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tuesday 29/06/2010

I figured it out, taking peoples advice here i came across the "No random" setting, this must have been the case. It really spun me out when i came across it ... Thanks guys! problem solved smileysmiley

monday 28/06/2010


Hey this deck includes a pritty weak uppers side and a very strong junkz side with rowdy, gibson, otakoll and Malmorth I think, I am going to try to get 15 wins in fight club with at least 2 uppers should this do the biz? Just now I am not looking for really good uppers cards but just slightly better ones! I am currently intrested more in montana, junkz pussycats and junga. I think that if you can one day win with junga or the cats you trully are a skilled player, winning with gheist or pirhanas or nightmare, nah not so much skill!

sunday 27/06/2010

Anything but skeelz and freaks would probably do good in elo...

Good deck. Looks consistent and I like it a lot!
good job

Here is my deck: 1351 in ELO!
Can i do something to do it better?

saturday 26/06/2010

Indeed, this is a little cheap. smiley

Piranas FTW smiley


This is what I got so far. Please give me feedback. Don't really care about the ratings.

Meh astrid. Even if she 2hitKos, Leviatonn is a much better choice.

Uppers GHEIST, I'd recommend:

Dorian 5*
Nellie 4*
Oxen 3*
Wendel 2*
Total 14*

Bristone 3*
Leviatonn 3*
Dolly 3*
Arkn 2*
Total 11*


Dolly is an often overlooked 3* for the clan, she's absolutely fantastic and her 7 power really does make a difference compared to Astrid's 6. Too many 8 power and power reducers for 6 power with no kind of manipulation of their own to be effective.

"As long as you start the match before the tournament ends the points count."

Not true for Elo, only for DTs.

I've experienced this three times now. Started a game with 2900e or so a few minutes before the end of the week, and scored enough to push over 1300e, but as the game ended after time the points were not counted.

Unless this changed in the last couple of weeks then points don't count as soon as the week ends, regardless of when the match began.

A deck that works good for me that has only 11 stars! is Shann, Graff, B Ball, and Massive. Try trading Massiv for Loocio. It'll only be 12 stars!

Im not useing them every week (when shakra toro and rolf arent banned it gets hard). Mono means that at least spiagi is in and sometimes a leader, but im defenitly playing mainly freaks.

How to stop it?
I can't see how to improve it but I know you can always improve.

friday 25/06/2010


You sure it's not just you? All Stars eat GHEIST alive...

I have a similar deck as yours. The only difference is that I have Chiro instead of Gatline. It actually depends on which clans are mostly used for the week.

I have Jane Ramba but I still use Nahomi to support Chiro. Assuming that I have Chiro and Nahomi in my hand and my opponent is using Gheist/Roots, then Chiro would only have 4 damage but would have 8 power. On the other hand, Nahomi would have 10 power. In this kind of match, you would not really want to K.O. the opponent; you would just want to win rounds.

If I am not fighting against Gheist/Roots, and again, assuming that I have both Chiro and Nahomi in my hand, then I would aim for a 2 hit K.O. or you can use Chiro to bluff and make your opponent overpill.

thursday 24/06/2010

I currently only have 1k clintz so i have to work on that

I think it is -2 -4 for sure I don't know if it it is 6 or 8 but I you won't mhave a problem.

Sunder gets an early death O.o
: D Take out Sunder, of course. Enjoy smiley

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