tuesday 07/02/2012

Grind and improve on it
Specifically, you should go for Chiara and Mona as soon as possible

monday 06/02/2012

this deck works wonders. a win with aylen or greem will almost ensure the win if you have either sandro or sasha in your hand because they are so good at winning when you have less pillz.

The best place to put something like this would be in the card comments. smiley

sunday 05/02/2012

I find the game is quite balanced. SOB and SOA clans, while infuriating, are incredibly important. The reason is that they are the hard counters to things. For example, without SOB clans, montanas, rescue, and uppers would run rampage over UR. The existance of Piranas and Nightmare keeps these clans in check. And without SOA clans, incredible support cards like Troompah, Emeth, and Avola would be dominant. So this mechanic, while it does seem "lazy" and "barbaric" is actually incredibly important to the health and well-being of the game.

Also, what game mode are you playing in? I personally avoid type 2 at all costs, I find it's just a bunch of people sticking Kolos, Ambre, and a bunch of other dumb cards in a deck--or making a deck to counter exactly that. However, type 1 is more strategic. But even then, you're going to encounter a lot of "high value" crs that newer players have no way to counter.

In reality, ELO IS the most balanced game mode. There are staff and player bans that actually apply. You can used banned cards in t1 and t2. You can't in ELO. It's incredibly strategic, and game balance is both incredibly in there, and also changes due to the meta. For example, this week seems to be a very strong SOB and SOA week, so most decks are designed accordingly. Last week spyke was ubanned, and most decks were either built around him or countering him. But even then, game balance is very prevalent in elo, and less so in t1. you probably just havent played enough.

saturday 04/02/2012

Dolly, Platinum, Luba, Elke, Kristin, Sliman, Ector, Baba

Just my recommendation

Ugh Steve is a necessity in Rescue's deck...him and Lea are the best rescue 2* available

Slyde on the other hand comes in 3rd in the batting order for Rescue's 3*...some people would argue 4th with Buckler's release, and even further down in SOA heavy weeks where its sometimes better to have Ash or WEsley for a stronger stat vs SOA
And thats slyde's issue...that she simply doesn't fit in most decks whereas Steve always will

I don't think it is fair to compare Liam/Milton with Anton. They have the same stars in same clan, but they don't play the same role. unfortunately, Anton doesn't fill its own role that well either (generate pill leads)

friday 03/02/2012

"When Kerry is played first in the round, the opposing character's Clan Bonus - if activated - will be cancelled. When Kerry is played second in the round, the Ability has no effect."

If shes played against a card which is allready been played then she dosn't get her ability but if shes played befor the other card she gets the ability (This is the same with any courage ability).

thursday 02/02/2012

Make an external site. If you continue this with another handful of cards it looks awfully spammy.

Not to mention low level players have lower reserves than higher level players, so they could use it more than we could.

So Sledg it is then, thanks both of your for the advice.

It might just be your deck. Could you please post it so we can give you suggestions.

Its done on bp gained each month so the people who are at the top are usally people who play a lot of dm or level up a load of characters.

I posted twice the same subject, sorry about that. If a moderator sees this message, he can delete this thread.

Many thanks 0 Alin (D) for the supplying the UR data!

The results of my analysis can be found here:

wednesday 01/02/2012

@Der Magus: You're right, obviously. The naming of these categories is somewhat misleading, as there are plenty of cards with "average" DR whose ability is far more useful than some "superior" DR. Like I said, this categorization takes nothing beyond basic spread of reduction: stats, bonus, and clan are all ignored. Its not meant to be conclusive, and I'm not saying Travis LD is superior to Jane Ramba by any means, even in terms of ability alone. High minimum can easily undercut a DR card, even in the higher reduction spread. I apologize if my identification led you to believe that I thought that a card was good simply because its reduction was 2 higher than its minimum.

@Frowns: just so. I did mention that the categorization was neglecting cards on far sides of the spectrum like GraksmxxT ("monsters"smiley and Sai San ("outdated"smiley.

"You are a member since Saturday 17/11/07"

That easaly tell you the releases i remember (i.e a lot lol)

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