tuesday 03/05/2016

Oh yeah if you want to stay updated and know as soon as possible when i make new events join my newsletter

monday 02/05/2016

Thanks everyone, I will now close this smiley

Enjoy your day smiley

sunday 01/05/2016

Yeah, looks like I forgot that my own team existed xd

thursday 28/04/2016

Duo, carré ou cash ?

In this event, you have the choice. Do you prefere play in 1 VS 1, in group of 4 or in global fight ? You choose but in any case you will have to win.

Hi everyone, here is my newsletter where everyone is welcomed, there I will keep you in touch with all of my events and if players will come and will reach some I will do some games, have fun and enjoy Urban Rivals.
★★★Informer events Azazel★★★

wednesday 27/04/2016

When we hit 100 players i will do a mini game stay tuned smiley

tuesday 26/04/2016


My new event. In the main event to win Dj Korr Cr and Lyse Teria Cr. You are cordially invited.

One more player to join Flash Qualifier 2!

So considering I was offline when the gmt deadline happened, I'm going to allow GotSkeelz to be added.

The two winners are.... Post 23:hutson and Sampler. I'll message mulana to send it to sampler.

monday 25/04/2016

Patience grasshoppers. wait for the event.

wednesday 20/04/2016

128 players fight to become the Arrow king of clint city. Lets see who will be the Arrow king of clint city.

Event will start when we get 128 players.

Formats will be told when the rounds starts i will probably make up the format.

128 players
6 rounds including final
each round will last a week

Round 1
128 players
4 groups each 32 players
top 20 in each group go threw

round 2
80 players 1 vs 1 winners go threw

round 3
40 players remaining
4 groups of 10 top 4 go threw

round 4
16 players left
2 groups of 8
top 4 go threw

round 5
8 players left
1 vs 1

4 players

Event will approximately last one month and half.

The prizes are.

1. 3 000 000 Clintz
2. 1 500 000 Clintz
3. 800 000 Clintz
4. 400 000 Clintz

Thanks Raquella for the sponsor.

The event is open you can start joining here's the link
Arrow King

One more thing this is very important.
You must have fun hahah smiley

This is the prize list its upgraded.

1. Kalindra Cr+ Edd Cr +BPL cup
2. Jane Ramba Cr
Everyone Else who gets over 40pts will get 20k

wednesday 06/04/2016

monday 04/04/2016

I think prizes are good for crap players like me

friday 01/04/2016

Need one more person! Claim the last spot for a chance at great prizes.

New event: deleted

Be sure to check it out!

sunday 20/03/2016

This event did not work out so well the first time around, therefore, I reset it and am going to try out a new deck style.

Strategic Movements - Becoming the Mastermind

First the boring part, The Rules

1. Small details such as abilities allowed will change in each round to keep the decks fresh.
2. ONLY the winner can ask for a reset.
3. Screens must have at least 2 separate attempts to contact the player on 24 hour intervals
4. Fair play and Respect to players.
5. Points reset after each round
6. Each round lasts 1 weeks
7. Deck swapping vs the same opponent is not allowed
8. Post all inactivity screens in the Turkice section of the event
9. Life count and Pill count may change per round based on abilities available.
10. Ties will be decided at creators discretion either through a random system or based on fight record
11. Inactivity screens will end up with 1 of 2 results based on the number of matches ignored by the inactive player. either all matches played by the player will be deleted(if any) or points will be added based on prior matches played by a player. I will be using my own discretion to decide which way to go on these.

Number of rounds 3
Round 1 - No Attack Manipulation
Round 2 - No Power Manipulation
Round 3 - No Damage Manipulation
No Heal, Poison, Toxic or Regen at all in this event.

Base Deck Format
Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 10 characters.
Your Deck cannot contain more than 10 characters.
The sum of the character levels in your Deck must not exceed 23.
Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 1 Leader(s).
Your Deck cannot contain more than 1 Leader(s).
Your Deck cannot contain more than 3 Clan(s).
Your Deck cannot contain any level 3 characters.
Your Deck cannot contain any level 4 characters.
Your Deck cannot contain more than 1 level 5 character(s).
Your Deck cannot contain any double characters.

1st Manon Cr + 50% of Jackpot
2nd A Award Cr + 35% of Jackpot
3rd Seldnor Cr + 15% of Jackpot

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wednesday 16/03/2016

Lord Of Destruction

100+ players:

1st - 3000000 clintz
2nd - 1500000 clintz
3rd - 1000000 clintz
4th - 750000 clintz
5th - 500000 clintz
6th - 250000 clintz

50-70 players :
1. 1 000 000 Clintz
2. 800 000 Clintz
3. 500 000 Clintz
4. 200 000 Clintz

Below 50 players :

1 - 500 000 Clintz
2 - 300 000 Clintz
3 - 150 000 Clintz
4 - 50 000 Clintz

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