saturday 28/03/2015

Please give comments or suggestions on my deck also perhaps the best card thought to use when Xingshu is on ban (which she often is)

Highborn Scholars

wednesday 25/03/2015

tuesday 24/03/2015

monday 23/03/2015

With Milena Raven can OHKO

friday 20/03/2015

Hmm I have the feeling that some other health builds could be a little more damaging though, but this deck is a good setup for that goal, it just needs more reducing, soa, stuff to stop them from coming back in or at least more separation in the matches. Chel seems neat though Kenny Cr can be tough to use because of low power especially without clan bonus, hmm, I wonder about skeelz? Or maybe jungo

thursday 19/03/2015

Sorry I got cut off:
How to distinguish a good stop card from a bad one:
Does it have above average stats to begin with? (8/1 2*, 7/4 8/3 3*, 8/5 7/6 4*)
It should not be 5 stars. Too much space.
Does the ability do anything? (Stop: +4 Attack would be a pretty crappy ability, but +3 power, +12 attack, +3 damage, -3 opp life, or +3 life are common good stop abilities)
Of course, this should be obvious.
Use Stop cards, you know you want to.
(ps Nata sucks Sakrohm needs a better stop card.)

Decks that dont contain any cards worth over 100k alone, But the deck as a whole is over 100k. It has to be viable and halfs are preffered to monos. I expect to see some pussycats...alot of them...So some variation would be appreciated. I will have a few lists up myself soon, But feel free to post as soon as you see. Complete with time total cost is appreciated. Thank you

I have this built now, seems to be very well-rounded. As well as pretty damn budget smiley

monday 16/03/2015

It is actually..

its base 9 powr + bonus -.-

lets just say he is underrated compared to copernicasmiley

saturday 14/03/2015

I have every good 5* and 4*for Ulu Watu. I don't know whether I should make a mono deck for them or get another guild to go with. I heard they are not a very good ELO clan so can somebody tell what I should do!

wednesday 11/03/2015

My favorite number is 82.

sunday 08/03/2015

A few weeks back Sentinel were absolutely everywhere whereas this week (at least for me) they were completely non-existent at the top level. They were extremely popular in the week that Ongh and Xingshu were also usable, but not so much when Pussycats, Vortex and SOA are the go.

I feel that ZRobbie is a bit reduntant when put alongside Lehane, but I like to think that his release is in preparation for Lehane's ban.

friday 06/03/2015

tuesday 03/03/2015

What ? sara m1 yes diana , no .

I will use your's and OC's deck when tuck is banned treefrog. Locking.

saturday 28/02/2015

New topic: Why are ELOers such douchebags? lol.

I mean all of YOU people. I already know why I'm a douchebag smiley

Junkz Vortex
deleted smiley

This is not elo specific but just a format wide piece of advice

look at the hands and decide what match ups you want to happen and which match ups you want to avoid

now look at it from the opponents perspective and determine what match ups he wants to set up and which ones he wants to avoid

based on the information above, start figuring out some of the mathematical advantages you may have

move on from there

that is the basic principle of playing this game well. In the past couple of years this has become quite a bit harder with the arrival of more devastating cards.

friday 27/02/2015

Klawz to leviatonn

wednesday 25/02/2015

@Frog: I'm not such a good player to do that lol

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