wednesday 01/02/2012

B Ball

25* deck: total cost (not including the cards you allready have = about 4 -5k

@XC-Merlin: Yeh i have been waiting for the announce ment since yesterday morning, i have translated the french thread but its a bit confusing.

tuesday 31/01/2012

I'll post the current deck i'm using as a preset shortly..thanks for the help guys

To be honest, I do believe some Rares are weighted more compared to other Rares.

Yep it happens to me whenever I have a slow internet connection.

Interesting thread.
The comics themselves were not done by UR, but by a third-party that UR contracted to make the comics for them. UR did not renew the contract so no new comics were created.
If you really want the comics back, contact the staff/programmers of the game - the more interest in getting the comics back, the more likely they will look into a new contract for us to enjoy.

monday 30/01/2012

I chose a card like a miss or a 2011 card of the year stamp.

Ok deck. I would personally change Hystrix to Gerald and Wendy to Mindy.

you can't just change the bonus that's like your making an uppers deck and I suggest for u to make a mono jungo deck (it doesnt work like that)

@i will old: that was the point. give them a bonus attack manip so soa can't stop it. doesn't sound like a bad idea, except for what darth said about bonuses being a huge reason you use a clan

i think maybe a switch: ability would be interesting. soa stops bonuses and sob stops abilities on that card.

How do you see what cards are available on auction through te market section of the iPhone app? All I seem to be able to see is my passed purchases.

sunday 29/01/2012

Just take the cards with the biggest -X opponent life (min Y) you can find and go to Lost warehouse

examples of these cards would be ojibway, logan, ector and any berzerk.

Lost warehouse works nicelly as you never hit the minimum and its a lot easier to win with the cards you need.


I must say it's been very interesting to read through this thread.

A simple answer to your main question:
We follow and implement what the (T&C) states are the appropriate behaviour in the game/community/message board.

Unless you haven't noticed, under each categories (in the EN community), we (moderators/admins/fellow UR players) have posted an "unofficial" [INFO] thread to help guide players on how to utilise the community message board appropriately (Other categories don't have such threads because instructions are already posted under the game rules). These should serve as an alternative for your suggestion to have "Not allowed topics thread"

Moreover, for further topics that aren't allowed, let me summarize what everybody else have said already:
- Insults
- Criticism without sufficient evidences
- Political view points
- Religious matters
- Inappropriate spams
- Unrelated topic (Please use your guild message board for this)
- Anything that violates the T&C

It's not an easy task to validate each player's post in the message board. We are doing everything we can to be as consistent and fair for everybody. We know we can't please everybody, and we are not here to do so. We are here to ensure we maintain and allow the community to operate smoothly. If you think your post have been wrongly refused/locked/deleted. Then by all means, contact one of us. We are here to help. We would gladly explain to you the rationale behind our actions. We don't just sit around and look at a thread and lock them just because we can.

We (moderators/forum operators) often discuss topics before we act on them. This is because we know our opinion is not only the one that matters. We communicate to allow us to be more lenient with regards to how we deal with issues in the community. If you find any inconsistencies with moderator actions, we would like to hear about them.

As for rejected post in the message board, usually we try to send everybody a message stating why their thread/post have been refused but just imagine as soon as you log in, there would be 20 post + 20 threads waiting to be approved, it takes a lot of time to go through them all and unfortunately sometimes we miss some of them. We apologize for that but rest assured we are doing our best to limit this from happening.

I think this discussion have gone far enough. I am locking this thread. If you have anything else to say about what I posted, please consider PM'ng me. My private message is open 24/7 365days a year.


saturday 28/01/2012

Deepend askai is elo banned. its elo im going for sooo...

1, cr speculations. 2, they have a pillz related bonus, which not only makes them a popular survivor clan as well as normal, 3 dregn is virtually an 8/8, shaakarti's ability is useful because their bonus has no offensive modifications, dagg is a great elo card, and can work with fthagn ld, while the other, xodus, is debatebly better, but for half decks.
4, they have a useful bonus/tactic, ie 2 pillz with dagg provides 33 attack, if you win, 9 pillz on say shaakarti, and then recover pillz to fight with another card. If he loses, your opponent wasted pillz, and you regain the pillz you lost. You play sekutor with enough pillz that if he wins, you can win with another card, if he wins you can win with that card, if he loses you take the hit, and either ko or life gap your opponent with oflgn...
5, they have lots of 8 damaged cards, making really easy kos, especially with c wing...
6, their elo cards are extremely good.
7, the only thing they really need are some more damage reduction counters, power reduction counters, a better gheist/roots resister, and preferably a better protection bonus card.

Lol wolfgang is epic

friday 27/01/2012

Alright... re-posting because I don't want my credibility to be at stake. This is a re-post of the thread

The Staff have created a poll and have asked the players what to do if they created a "card of the year" that we could all vote for. This thread is for those players who don't follow UR and only stick to the UR website.
Please vote and hopefully admins will count the votes on here as well before making their decision.

If you could vote for a card to be "card of the year" within all the cards released during the previous year, how would you like it to be showcased?
-Make another card (LIKE A MISS)
-A special theme deck.
-A short comic about the card
-Add a «2011» patch or stamp on the card.
-A wallpaper with the character elected.
-Goodies (T-shirts, etc.)
-Add a background behind the character (as the one the leaders have).
-Add this character to the visual on top of the clan page.
-Rewrite or extend the biography of the card.
-Full length drawings on the card page.
-Other (Please specify what)

Feel free to pick more than one option to vote (since this is allowed on the real poll as well)

The poll IS approved by the staff and DOES exist. Here is the link if you'd like to see it, you'll have to log on to facebook and go to:
the staff posted the poll on facebook wednesday Jan 25th if you'd like to look for it

N___n that hurts it really does you're a monster and yes back on topic the guys that dissed me are gone from this topic IDK but yeah I'm gonna make a new topic its about all these new cards and what I think should be next put what clan you think should be next all that it'll be awesome trust mesmileysmiley

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