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thursday 05/01/2012

Combo #5 - Pillz Denial

The Piranas and Junkz are the clans that usually run this strategy. The Piranas usually open with Andsom to reduce your pillz followed by Scubb to gain pillz back. Then either more pillz denial or cards like Tula to reduce your power and make it harder to win a round.

The Junkz strategy is usually start with Tremorh, follow with Gibson's high power and stop bonus to win the second round, and then Nobrodroid to gain back pillz in order to easily win the last round. This team is hard to beat using this strategy coupled with high power characters and +8 attack bonus.

Clans to watch out for: Junkz, Piranas
Cards to watch out for: Tremorh, Gibson, Flanagan, Nobrodroid, Andsom, Hawkins, Scubb, Tula
How to beat this strategy: Stop Ability, Play smart, Vortex bonus cancels out pillz denial

It gets boring when we have the same rehashed threads in general. all the time. these should all be confined to the if you could make a card thread. its what its there for anyways

wednesday 04/01/2012

Wow, if thats whta critsism i get i'l stop

In my collection, when you have made a deck there is an option to ''make my current deck public''. Although this feature is not always available, because some players may already have the same deck as you, and posted it. So it may come up as a purple name eg. All Star Vortex. Then have its points in brackets.
The ''make my current deck public'' is located in the column under the ''my deck'' and ''my collection'' button smiley
When you've made your deck it should show up on the public presents page, and become available for others to access. Remember, if it gets too many red faces it will be deleted. (just the present, not your cards)
p.s. for a deck to become a present you have to give it a title AND a description, dw. When you click ''make my current deck public'' it will have 2 boxes for you smiley
Hope I helped smiley

King Mobo

-5 opp damage min 3
As the king of the keys, one of the things king mobo hates the most is war.A peacefull ruler,The conflicts caused by the clint city civilians just went to far.Now he is ready to put serious business.

lets face it,nistarok is no god.AND HAS SOB
the difference is this guy will have amazing synergy(making a virtual -7 min 1, wich is fabulous)
for an extent the 8 power allows him to be an offencive card as well. allowing you to sneak the heal in.

btw im sorry, he aint nothing new
(and yes english is my second language not 1st)

tuesday 03/01/2012

^He just mentioned how useful C Wing is for getting a K.O. with Dregn OR Kolos. C Wing and Dregn combo in a mono Vortex deck can lead to a fast K.O. which he was just pointing out

Kolos in any deck can mess up an opponents head, and having both Dregn and Kolos WITH C Wing in one hand is rather frightening smiley

I should have entered thos contest anyway,but i wanna share who i think would be good for what spot

Scout is easily first and foremost drorb-hes good for dregn and his security and he wouldnt need to walk much;just float.
Solider im going to take the road less travelled and say kuei; yes arnie is everyones choice for a solider,but who can withstand as much pain as Mr Pain himself?
Pyro its pretty hard to pick one thats good at pyro technics but wont blow you up,so the only choice here would be maciej.
Demoman has to be paolo-anybody else just logically doesnt work compared to him.
Heavy would have to be dallas,the guy basically does lifting as his sport,and he can lift entire cars over his head-whats a few tons when you have this guy?
Engineer is nobrocybix just because hes a good hacker;other choices could be zero dead or even asporov
Medic is easily kusuri in my opinon(and as an added bonus,kuei is on the same team!),but to be different,im susprirsed niva hasnt been a choice.
Sniper was probably most diifcult choice for me because nobody in clint city would seem really accurate with their weapons and the only one that could really come to mind is hystrix.though his bamboo shots may be outdated,i think hes better than most.
Spy should be bristone;shes doing wel for the sentinels organization as part of the gheists and she would fit right in with her role on this team.

With good characters at 2*, 4* and 5*, they work best by themselves, or with a leader. If you only want them as a 1/2 deck, then it depends on whether it is type 1, type 2 or ELO, and your budget.

There's really no limit to what damage you can do in Type 1, but let's see, how about with Sakrohm: Kolos, Oshitsune, Artus, Phyllis, Eadh, Graksmxxt, Sigma, Uranus.

Choices are more limited in ELO. I'd suggest building around Azel, Azgroth and Artus, and pairing with an attack bonus clan like Junkz, Sakrohm, Sentinels or Uppers. These 4 clans lack a decent poisoner in ELO so there is no competition for Azel. Artus's DR is well appreciated, and SOB complements them very well as well.

monday 02/01/2012

The last line is exactly the same in both of them xD

In theory you could use a half deck of Elena, Elena Cr, Miss Elena and Elena Noel. Had to make up a new name so the Cr rumors would stay in check.
Also @TripleA Battery; Not anymore you have. smiley

sunday 01/01/2012

Win X Life points needs you to use cards that give the life directly. Bridget, Pan, Kenny, Suzie etc.
Gain X Heal life points needs you to use cards with Heal max Y cards. Like Gudvibz and Ulawele.

Lol Xtyx, happy new year everyone smiley

As for me, if I had 130k I'd buy nahi Cr and stare at her breast for the next 3 hrs smiley

Rainbows are the best smiley

saturday 31/12/2011

I have the same problem (glad i found this thread).

I currently have a budget of ~35k clintz, and the most obvious cards for a FPC deck are Tsubame and Marlysa Cr, which I can't afford at all.

My current deck is:
(5) Kinjo
(5) Hugo
(3) Sayura
(3) Ralph
(3) Zhu Tang
(2) Kusuri
(2) Chan
(2) Yumi

I'll probably upgrade Hugo with Fei, but I'm not sure what to replace next. and Yumi didn't work out the way I planned, but the other 3* and 2* options are very limited, I even thought about Spiaggi.

Any advice?

Cookie do you understand how the market works?
victoria and ivana are cheaper because they're newer and just came out of New bloods, whereas wardog and wanda have been around for longer, and have lower supplies so higher prices.

It's just me, but add in Ambre.

Also add in Nakata or Ray and if you can afford him, Emeth.

And also, in the Nightmare half, Kenny.

friday 30/12/2011

Team em with Junkz with their new release - Eebiza
4/4/4/3/3/3/2/2 Would be good if your doing t1 smiley

Sorry guys...sold him this froum came in too late.

thursday 29/12/2011

Ergot (pronounced Er-go)
Ability: +10 Attack (this is on purpose. It's like a Stop Opp Bonus against Uppers (like a weird alter-Hefty), and an attack charge against other clans.)

Ergot may be one of the richest men in Clint City, but he's also a unknown guardian angel to the Romanes. Using his money to bribe the other clans into lessening their attacks, he's even managed to offer enough to make some of them stop altogether. However, his aim to make the Uppers change their ways around the Gypsies is far from achieved. But Ergot's not afraid to start using more persuasive means...

Ability: -3 Opp Pillz, Min 1
7/1 (Like Hawkins, but he trades 1 damage for 1 extra pill taken...Hawkins is a 7/2, right? XD)

Unfortunately, there are some travellers who happily carry the “gypsy, tramp and thief” reputation given by the ignorant, and for the Romanes it's Herrell. Attracted by anything even remotely valuable, Herrell's sure to nab it quick as a wink and not care who sees- it's said he gives Mona a run for her money. Had it not been for Kismet's patience, he'd have been kicked out of the family years ago.

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