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wednesday 25/04/2012

Bonus points r additional battle points 4 getting a certain place (battle points, or bp, r 2 lvl up)
Missions r bragging rights, u cant do anything with them, they r just 4 show. u get them 4 by finishing missions (if u didnt know)

You're not wrong what you think smiley

Ok. Use Jeena, arno, yookie and ataoualpet then don't pill on them.
Just lose the rounds for the cards mentioned.

Try to refresh your page until it connects you on the chat.

tuesday 24/04/2012

Kero will be the best 5* card on FPC
I love on getting her smiley

For a killer Junta half, I'd use: Wyre, Victoria,Gatline, and Laura. Lowest power is 7, has attack manip, SOA, SOA resistance, and a nice solid wall. People also respond to laura in funny ways. Leaves a nice opening for an Eebiza, Qubik, Tremorh, and flanagan/veenyle junkz half smiley



Flanagan (veenyle cr)

monday 23/04/2012

Play games (and complete them). This will get you battle points and guild points, you can get as many battle points as you like each day though only a certain ammount of guild points each week.

What message do you get when it dosn't buy?

sunday 22/04/2012

I agree with Hula that Rescue are a very good mono deck, people who refer to rescue players as 'noobs' are just people who end up loosing when playing against them. Only trouble is the best cards are a little expensive for new players, and playing with Rescue isn't considered very fun as there is no challenge , and you never improve your skill when playing them. Skeels are a very easy deck to get into, their bonus is always protected and they have high power cards for a reasonable price


Here is a preset you could use to start, and it is only around 5, 400 clintz smiley

First of all, there is a typo in attack subtraction, it should say -1/8 the minimum rounded down. Probably.

@ Frowns
Oh, sorry, forgot Recover X pillz out of X. It seems like a +2 modifier right now, but I think it's really a +1 modifier, given how poorly most of the vortex clan performs.

There is a reason I talked about deck synergy in the disclaimer. It's a whole lot more important than the actual stats on the cards. As well as performance in the metagame, etc.

@Memento Mori
I did take the stars into account. It's near the beginning of the topic. And I used patterns within the cards to make this, so that's why power and damage are treated the same.

@shinboo Cr
This is a card stat rating system. If I wanted to make a card performance rating system, or relative ability rating system, that would be a new thing entirely. For now, I am satisfied with my card stat rating system.

Buckler is actually a 15
since support = -1.5

And Weaknesses are number of things that would make a card have worst stats(so basicly, soa , when you dont have confidence stuff like that)

saturday 21/04/2012

Thank you for the input. I'll keep the project a private one.

Well i got 2 new bloods and gained Magenta Sigurd Uma and Wyre Lizzy Bernie i might buy 2 more later >.

U also have to account for backlash

friday 20/04/2012

Thats ok.

The owner of a bid can set a mnimum to has to reach befor it can sell though if they don't they can't stop the bidding if its too low.

If somone bids 3k and the minimum price is 5k it will make the highest bid currently the owner of the bid at 3001 clintz if someone then bids 4k the computer will do the same and set it to 4001 clintz intill someone bids 5k.

Working under the budget idea, here's what I would suggest:

A)Go to the tournament board and read the stickied DT guide for beginners. It's very informative and lets you get a better idea of how to build a deck specifically for that format.

B)With that said, here's a good 20* budget deck for Upper/FPC

Pallack if Oxen is a bit pricey

Yu Mei if Rei is a bit pricey.

Consequently, if you wanted to go the 2 hit KO route, I would suggest:



There you've got people who are either 6 damage or 6 with fury and you can be in/out in 2 rounds.

And the key is, play fast. Thinking is for other arenas. Just pump and dump, especially w/the 20* deck.

I need him for the community cup smiley

Because u expect it, it wont be them. So i expect what no one expects like Malia or someone. But then i expect it... so it wont be her... so....

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