wednesday 21/12/2011

Please note, in regards to the Pcats being teh weakest clan, I was referring to clan bonus, not the cards. With Pcats, Vortex, SKeelz, and Freaks as the weakest clans, they're rewarded with some of the best CARDS. In contrast, the clans with the best bonuses are, generally, given sub-average cards as a trade off. The Uppers, best clan bonus and amazing cards, is a notable exception.

Iv been saying ambre should be cr for a while now,

but giving about 3 or 4 crs for newbies seems dangerous dont ya think

Activity should be counted on the number of posts per day.

well, thre will be alot of people spamming random stuff, but ya cant say that the one who has always a saying isnt active. smiley

tuesday 20/12/2011

It depends on the mission some of the harder missions that take time may reward you with cards

No easy pack its all luck, which i haven't had much recently in all my spending of credits

Guess who smiley
(But with no green)

monday 19/12/2011


Lv 2 7/1 -3 Opp Damage min. 1


Lv 2 4/4 Support -1 Opp Power min. 3


Lv 3 8/3 No ability

Interesting deck. I would personally change Frankie Hi to Oxen,

sunday 18/12/2011

The leak can't be a lie, the artwork is done already

Some clans i like together are,
piranas+ vortex or piranas+junkz
pussycats + sakrohm for an super defensive deck
uppers + allstars or uppers + bangers or uppers + la junta, for 2hko decks.

saturday 17/12/2011

Yeah, I kinda figured it was a mission thing, cause I only see 1 of 20 or so players with freaks otherwise. and no, I dun have a problem per say, I just made an observation, but because I know it as a fact, it's a lot less frustrating (because I can plan accordingly)

friday 16/12/2011

Maybe use Ambre and higher damaged cards for the 200-250 damage LD mission in training? smiley

thursday 15/12/2011

Urban Rivals: Serious Business smiley

Certain 2 star cards have so called "magic pill" which is amount of pills that gives opponent bit more headache if he tries to figure out how much to pill.

Dean is good magic pill card. He will win on even attacks because he is 2* - and his ability guarantees opponent will often hit these sweet spots.

By selecting Magic pills opponent has to spend extra pill just to overcome the rule "On even attacks lower star card wins".

wednesday 14/12/2011

There was a bug for a few hours yesterday. Please contact with all the details, they will fix your situation quickly.

Dennis is kinda right about not always getting good cards from packs.
I alway bought classics but I didn't always get good cards and no expensive ones either.
Then I tried Elite packs ....
1st : Cortez
2nd : Tsubame
And I got more of those abnormal expensive cards.
If you buy elite you should choose bangers, berzerk (tiny chance for cortez other berzerk are not that expensive), FPC, Vortex, Jungo ... in that direction.
I'm sure you'll get some good ones

To bad brutally honest, it isn't a very good deck. The deck has very low power which means you can't make mistake. Spycee is a terrible card, he can block against a life gap ability card but that is all he can do. That is too unreliable. Ludwig, Andsom, and Trinmkkt are all merely ok cards but really lack power. Ector and Ngrath are don't work well together. The problem is you picked from very expensive clans but here is what I suggest:
Spycee to Hawkins Noel
Ludwig to Woodxst/Nimestiec/Na Boh
Trinmkkt to Sol Hona/ Eris
Ngrath to Murray
and when you get the money Andsom to Tyd

Meh.. each person has different opinion
uppers got many new good cards, but I am really fond of rubie and samantha
each card has their own strength and weaknesses
while their damage are low, but they are equipped with one of the most dangerous ability in the game, SOA and SOB
2 SOA and 2 SOB with attack manipulation capability

samantha: freaks, fang pi, la junta? she will save your butt in this situation
oh yeah, how many pillz should I use, oh I use jane ramba, I need to use at least 2 pillz and samantha cut 2 of my damage
fury samantha, no one expect that..

rubie: oh kolos, there you go, don't forget to put at least 2 pillz to your kolos
oh, tula, that's a nice breakfast
copper? lol.. let's fight 8 VS 6 damage, I don't mind to put 6 pillz, how about you?
no bonus? no problem, 5 pillz her and let's make a surprise for your opp

the key here: flexibility
wendel? I hate wendel, I will opt to gail ld or bianca straight away
I faced wendel many times and one thing for sure: free damage for me!
how about when you face piranas or nightmare? unlike samantha that can maintain her -10 attack, wendel can't do that
also true against freaks, etc

oxen? you need to use him early round, SOA really kill him
yes he has high power and damage, but he is not flexible

samantha is designed as wth factor. "wth.. this little card destroy my deck strategy"
while rubie can be defensive or sneaky attacker
people tend to get paranoid when against rubie, which could be used to confuse your opp

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