saturday 20/03/2010

Who's winning? i offer 55 000

I think ill take you up on that offer.

I found one smiley

I'll trade. If Rolph is 0XP.

I have traded the cards ! can someone please delete this topic ?

Thanks in advance .

Wow his price is about 5k on the market man

I'll sell u jody for 670 pm me if u want

I am trading Alec cr(full xp) for the full gheist clan -collectors. I just added up market value as of now the difference is about 400-500 this will change either way but the offer stands. Pm me if you are interested.

0exp or maxed for 600 clintx

I need a lea for less than 830 clintz.. pls help guys.. thanks mods

Close please!

His price is now about 48k

Mods please close this. thanks


Wee Lee full


13k Clints

Pm me smiley

Jackie for Jackie! +p

Complete Skeelz clan.
Complete Rescue clan.
Complete Jungo clan.

friday 19/03/2010

I got for trade/sell:

66x Randy about half 0xp (33k)
19x Dagouba, 3 are 0xp (10.5)
17x Borss, 2 are 0xp (5k)
12x Odile, 4 are 0xp (16k)
11x Somba, all fullxp (11k)
10x Nerfeniti, 3 are 0xp (16k)
7x Adler (5.4k)

prices behind cards are rounded up or down to nearest 100C at the time of writing, total just under 100k.

would trade for multiple Smokey's or Kerry's or Clintz...let me is fine also smiley

Im buying coby for 7000 clitz no more no less if you`re interested send me a msg

Close plz

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