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monday 15/08/2016

Oh Hibiki is back smiley

sunday 14/08/2016

Registration closed, event has started

Wah nice card and congrats whos had being winner

monday 08/08/2016

Azmir Rahim has won 2,400 Clintz.

Please Private message me for the card you would like.

You have 12 Hours smiley

sunday 07/08/2016

Thanks for the card smiley

Wish I can win it.

Azmir Rahim - 799th post.
Meehican - 800th post.

Azmir Rahim - 899th post.
Meehican - 900th post.

Emiyu-Chan - 999th post.
Meehican - 1,000th post. [7 Bonus Commons Won!]

All Distributed, thanks for joining!

Today have mine event smiley

friday 05/08/2016

Azmir Rahim has won 2,900 Clintz.

Choose a card that costs 2.9k or less.

Posts are only valid until Yesterday, 19:00 United Kingdom Time.

You will have all your winnings in your private sales within 2 Urban Rivals Days.

Thanks for playing.


thursday 04/08/2016

wednesday 03/08/2016

Hi Darkblood, I would like Virginia

sunday 31/07/2016

20 credits. I can't possibly earn that much in 3 days...so I won't complain either. smiley

tuesday 26/07/2016

monday 25/07/2016

Thanks all very much for playing!

All prizes have been sent and the Month was completed!

Have a very good evening, this thread will now be closed. smiley

saturday 23/07/2016

How to enter?

sunday 17/07/2016

Is this event hpening or what?

I love Urban smiley But Long Live Eder! smiley

friday 15/07/2016


Have a guess which collector I will win from gold Tokenz

If you guess right, you will win 1 Rare Card.

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