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friday 02/07/2010

I hate half decks but yours is very good for elo

thursday 01/07/2010

Sometimes it also happen because you had been sold one/more of your card that exist in your deleted preset

Scubb is a scary card, but hes better off in mono i guess... Katan might turn out more usefull if u got a leader in.

"He's not part of the big 5"

No one said he was, the poster implied that as the Big 5 could be let back with the new changes The Tan Man's chances of being set loose are high.

However, the admins told us these changes would probably not be for a while yet, and we've not heard anything 100%. So I say sell him and use the clintz to buff your other decks.

wednesday 30/06/2010

Ashley to spiagi
cesare to marina
mario to stacey
and hammer to either oyoh or ambre or eyrik your choice

Good lord, now I remember why Morphun is banned, that guy is annoying as hell. People just sit behind damage shields, you waste your pillz then bam, alpha strike and game over

Thanks how do you change the link to the title and not the url?

When I'm Gone!

Please check this out, comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Wait actually I just noticed your budget... You don't have enough to make a GHEIST deck with 10 000 Clintz

deleted Rate and comment please, i think that is very good smiley

tuesday 29/06/2010

I find that it decreases by 2 points if i dont play for a day or two (when my ELO is 1000-1200)

Gina Glitt is glittering ELO

Also post yours views on Gina Glitt and is she worth using.

Well done 6taeiha!

You played the last Urban Rivals tournament but you didn't make it to the podium. You ended up 62 with 221 Battle points.
You just won 208 Clintz and 1 Credit !
You now own 896 Clintz that you can use to buy characters at the Market.

Good luck for the next tournament!

2 010 players took part in the tournament. They accumulated 115 009 Battle points and the Jackpot reached 104 030 Clintz.

I figured it out, taking peoples advice here i came across the "No random" setting, this must have been the case. It really spun me out when i came across it ... Thanks guys! problem solved smileysmiley

monday 28/06/2010


Hey this deck includes a pritty weak uppers side and a very strong junkz side with rowdy, gibson, otakoll and Malmorth I think, I am going to try to get 15 wins in fight club with at least 2 uppers should this do the biz? Just now I am not looking for really good uppers cards but just slightly better ones! I am currently intrested more in montana, junkz pussycats and junga. I think that if you can one day win with junga or the cats you trully are a skilled player, winning with gheist or pirhanas or nightmare, nah not so much skill!

sunday 27/06/2010

Anything but skeelz and freaks would probably do good in elo...

Good deck. Looks consistent and I like it a lot!
good job

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