monday 28/05/2018

I’m not sure what you mean by saying “please make the description better”. I find it fine as it is. The description says exactly that you need to be normal mode to play in hard core and what kind of deck you need to play in hardcore.

I agree with Pamplona, correct investment in the market will really pay off. I recently returned to the game and wanted to buy the new clans. So I started by I finishing the missions (some of them), played tourneys, bought new blood packs, invested in the market at the right time and got to collect good amount of Clintz.

saturday 26/05/2018

When I first started playing this game years ago, it was also very free to play. The markets seems to be overrun by sharks, who buy up cheap cards and jack up prices. I'm not complaining, because I have tons of very valuable cards from when I started, but it seems like it would be a hard start for new players.

friday 25/05/2018

Startuing off small with merch an working your way up is best.
that's why i keep suggesting the get the orders in an money first then making an sending them out so they don't get over stock or unsold items. an we will have to wait a bit for the thing but be well worth it. an if it go's well they can do more. if not then it don't hurt them at all. or the player's.

It means you might have broken some rules.

You should contact support center:

You must be at least level 21, not 20.

You need to press connect, authorize the app then wait for it to redirect you to the site again before clicking on my collection.

wednesday 23/05/2018

So this might be a app only thing an not for computers. well that sucks lol

Hi, he needs to be over level 20 to sell cards.

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tuesday 22/05/2018

Site will be down for a few days while I move everything to the new domain.

Will create a new topic once it's ready to go. smiley

PS: +1 life at the begging of each round. - 1 life min 1 at the end of the round.

I didn't know that, thanks mate

Weekly LD can be any not from the current season (so, 5). Eventually they too will be added to the pool.

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Wow... -pillz backlash... this is bad...

monday 21/05/2018

Weekly flash missions either the first or second missions tends to be bronze, tends vary from either 2-5 bronze, 1-2 credits or clints. If you get the new blood cards (the bronze/cheap one) you get 5 bronze.

saturday 19/05/2018

There will also be a new survivor in June and the last of the new LDs were released in the last few stages of Arcade mode. So I say give it a chance and if you need any advice or such, I can help. (I find that the Montanas are useful against Dominion.)

(definitely not where the toys are produced- that'd be in one of Zlatar's factories)

tuesday 15/05/2018

Well i going to close this now i tryed to look up a list of them there only 8 in total thats so sad. need more backlash bards lol then just 8 like this thanks for the help.

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