wednesday 28/12/2011

Sounds good.

I'm a fan, it could definitely allow for some...interesting cards. I could also see it being incredibly OP in some situations though!

tuesday 27/12/2011

If you want to invest to CR*s then you have 2 options:

1) Lottery method: Get as many as possible potential CR cards, wait for crowning. You have something like 1:300 chance of hitting the vein per crowning. On the other hand this method does not create enough clintz to get the big 5 unless you own 1000's of copies still!

2) Buying CR's and sitting it out; buy as many Jackie CR's as possible and wait for 5 years. Oh, but you wont get 100% CR collection, because the price of really really really rare old great CR's have grown about equally. But you would still make a big pile of clintz anyway.

Conclusion: You cant get 100% CR collection by simply investing to CR's (or it is highly unlikely to succeed if you go for speculative crowning...). The truth is that you HAVE TO PLAY THE MARKET in order to create clintz faster than the market value of CR cards increase.

How to play the market on the other hand is too broad question to be teached properly by some "do this and it will work" answers. Ultimately you have to figure out your own way to success if you are heading that way.

If you want to try Fang Pi Clang you should try this deck.

@ n__n...melinda good? Id rather shoot my own foot then use that card.

Secondly. So you gave up on Vortex? GOOD! that clan IMo is the worst in the game. Their best cards cost an arm, a leg, and half your torso and most die vs SOA (and i dont mean turn into okish, useable base stats, i mean crapola useless cards)

Thirdly, I looove Junkz, probs one of the easiest clans to dominate with. I recommend Fuzz for the 5* slot, simply because Junkz' damage isnt overly wonderful!!

With Junkz you should have no probs getting top third in tourney most of the time, some changes though

Peeler> Fuzz

You dont need veenyle cr cause shes a dr, and rowdy loses you too many pts. IMO GIl is worth the -2pts

You can also select to sell them privately straight to a player (if you know someone who wants to by them) by changing the options on the box that appears after selecting the trade this character.

Nice deck. smiley

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, then you only copy the "preset=2135447" and change the = to :

monday 26/12/2011

When crs come out there prices usally drop because everyone sells them but after a while there price rises.

It depends on if you need the clintz wether you sell them now or later.

sunday 25/12/2011

In this case - yes. If it does not mentuion the clan then anything can be used.

Gosh, the amount of negative comments.
1. i am a girl and it's my choice.
2. I don't know much about this game, as I have only just started playing properly, and it's all just criticism, not all constructive, which would be fine.
3. The cards have genders to me, and that's all that matters, I asked you to aid me in finding a good deck, not reconstructing
the whole fabric of a card, people make page long stories about cards and clans, but they never get this?
4.Why does everybody automatically assume I am a gay boy looking for a girly deck? I find this seriously insulting, I am a British lady and have never alluded to be anything else, even my picture is girly, my name is girly, so what do you people want?
5. My deck will be crippled if it's all female? But there are loads of all male decks, never told to be 'crippled'.
6. The people at the start of this topic were actually pretty nice and good, but the latter people, you are just really insulting, if you want to insult a girl don't do it to a new person with no idea what they are doing and what everything does and who everybody is.

Urban Rivals gets a 5 on community I am afraid, and I will avoid the message board in future smiley.

I've decide to buy only elites, and.. I got around 70k.. Which is more than the titanium I got last time smiley

saturday 24/12/2011

Hey everybody! smiley. I have a small dilemma..........I only want to use girl characters, but not the Pussycats, I assume I will have to use a half-deck, any girl-orientated half-decks? Thank you in advance smiley.

Best wishes, Emiyu! smiley.

One more thing.If you are using Shann,Conrvus,Anton and such characters who recharge your pills it is smart to use furry.
But,in some situations it is not so smart to use furry if your opponents power is higher than yours.

Mono junkz can do quite well at the moment.

Your clan bonus is quite overpowered. But it does have its ups and downs.

You'd get the other clans bonus
You wouldn't be affected by stop opp. bonus because you'd be stealing their bonus and you'd stop their bonus.
Your clan'd mostly higher damage cards. So you'd be able to perform 1HKO's and 2HKo's.

If you have a rainbow duelist your screwed
if your opponent has a GHEIST or Nightmare duelist it'd just counteract one another and it'd be a very confusing mess.
If you did do that they'd have to be quite low in power because if you had a 8 powered monster and you were versing Ulu Watu it'd be a 10 power.

I hope you like my feedback. smiley

I really like it. I thought of a card for your clan

smiley Ateenia (Spelt like that for a reason, like Zoos) smiley
Rare 5 stars (Starts out a LV 2)
5.8/3, Transferal (Change damage/power for Damage/power) (C)smileysmiley

Well when i made this i HATED SOB

but now i dont really think its that good XD

friday 23/12/2011

Yes by clan all stars bottom to vortex top, but those are the best hidden faces. IMO

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