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tuesday 26/04/2011


This is how they do it. 360 Battle Points right there for only 60 from your xp reserve.

sunday 24/04/2011

saturday 23/04/2011

deleted rate and comment and thanks mods

monday 18/04/2011

saturday 16/04/2011

deleted any good?smileysmiley

friday 15/04/2011

Freaks are better suited for survivor T1 or T2 I've never played with them and i don't see them as a major threat to me as i've faced a few players with a good freaks deck and utilizes them well but, just aren't powerful enough also i'd like to state that this peculiar clan is very underrated and would be wise not to underestimate them although seldom beaten me they given me a lot of trouble also on a footnote rescue are overrated but very easy to defeat just counter with montana or piranas/nightmare or use power-based cards suck as olga noel, pill manipulation an work but you have to be well-versed and very efficient in handling pills not to mention the right cards

wednesday 13/04/2011


Good. another deleted ms. selina deck

tuesday 12/04/2011

Hello all GM here.

The lack of Freaks players saddens me a great deal, so I'm trying to increase their profile a little by smashing some decks apart with our poisoning friends. Heres draft one;


Any suggestions and improvements welcome, I'm trying to keep it mono, and leader free smiley I did have Wolfgang in here once, as you can see from my preset comment.

Thanks in advance smiley

Yes I have the same prob even has 3-4 props with same avi sometimes

friday 08/04/2011

This Nightmare/Vortex deck was based on the idea of taking Kolos to a whole new and irritating level (this was while C Wing was still in new blood, improved upon it when Orlok arrived). I feel that my deck is good enough to need some DM top 1 to top 3 victories but I still feel that there's something missing. Please visit my preset and tell me what I could improve upon.


Thanks for taking the time and effort to read, rate and comment. smiley

thursday 07/04/2011

The deck is probably good..but its boring one too..

sunday 03/04/2011

[REWARD] More Clintz!!!

saturday 02/04/2011

I only got 3rd place with this deck I am wondering how to get 1st place.

They see me trollin'

friday 01/04/2011

Need help in doing one particular tough rescue mission to get Scott Ld. I am using a kind of Ok deck but it doesn't seem to be helping me win 20 fights.

make way for Rescue

About 10 times i fight with a person same at muntiple time smiley

All good ideas I'll have to try thoes and see what works. Thanks for the tips

thursday 31/03/2011

"lately i've seen posts saying that Sentinels is overpowered by almost all clans and i wanted to know
is this true"

No clan is overpowered by another clan, just the users of the clans

Yes, put it together in pro deck builder.Then publish it.

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