sunday 04/07/2010

Cute reduction action, smiley

Wow..... I'm speechless.

I'd have trouble getting to 1200 with that deck.

Fabio or enzo instead of avola, Edd instead of rossa, Spiaghi for fiolomania - you lack a dr in that deck sob from edd is very usefull and fabios power reduction or enzos sheer power give you the edge but even so that deck should be able to get over 1100 but probably not by much, you should try my montan/junkz preset it works ok (but the pros will tell you you need a deck capable of geting over 1300!) Right now I am trying tons of ideas out and letting all the opinons I get from people and my own play experience mold my decks.

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Need rares. smiley

Skeelz can beat them preety easy if used properly and you may prefer to use Roots, they have bigger Power compared to Gheist, GG's! smiley

Keep switching decks, but keep note on which ones give you easy wins, then you can decide and save them according to tempo on the meta game that you see fit, GG's! smiley

Bristone for astrid,
toro for anibal,

GG's! smiley

Alec cr too strong, smiley

Im currently using a pure ELO deck,

El gringo

GG's! smiley

saturday 03/07/2010

Suppose I have a Morphun, Vortex deck. I play my Vortex card with 3 pills and lose, with Morphun's ability, I should have 9 (pills that I have left) + 2 (Vortex bonus) + 1 (Morphun's ability) = 12 Pills, but it won't be 12, it will be just 11. I think when Vortex loses a round, Morphun's ability is not taken into consideration. But when Vortex wins, I have noticed, all is fine. Why?

I prefer the Aylen one. smiley

Lol definitely not when your drunk XD

Hm, I guess it's a matter of personal preferance, and since SOA counts as half a DR anyways, it isn't that big of a problem for this deck smiley

I usually go with 2 low star (spiaghi, pegh, soushee etc) and one conditional (Niva, Marina, Vermyn N etc).

12 pillz begining then leave . ty


Two variants of the above, will work to find the best.

friday 02/07/2010

Just use logic and plan accordingly. Say you have 2 SoA cards, and 2 whatevers. They have 1 stop card. Just play one whenever they go first if its not a stop card.

With 2 stop cards against 2 SoA you will have to activate one of the 2 stop cards:
If you go first (You play non SoA card, they play whatever, when it's their turn they play a stop card, if you don't activate this one you will activate the other since you go first in the 3rd round)

If you go second: (They play stop card, you play a nonSoA card, then on your turn you either have to play an SoA card or have both SoA's on hand for the last 2 rounds, either way they get a stop card activated)

As for whether to let it through...its your choice, though stop cards are usually nasty, you might want to let it through to get revenge (Gheist's Wardom comes to mind, lose to one stop card and get the revenge ability for next round).

How the hell would you play against that? You beat caelus then that cards revenge kicks in, you have a vortex with damage reduction, soa would be goood against it. But other than that losing with that card is great, winning with it is great too...

Well this is what I have so far...

Hey!!! No fighting in class!!

I was going to 1* Windy Mor if it was a good idea and change something else.
Any suggestions are welcome.

I hate half decks but yours is very good for elo

thursday 01/07/2010

Sometimes it also happen because you had been sold one/more of your card that exist in your deleted preset

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