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thursday 23/04/2015

8 gap if you get dolly in the first round. Malicia lost makes that a 2 gap. Then Leela would make that a 13 life gap not including the bonus damage reduction (which would make it a 17 life gap)

Almost as dirty as Konrad Win, Lose Clive, Lose Waller.
I already miss Clive. Elvis is just not the same.

tuesday 21/04/2015

Yea, titan is right. I haven't used khaali yet and usually go with cyb lhia, c wing, dagg, t gaank/deea depending on star count.

Vortex is best when paired with a clan that has high power and life gaping potential. Jungo/Vortex used to be my favorite combo although with no ongh that doesn't work as well (FPC was also good when zhu tang was legal). I would recommend using ulu watu since they match well and you don't have to worry about dealing with bans. Something like a half of wee lee, dave, chel, Numar. Other clans you could try would be Frozn, bangers, nightmare or skeelz when xingshu is legal.

Does anyone have any good advice for people who have experience in the game, but are new to ELO? Looking for good strategies and clan match ups.

friday 17/04/2015

Thx a lot

wednesday 15/04/2015


Trying out a controlly deck with the new Dr Alma. Doing rather well so far seeing that I've been on a break from this game for a while.

friday 10/04/2015

Probably got played alot to complete Solomon's KO missions. The end


The key being that Petra's bonus stops Sera M1 winning pill for pill. smiley

Considering that playing Sera M1 against a 0 pill Petra doesn't leave you enough pills to beat Aleister, despite being more obscure it was an error that he missed your Wendel play (well spotted by you of course).

Petra with 1 pill would have been a difficult move to read. It's seemingly ridiculous against Sera M1 's ability, but we've already established that 2 pilling Sera M1 (enough to get past Petra's bonus) loses if they 0 pilled. You also could have predicted 4(+1) pill Petra and won pill for pill with Sera M1, then having enough to win with Wendel.

Petra 1 pill blocks the sneaky Wendel play (with a seemingly nonsensical extra pill) as well as leaving enough to clean up Wendel in the next round if you blocked his all in. Basically it's an obscure pill split that most people wouldn't see.

thursday 09/04/2015

Greem is dead pill/0..
But still... it was a funny card Xd

On facing it, either u can be sure of win in r1 Xd

If u get pp ed with it, The End Xd

Its better to not use miss twice if u prefer a higher score..

Miss Twice Cr -> Dr Ergo and Burt -> Maurice

also kazayan -> Josephine (stable 7/6 and kills SOA clans)

Jose Star -> Gail ld/Salts Berg ( but thats not necessary)

tuesday 07/04/2015

Forgot about Scooty. He's nice.

monday 06/04/2015

Unban brody or arno

I'll probably use this half. Thanks guys.

friday 03/04/2015

Never, ever, ever do it. Don't listen to this fool. He thinks snakes secretly have legs and that there are better inventions than sliced bread.

Seriously though, don't do it unless you're a very confident player. Considering you made this post in the first place, well, you know what to do.

wednesday 01/04/2015

I think Olga is OP. I mean there's always Olga Noel anyway-- who is very good. As far as Grudj goes... I just said on a different thread that if they brought Grudj back but banned Baldovino I think that would be a very smart move.

Yeah Huracan is kinda gutted. I still think they make good halves just because of their bonus. Unless you're against SoA Derbyqueen and Miss Derbyqueen offer just about the biggest bang for your buck out of any 2*. Not bad for a clan which also has the strongest starting bonus for ELO. When combined with PC or Jungo (lots of people do the Huracan/Jungo thing. prepare to see it now that Ongh is unbanned this week,) they are really strong.

saturday 28/03/2015

Please give comments or suggestions on my deck also perhaps the best card thought to use when Xingshu is on ban (which she often is)

Highborn Scholars

wednesday 25/03/2015

tuesday 24/03/2015

monday 23/03/2015

With Milena Raven can OHKO

friday 20/03/2015

Hmm I have the feeling that some other health builds could be a little more damaging though, but this deck is a good setup for that goal, it just needs more reducing, soa, stuff to stop them from coming back in or at least more separation in the matches. Chel seems neat though Kenny Cr can be tough to use because of low power especially without clan bonus, hmm, I wonder about skeelz? Or maybe jungo

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