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sunday 13/06/2010

I just want to say your advice was like a bolt of lightening smiley, I just won the last 4 elo matches cleanly using it. The deck looks quite a lot different, but I took everything you said to heart and built around it, so thanks again!


Voting is closed. Bans look to be: Caelus, Morphun, Shakra, Striker, Ghumbo, Sylth, and Sledg.

Notice: Copper is in, as is Marina, Toro, Hugo, and Oshitsune.

You'll probably see more Copper this week, even though GHEIST is playing with the full deck. Expect a LOT of GHEIST as a weakened Roots means that Draheera has a lot less to worry about. Sledg out means that Rescue is weakened.

An intersting question this week will be how much play All Stars sees. Marina is one of the clan's strongest cards so expect to see All Stars in the Half and Full decks, but it will be curious to see how Striker's absence effects All Stars builds.

I suspect that Piranas/Ulu Watu combination decks could do well this week. You'll have the raw power to take on Sentinel halfs, you'll do well against All Star half and wholes, and GHEIST shouldn't be that big an issue. You should expect to see the obligatory HugoTana.

Other thoughts?

The metagame shifts depending when you're playing.
Someone faces 4 skeelz decks in a row, they're likely to drop their gheist decks and go for Ulu Watu or All-Stars, then people see that and start running gheist... etc.

I wouldnt use hula as a splash.... use spiaghi in her place

Had the same problem. smiley

saturday 12/06/2010

Ulu is more powerful the more pills you sink into them. You want to play a cat when they attack, hoping they waste pills against one of them. (1st or 2nd, depending on how plays first. Then leverage your others guys to win.

wednesday 09/06/2010

Yes. Last night I ran into lots of Piranas. That normally isn't an issue for my rescue deck, but I just couldn't seem to find Sledg, Kerry or Lea.

tuesday 08/06/2010

I have a skeelz elo deck tell me what do you think and say what could i change

Redra and sasha. The others simply don t cut it

Here's all of the links for y'all

Thanks Mods

Ah, but 1/2 the GHEIST are worthless without their abilities... Draheera is just one of many. Her potency when not facing SoA is what makes mono-GHEIST viable; you are not going to sacrifice anything by using Draheera in Mono-GHEIST, yet have much to gain.

I think Eklore would work good with Skeelz. The -1pillz + Skeelz high power can be very intimidating.

monday 07/06/2010

I just came up with a VERY similar deck that has only one different card...

Ambre has probs the best Ability for this deck. however she cant win a riound and do any sort of decent damage. therefore morphun works well but you do have shann remember so id be temtped to go with eyrik and use either of the other two as backup

Yeah Bangers / Roots is extremely strong for a budget:

Rico - Yookie - Noodile - Jeto (probably Arno if you have the clintz)

paired with

Bodenpower - Chlora (upgrade to Blaaster in the future) - Loocio - Graff/B Ball

Havent posted in awhile, plz rate and comment XD


Trish and Archibald

Thank you wasteroftime!

sunday 06/06/2010

The more you progress in elo the better your cards and general strategy...

You should use a Spiaghi in the ELO deck aswell

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