thursday 03/09/2009

If you sell contact me here or by pm

2nd lvl 5200
3rd lvl 4500

Im trading my marlysa cr and kerozin cr


multiples of

vickie cr
alec cr

post ur offers or pm me

thanks mods

Seems like a fair trade to me, but I already have all of these cards

I have a zatman and 2 jackies what do you offer? smiley

I know there is a clintz diff, so I can make it up in clintz or cards, just let me know. Thanks mods smiley

As the title says I'm just looking for anyone who wants to make this trade. I did the math and those 4 equal Gibson at the moment. If the prices change I will add clintz...Leave a message or PM me thanks smiley

Why necro a old post?

I am still looking for tanaereva and hikiyousan

I already agreed to this

I'm looking for edd and Griezzo and I have a level 3 hawk and a full level wakai to trade.

Pm me if you're interested.

Can someone please sell her to me?

Terry Cr for Jay,Chiara,Cley,Elly Mae,Noemi,And Rei please pm me

Close please, thanks Mods!

I was wonderinf if anyone got's a Fabio 0xp they wanna trade for my Archie 0xp...If so leave a message or PM me...Thanks

K will someone make me an offer for their miss twice cr? ill trade you some of mah cards

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