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tuesday 22/06/2010

Thanks guys, i'll close this down
delete pls mods

Well, the way I do it is to sell any expensive cards I have lying around that I'm not using. If you're aiming for a deck you think you might use a lot, then hoarding cards really is counter-productive.

If you don't like the 5%, use the trade forum for straight swaps. smiley

Any thoughts?


2 SoA , 2 atk manips... pow manip.. etc.

Mathwiz's deck is propably the best choice for low budget... Nightmare/Gheist is really effective combo, but Kenny isnt that good in elo anymore, there are too much cards that counters him nowadays... Nightmare has to be refreshed a little bit smiley also draheera isnt good in half deck, Toro would be great but he is banned this week... with mono Nightmare, I'm using mono in this week, my deck is prety similar to Yours, but I use Glorg over Kenny and Eadh over Sheitane... she could be a good bluff, maybe I'll consider putting her over Eadh too xD also I was using Uranus over Sargh, dr is useful sometimes, but with that much Gheist and Roots in elo, he usually is just a wasted space smiley

Deck looks great, personaly I would use Samantha over Wendel, but this isn't major change at all...


can u tell me which cards i must change

monday 21/06/2010

Thanks but no thanks. I'm not a huge fan of Freaks though.

Hey guys
found a half decent deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1345764&list
gets me 1200 very easily, and other than uranus, everything else is pretty cheap...

so really helps some of the beginners move onto next stage

sunday 20/06/2010

Darn, I thought both would cancel each other out (mine and my opponent's), still, a 5/2 is a nice filler.


saturday 19/06/2010


Just looking at the 4 top pill manipulators, if you completely disregard the * count, would you rank them:

Dalhia > Smokey > Scubb > Hawkins

Which makes Scubb the 3rd pill manipulation option and Hawkins the 4th...

Another way of looking at it is my ideal boat is weighing in too heavy at 27*s so someone has to go, and... push comes to shove, Scubb, Smokey, Ulrich or Dahlia are getting off before Sting is.

Taljion * * *
Scubb * * * *
Tyd * * *
Tula * *
Sting * * * *
Ulrich * * *
Smokey * * *
Dahlia * * * * *

Montana is much better then Rescue, as soon as you pull out say, Spiagi and pill once and they pull Hax and pill once, assuming you go first you win.

It depends how you play. I personally think Sentinel is the worst, but some think that, say, Freaks are, even though they are my favorite clan. Rescue is good if you have the right cards, the only issue is that there are only about ten of the right cards.

Edon, I resent that smiley

Yes make the change.. youll get more credits.. which will get you more money

friday 18/06/2010

I guess i'll be using my gheist half this week (i dont have draheera )..

i hate that Hug-tana's are in play..they are annoyingly tough.

Add salt to your words...makes them taste better smiley

Anyway i think personally theres just deck that are all round good

Now there all good...but i dont think there is a 'best' Elo deck..just a 'Best' player..(i.e me lol xD)
but overall its a nice deck, as Lu-Endracer said, if its working for you then carry on.

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