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saturday 05/05/2012


thursday 03/05/2012

Other clans be jelly on Junta's swag
The Urban Rivals moderators tried to implant cards like Lehane and Gil to destroy the overpowered monster La Junta clan they created,but they failed miserably.The Junta will soon be an organisation operating near you.
Fear us

No sorry not you. I was talking to MimiDivine who bumped it in the first place.

Any tips on playing it then? Anything can help at this point.

tuesday 01/05/2012

FIghting fire with fire is exactly what i DONT want to do. I don't want to play stupid 40 star decks. I don't want to use ambre. I don't want the match preditermined before either person plays a card. I play this game because I enjoy the intricacies of thinking, calculating, and putting myself in the opponent's place. What I don't want to do is show up with a deck of 5 shann, 2 blaaster cr, and an ambre. I could do that in fight club, but i don't. I don't want free wins, I want to play to earn the win, and enjoy doing so, and learn from my mistake. If I wanted a game that has predetermined wins, I'd play war (the stupid card game) by myself, and save the bandwidth.

Grudj, wolfgang, Olga Noel and esmeralda/wonald make a decent half deck. Couple that with a jungo half of Askai, rodney, mindy and pegh and you'd have a decent deck with good power, DR, and plenty of attack manip for around 10k.

Its probally due to you useing a deck with a number of *s that not many other people use (or you have a bad internet conection).

Mono freaks is quite good, WITH SPLASH CARDS

Snowflake or Akendram

monday 30/04/2012

Beltran is one of those rare cards that I dislike whenever I see him. He's the roots equivalent of arkn...

I reckon it's a error..

Or maybe a hacker

Check this:

Both Hugo and Morphun are great with Junkz. If you want to play extended deff use gil and rowdy,
here are the cards i like best, just fit them into a deck yourself, or use other cards you like
2*: Gil, Flanagan. veenyle cr, Dreen
3*: Tremorh, Jiro, Lolly, Onik, stiko
4*: Rowdy, Qubik, Gibson, Eebiza
5*: Haze, Fuzz, Peeler (for high *-count deck gamemodes), Maazk, neil, Taham

As you see I think junkz have lots of good options for every level, Just pick the ones you like.

sunday 29/04/2012

Extra solo missions can be bought on PC via the solo missions menu , click the right arrow (after completing all of the first missions) then buy a set for 20 credits. Although it may seem like a lot of credits, the rewards for completing them with a t1 deck are immense. Also, the computer has never timed out for me, but took around 9 minutes to take a turn.

For the record, dont tag yourself as a "NOOB", you are just destroying your image. "NEWB" is better. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=noob

Yeah interesting, it says deleted.

saturday 28/04/2012

Tier-listing,as in personal opinion I hope...
1.1.La Junta
2.La Junta
3.La Junta
4.La Junta
1.All stars

friday 27/04/2012

I like nightmare.

thursday 26/04/2012

Well thats because his name isnt X-Odus, its X-0DUS, its not the letter o its the number 0

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