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friday 16/07/2010

Bristone unless u can afford leviatonn
I pick Akrin over Zero dead because of his advantages in low pillz battles

The top one because u will scare people with that deck and it seems more balenced

Would something Sentinel/Skeelz like the following work? smiley

Copper, Lehane, Tobbie, Melvin
Caelus, Cley, Chiara, Redra

Using Prot: Ability to counter or add viability against things that eat up Copper.

thursday 15/07/2010

Yeh, Spiaghi works fine in that deck.

And katan can be good too, her +2 pill and 6 damage is enticing. I just find that 8 power to be more useful in elo.

Whatever you prefer, though. smiley

You must have been in random, it wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Check the settings in your profile and make sure you're set to non-random there so there's no mistake.

There's no nice deck using rescue as a half. They just don't work that way, you cripple them by removing their full support.

Well Yippers im gonna be honest now, i only looked a the last line of what you wrote 'Would adding Junkz to Sentinel be too uncanny' but to answer that question i'd go with either mono sentinel unless you could afford the CRs because without the CRs they dont have an 'Amazing' Half deck, but Junkz do go well with piranas or anything to be honest, you could even go with Junkz and hugo in elo.

Either way just use a clan you like, no point using piranas if you dont like them.

wednesday 14/07/2010

Sledg and Kerry have served me well.

Used junkz and sak deck uranus is brilliant as it ruins there damage.

tuesday 13/07/2010


New version.


Thank You.


I created this deck a long time ago(made the preset again 2 secs ago) and went up to 1350 and stuff. But its just to weak to get any further. Its notthing new, but if u wanna play that style use a better deck then yours.

that one is really good:


monday 12/07/2010

Athletical Nightmare
can someone give me feedback on this? i feel like something is not very right

Fatecalling, i'm also interested in that deck.

I usually use all stars but then the bans and then i used montana so wich clan should i pair with it insted?

So far after 1-2 hours of play im sitting at 1158. So not that bad.


I'm going for 1300 this week(2nd week playing ELO and 1st week i went 1215 through 2 days of playing).

Lol i was just playing elo and i came up against 2 vortex decks in a row and they left as soon as they saw i'd drawn nightmare

sunday 11/07/2010

I have all the gheists but the CR's i need to know a good half deck to go with my cards plz

Epic Life Gain

While I haven't tested it in elo I have made a 29 life gap in a match.

The screen shot is on the preset.

Well All stars are an auto pick for me when marina and striker are both unbanned. Even when one of the two are unbanned they are more then good to play in ELO. I personally prefer to play all stars as mono deck w/ a leader and a splash card either being spiaghi as a 2* or uranus/chiara/sigma as a 3* filler. I usually change the fillers based on the weekly meta and how I make some individual deck choices.

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