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saturday 19/06/2010

Montana is much better then Rescue, as soon as you pull out say, Spiagi and pill once and they pull Hax and pill once, assuming you go first you win.

It depends how you play. I personally think Sentinel is the worst, but some think that, say, Freaks are, even though they are my favorite clan. Rescue is good if you have the right cards, the only issue is that there are only about ten of the right cards.

Edon, I resent that smiley

Yes make the change.. youll get more credits.. which will get you more money

friday 18/06/2010

I guess i'll be using my gheist half this week (i dont have draheera )..

i hate that Hug-tana's are in play..they are annoyingly tough.

Add salt to your words...makes them taste better smiley

Anyway i think personally theres just deck that are all round good

Now there all good...but i dont think there is a 'best' Elo deck..just a 'Best' player..(i.e me lol xD)
but overall its a nice deck, as Lu-Endracer said, if its working for you then carry on.

thursday 17/06/2010

I like it but for elo i'm level 19 and the best deck i have ever used HAS to be this one For the first time i have reached 1400 elo


give comment and rate

You were in random

Methane + Toro / Leviatonn is the best 2 hit KO EVER smiley

wednesday 16/06/2010

2HKO is good if you are playing La Junta but I think it is pretty hard with other clans since so many people play damage reducers in ELO.

I think PEN geoj is right though, you want to pay attention to what is banned and unbanned for the week and adjust/change your deck based on it. I usually put Mira in my freaks deck when Toro is on the lose, for example, since GHEIST end up being super popular.

There is my cheap elo deck
can you comment what it need

I was thinking of picking up Jungo, but i am unsure which cards to buy and if i shoud pair it with Pussycats or Freaks. i have almost all of Pusscats and Freaks (excpet crs). which do think i should go with? thanks!

I would change phyliss to mawpin. but beside that it is good

Well an equal power card with a bonus or ability + x attack or + x power or -x opponent attack, - x opponent power beats them easily and if they have used those cards up or they may just ditch their weakest card or use a damage reducer, so when i SAY a man down I mean a leader doesent win in combat that much, they help your other cards to win, but its hard trying to win with only 3 cards.


Please rate/comment I am interested in opinions.

for week 6/13/10

tuesday 15/06/2010

For a ELO Piranas deck what is the best leeder
Ambre Eyrik Hugo

Good deck. Copper is vulnerable to the many SoA in ELO, though. All those Confidence/Revenge cards makes you predictible, which is bad (that's why I'd lose Manfred, even though it's good).

To admit, this is an extremely general description that leaves people with only the possible clans...

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