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thursday 21/05/2015

This topic's last post was about half a year ago....

tuesday 19/05/2015

Idk.. without xingshu skeels = dead..

I think player bans are enough incase of Xingshu..

Some thing has to be done incase of frozn though..

Ruru/Stompah with tiwi ld.. is classic example

Play frozn-roots


Use skill to choose 1 of the 6 accordingly and go 1400 elo smiley

Ty titan xD

thursday 14/05/2015

Play Michael or Mandrak for that 5* spot mentions above smiley

tuesday 12/05/2015

It's true..
kero.stands apart..

Xinghsu,Redra,Beck-nena,Chiara Cr make a very good halfdeck smiley

sunday 10/05/2015

friday 08/05/2015

Skeelz without chiara
cant be

thursday 07/05/2015

Umm. "only one DR" being Redra or Artus?
Because I'm pretty sure I have two.
And one of you says ELO isn't serious and the other says that I need a different deck if I want to get anywhere.
I think I asked the wrong crowd for suggestions.
See ya nurds.

tuesday 05/05/2015

@post 7

That was average, I know the community can do better.

I feel that power manipulating clans go well with attack manipulating clans.
In the sense one is prob going to pill more on power manipulating cards vs attack manipulating cards.

Had fun with a Berzerk/Montana where I would pill hard on certain Berzerk cards and follow up with Montana cards that were generally hard to predict. Montana bonus meant I could get away with pilling hard as I could use it to waste foe pillz/ overpower foes that you can tell are gonna low pill. Clive is gone so its not as enjoyable.

Atm been trying out Dolly Cr and some other Ghiest with life cards to see what I like and what I don't like.

saturday 02/05/2015

I probably won't use vholt then. The only reason I like the first deck is because I have the skeelz cards lol. Ok, I'm gonna lock this.

wednesday 29/04/2015

delete my post smiley

What ever u guys say, I would continue to leave if i see i can't win after r2.. as a" not so bad" elo player I can say I understand a mode..

Does any of you guys know how it is after 1400 elo?
+7/8 for a win and -22 for 1 loose.

U think i will play a lost match after r2 and kill time just to see a -22 after a hard 1400...

Imo elo KO missions should be moved from the list of missions.. that' would be a better solution

tuesday 28/04/2015

Lear Barduh is more situation based in comparison to Jautya. (potential life gap = 9 + fury = 11)
You gonna want to use him first if possible to get the biggest life gap as possible.

Jautya is able to be played any round but generally played at the end (for the gap/fury). If you got enough pills you can fury for a 12 life gap. (potential life gap = 8 + fury = 12)

Lear is more Pussycats resistance in-comparison to Jautya (+life per damage problems).
Ally + life abilitys might limit the full potential of heal and other life cards also need to be aware.

saturday 25/04/2015

As ive said i cannot do anything about it. other people should not speculate on what happened. ive never seen it in my 5 years being a mod.

j03 is talking about a completely different thing

on that note. locking this. follow up with the advice i gave

thursday 23/04/2015

8 gap if you get dolly in the first round. Malicia lost makes that a 2 gap. Then Leela would make that a 13 life gap not including the bonus damage reduction (which would make it a 17 life gap)

Almost as dirty as Konrad Win, Lose Clive, Lose Waller.
I already miss Clive. Elvis is just not the same.

tuesday 21/04/2015

Yea, titan is right. I haven't used khaali yet and usually go with cyb lhia, c wing, dagg, t gaank/deea depending on star count.

Vortex is best when paired with a clan that has high power and life gaping potential. Jungo/Vortex used to be my favorite combo although with no ongh that doesn't work as well (FPC was also good when zhu tang was legal). I would recommend using ulu watu since they match well and you don't have to worry about dealing with bans. Something like a half of wee lee, dave, chel, Numar. Other clans you could try would be Frozn, bangers, nightmare or skeelz when xingshu is legal.

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