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tuesday 27/09/2016

I seems like a nice event. but yea where is it smiley

monday 26/09/2016

Hi, I think its fair to say that the Daily Reward wins.

I will close this page.

sunday 25/09/2016

Ok good luck with that

friday 23/09/2016

[Lotto] Legen--wait for it--dary

A lotto in honor of a retired friend. Prizes will increase based on my performance in elo as well as how many people come to honor the player, even if you don't know him.

thursday 22/09/2016

Hello everyone!

Today, I will announce a few winners!

Also, most importantly, the Hurricane X PIT Points will be updated and something special later and in the evening.

I want to make a deck for Coliseum using nightmare and riots
Anybody have good idea?

monday 19/09/2016

Hello UR,

As you have noticed, rewards have become more priority in the game so now I will do the same and reward you more too!

As from November this month: I would like to introduce something awesome!

And hopefully, I can get some kind feedback too.

November count up will be changed:

Every 100th post: 1 Guaranteed Common Card.

Then posts within a certain number eg. From 1-150, 2 Cards can be won!

Here is a big change: All cards that can be won will be over 10k Clintz. Max. 20k.

Chances of winning from the 10k = 80%
Chance of winning from 11k-20k = 20%

Have a good day!

friday 16/09/2016

Hello, this seems pretty "naff".

I've decided to close down this event, stay tuned, new one will open in which will be more appealing.

thursday 15/09/2016

Seems interesting smiley

thursday 08/09/2016

Thanks NayrSlayer smiley

monday 05/09/2016

Hello , the event ends Friday. Today , you can come to participate in mini-game Polish part, there will be several cards to win! Feel free also to make donations : [Loterie]Les Dùralassiens fêtent leur arrivée

PS: if we reach 200 members before 09 September a new big card happens! : *: ( Minimum 10,000 clintz )

Come quickly !

sunday 04/09/2016

Congrats, MARS RAZAK, you guessed the mystery card, Carmine!

Thanks to everyone that participated in this giveaway! Look for another toss up soon!

saturday 03/09/2016

Hurm I already bussy with my college... sad life..

thursday 01/09/2016

tuesday 30/08/2016

If I was an Assassin in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, she would be by my side smiley


only 2 places left

monday 29/08/2016

Hurricane Mini PIT

Get hold of big points this evening by participating in a spam event!

Prepare, 30 Minutes of intense spamming that starts: 18:30 United

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