailt Tournament T1/T2 decks.

You should never play more then 1-2 splashes make sure you deck is ether 7/1, 4/3/1, 8 or 4/4, Decks like 6/1/1 or 6/2 might work but any more like 5/1/1/1 or worse 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1 will most likely not work in a non event room.

It was set at 05h13 this morning for 300 minutes. It should be back to normal at 10h15 smiley

monday 27/02/2012

In might work ok in a T2 daily tournament.

There are a few ways to decide which to pick. Based on your estimation of personal luck:

Compare minimum value of any cards possible (Junga wins last time I checked, their lowest was about 300, while most others have a 150).

Compare the maximum value of any cards possible (Vortex holds this one till they get a Cr basically).

Compare the average value of the commons in the pack (this is for the pessimists who aren't QUITE as bleak as the first option is for).

Compare average value of the rare cards in the clan.

Compare the weighted average of all the cards (you have to assume some distribution for how rare/uncommon/common arrive. This one is the ideal for those who go through a LOT of packs, since in the end the average is what happens)

Newblood is typically touted as the best pick without the clarification that you should save your credits until a good release and blow them all on the very day of the release, selling the cards off immediately if you get from the new 4, and holding on to the cards which have already been out a while to ride the inflation in price once they leave Newblood.

sunday 26/02/2012

I'm so glad this thread has endured!

I remember originally posting this nearly 4 years ago!

Which card to you all think is the most edgy parody so far?

Nellie is 16, 4* stat limit is 16. Now if she had 1 less minimum, the fractional stat point from her bonus would add up to 17, but no, she's right on limit.


I'm not sure if this will help, but you can try this:
Go to your own profile, click "Click here to change your account details and preferences."
Under "your preferences" tab, in the "Game" section, see what is listed in "I always want to use these settings to play:" And check if it's Normal or setting of the opponent.

I'm not 100% positive, so pardon me if I wasn't of any help.


saturday 25/02/2012

Thanks for all the positive responses! i really didnt expect such good responses when i created this thread!

i am thinking about making a "mime" character to the clan somehow, but i dont know what popular thing i could spoff

in reply to EZwinningS2N, if you dont like it, you can think him as a beaver that somehow escaped jungo, or just switch him out with any singer you dont like;D

friday 24/02/2012

Well if you are going to compare them cards it all comes down to what room you will be playing in.

I'd go with the following : Timber, Kenny, Kuei.

With them 3 you've got damage, life steal and power.

Yeah, a 5 point LPD will never exist. Especially not in a clan with +2 damage bonus.

thursday 23/02/2012

Yeah do them all in Lost Warehouse smiley apart from the KO based ones....

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