wednesday 09/11/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Zeke to Sandro.

In ELO Caelus Cr can be changed to Tomas.

You need to be on the actuall urban rivals website not the app and you have to be using the new game version. If you are then you should find the slot machine next to the talk tab on the fight screen.

Spyke Kryptonite (You need to change the = to : .)

At level 5 you unlock your 5* cards ability and reach the pwnagedom at the back of your mind. For some reason those 20+ players dont share your mind's view but still kick your ass. They are just SO lucky.

At level 10 you realize that you will dominate with big power instead of damage, so you switch to cheap 7/2 cards. (and it takes a while to figure out why anyone with DR card will beat you all the time...)

At level 15 your secret weapon becomes Hugo. That is FREE attack. So you go for MORE free attack with fitting clans and now you are pwnmachine (And still wonder why those guys with DR cards and power manipulations seems to have so much luck).

At level 20 you feel like a PRO player, after finishing your first actually usable deck because you have gotten lucky with packs. So you venture to ELO scene... for 10 minutes, and after that you think you liked Fight Club better anyway. (And, as far as being PRO player... you can actually already find yourself from the global rankings... at position 400000th )

At level 25 you realize that this game has delicate balance and metagame, and you get to the point where you are just average player with 50:50 win ratio against players with same level of experience, deck building skills and playskill. At this point you realize youre nothing special and you have nothing special and you will not become anything special unless you give it a real effort - and therefore you have become a player instead of being a noob. CONGRATULATIONS!

There is nothing necessarily wrong with that, the people who pay money have a significant advantage over people who don't, it is the way of the jungle that is online gaming. 1* would be good, and so what if that gives you more stars? That's the point of a 25* deck ELO oriented environment. Sure If i put a 1* i can fit an extra 5* but that means I have a chance of drawing the 1* who probably won't do much (just enough). As for 6*, I agree its more of a stretch then the 1* but having the level of a card vary from 2-5 is going to get stale after a while. A 6* environment will merely be a more opening environment, laying the chance for new formats and meta game plays on the table.

Ok ty guys, im beginning to have a good idea of what my deck should look like
and 25* would be nice if i want to elo or t1
More help plz?
btw, i think i have enough for 1 big card(10k+)

I love the poison/- opp LP glitch. Makes me feel like I'm winning even more.

tuesday 08/11/2011

I would go for Jautya, and if you really want Petra, Id consider her instead of Mantiz... and btw. my tip is to use Nimestic or Na Boh instead of Woodxsxt...

Refuse to use Oscar now lol. smiley

I like pussycats/jungo personally

Wouldn't mind Stella as a snow queen or something, with her eyes and white and red outfit. Or Yookie with some reindeer atlers or something.

monday 07/11/2011

Chad Bread Cr

Nice deck. I would personally change Kenny to Nistarok.

With this New Guild System..

the concrete answer to that scenario will pop up, once the Guild Rankings are restored.
But for now, I guess all guilds are still on their adaptation stage with regards to this new system.

Either way. It's really exciting.

I know a lot of features about the guild has been given. But I'm deadly excited about introducing a Guild War system after this guild revamping is finished smiley

Thank you :3

saturday 05/11/2011

I think Twyh is very under rated sure she has 5 power but her ability as allowed me to sneak in a win or two

I got 10k today with tickets from one of the Fhtagn Ld missions. Best haul yet.

friday 04/11/2011

Well, it seems like you got in. Congrats!

I've been playing around with the idea of calculating average booster pack values for some time. Yesterday finally got some time to do a quick tool to compare all packs and character prices.

You can check it here:

Well, I still need to finish it up and give it an appealing look but I thought it would be interesting to see how things change when new characters are released.

Hope you find it useful.

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