friday 23/07/2010

Use Freaks with Spiaghi
Baldavio is an almost staple unless you use a leader

So i use Nistarok instead of Ghumbo and i think the biggest problem in this deck is me.. I just suck at ELO mode

thursday 22/07/2010

Good but shakara will be banned next week

Yeah I linked that horribly..just click the circus stadium part. 1403047 is the preset number

Well, both clans vortex and skeelz are unique in their style of playing, cause you dont have a simple -power or -attack, they are very tactical.
So maybe you try to use another halfdeck, so its simpler for you to play smiley

wednesday 21/07/2010

Agree with Zhudac

Phaserhawk: thats a very good point.. I support that

tuesday 20/07/2010
Dang they beat me to the preset, but this deck is awesome!! I've been playing with it for just a couple days now and i peaked 1322 in ELO. Definitely worth tryin when they're more affordable

1320 elo but its only the seocnd day of the week. I am trying to make it to the top 100 and i am in it right now but its obviously going to get higher.
so i was wondering should i wait till later on in the week to push for 1400+ when there are more people in the 1300 ranks? And i dont have to constantly fight top 100 ones?

i need some advice it is only my second week in elo. I started late last week and i got to 1367 before i had to go then the tournement ended smiley

Anybody else has some input on this?

Change stanly-gabrielle, and Veenyle-Gibson.

I used that deck last week before i made my junkz-sakrohm deck.

It worked out very well. Might take a few games to get used to the deck but once you know ow to play it its good

Just swap Sigma for Uranus, you're good to go.

Then click on "ELO Format Election"

Personally I would avoid 4* Roots, as all of them are mediocre at best and aren't really that strong. I would actually do Amanie to Noodile, and Arno to Yookie. Why? There will be a ton of other Roots decks out there and you won't want low powered cards against them. Also, if you have the money to get a Shakra, then by all means do so. Otherwise I would just go with what I suggested.


record of every single match w/ the deck is posted up. Specific card choices for this week. rate and comment!!!

monday 19/07/2010


If i throw in the possibility of pussycats? Would that change anything! Im thinking about making a chick deck with Ulu and Pussycats but suggestions are welcome!!

I just got my tessa cr, so i was wondering what goes well with them out of the following decks:
Sports Authority

Please rate and comment on these presets. good or bad

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