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tuesday 22/03/2011

Can you please explain what this is all about? smiley

sunday 20/03/2011

Oh it's deleted so don't worry i'd close this

thursday 10/03/2011

So you just look to pill VERY heavily for the first 2 rounds, saving only 1 or 2 pills to scare away Rage on round 3. Tank on the third if you got the Fang Pi in your draw, just single-pill and pray if not, then have security against a Rage on the final round?

saturday 05/03/2011


wednesday 02/03/2011

I like Deathmatch soo much. but i find that my is not god enough. Here is my latest deck -

Does this deck needs some caracters replacement ? which one.
Please help me out.

tuesday 01/03/2011

sunday 27/02/2011

I've been having success using skiner with Hugo in death match.


Drawing Hugo, Skiner, and Chloe is an insta win against some decks because you can just kill 5 opponent pills no problem.

I couldn't believe that deck wasn't a preset.

friday 25/02/2011

Sorry your ^ I just got my bottom kicked by a very well played pussy deck in T2DMsmiley

thursday 24/02/2011

Ok I will try and clear this up.I,m having a rant at the style of play I don,t like in DMT2.Sorry I just got wound up.I,m not a fan of bans,but I would like to see some events that cater for my style,and indeed those that would like bans.I,m not sure you should field 2 Heavy DRs in a DMT2? I use 1 heavy or I go for as I say a semi DR like wee lee or tan.I.m just of the opinion that some players I see in DM should be in Survival mode.Sorry for any offence caused,but I like to get in the spirit of these thingslol Boxers before a fight or Wrestlers.lol ........Come on fool! I,ll hand you your arse in some such fashion that you will be etc etc

wednesday 23/02/2011

When bonnie ld was released I tried to ignore the bad sports,and after compleating it .Went back in to DMT2 with a random pack of mainly 5* cards with missions.At first the lower levs must have loved it,but I played so much I started to make links,and was beating the serious players with much higher levs than me.It cleared the rooms so players got the damage with Piranas,and I did not go off like a Bazooka just to get the damage missions done which alot of lower levs did.Sorry I know I upset some players,but I got loads out of the way,and I don,t like playing 5* cards anywhere else.

I can earn 20k at least per week from the site so yar make my life easy.smiley

tuesday 22/02/2011

My new T1 deck:


Just wanted to hear the views on this leader card.I quite like him.He is deadly with the Allstars. My first deck with him and them ended with me not wanting to play em any more cos I felt sorry for the opposition!lol If I publish any decks with him in all I get is why not Ambre?Well, I like the way his bonus affects all enemy cards,and am thinking of ways to help players overcome Ambre.Instead of leap frogging the leader cards or ignoring them till they get Ambre.This is in no way a slagging of her.I would just like to hear how the lower lev players cope in DM.I remember the first time I saw her in a DM.I never went back till I had her.

monday 21/02/2011

Hawkins noel

I'd say buy tula and get a good 5 star if you can, but this should be enough. Though it will likely come down to how well you pill, since damage is fairly average. Selma would've been a good add on but her price has like tripled since last Nov. Good luck.

saturday 12/02/2011

Oh yeah look that RIP guy oh sure he is one of my guild members.Ahhh just another hater who can't reach that or he did reach that and wants to troll people.

friday 11/02/2011

I am mainly a fang pi user . but i am also interested in all starts.
My life 1st allstarts deck -
Please rate green smiley

Believe me, this time no Praxie / Gil / Leaders is in my deck.
Now my preset is fully Clean Fang pi clang.
Please rate green face - http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1748549&list

And lastly, I want to thank to the ones who gave green faces, for whatever reasons (I do believe so because a few times it went back or closer to 0pts =) And thanks to Miss Selena for the name inspiration, don't be upset =)

(Sorry for the triple posting smiley)

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