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saturday 24/12/2011

Hey everybody! smiley. I have a small dilemma..........I only want to use girl characters, but not the Pussycats, I assume I will have to use a half-deck, any girl-orientated half-decks? Thank you in advance smiley.

Best wishes, Emiyu! smiley.

One more thing.If you are using Shann,Conrvus,Anton and such characters who recharge your pills it is smart to use furry.
But,in some situations it is not so smart to use furry if your opponents power is higher than yours.

Mono junkz can do quite well at the moment.

Your clan bonus is quite overpowered. But it does have its ups and downs.

You'd get the other clans bonus
You wouldn't be affected by stop opp. bonus because you'd be stealing their bonus and you'd stop their bonus.
Your clan'd mostly higher damage cards. So you'd be able to perform 1HKO's and 2HKo's.

If you have a rainbow duelist your screwed
if your opponent has a GHEIST or Nightmare duelist it'd just counteract one another and it'd be a very confusing mess.
If you did do that they'd have to be quite low in power because if you had a 8 powered monster and you were versing Ulu Watu it'd be a 10 power.

I hope you like my feedback. smiley

I really like it. I thought of a card for your clan

smiley Ateenia (Spelt like that for a reason, like Zoos) smiley
Rare 5 stars (Starts out a LV 2)
5.8/3, Transferal (Change damage/power for Damage/power) (C)smileysmiley

Well when i made this i HATED SOB

but now i dont really think its that good XD

friday 23/12/2011

Yes by clan all stars bottom to vortex top, but those are the best hidden faces. IMO

@Gunner64BZ Thanks, I do have to make a mono or a half deck.
@Steelie_MOB Thank you very much for the adviceand the deck ideas. You're right, 1 good card and seven random cards is not good, but 25k to buy good cards is great. Thank you for taking time out of your day to right such a good response.

It just protects it from being stopped, not copied

Your best clan is saks, there is no doubt in that.

t1 half you got
Graks,Uranus,Sigma, Guru Cr

t2 half ya got
Graks,Uranus,Sigma,Guru CR(yes... 2 3*s that are worth a spot in an amazing half)

in elo you got

petra,wakai,uranus,stella(oh wait, this aint too good, that's cuz the clan has too many OP cards,remember how uranus was banned)

I believe the sakhrom are too scary. and can be sooooooooooo good.


Thank you to all the people who believed I can get 1400 elo. Your kind words helped motivate me. Thank you and enjoy this deck.

There is no beginner friendly room outside the low level rooms. In my experience elo is definitely friendlier due to the fact that people are forced to play in an even field with many expensive cards banned. I am not rich, which means the only place I have chance of winning is elo room, because in other rooms I will get pwned by expensive decks.

I'm a low level myself and I feel that even elo is more friendly than low level rooms where there are no rules and I see people using all cheap imba cards such as the banned leaders.

Play in random rooms.. Its easier since you don't have to calculate that much and its more about deckbuilding. Also as DerMagus said level has no relation to the level of play someone has, so don't be discouraged when losing to lower leveled players.

Can't wait for tommorow i think the noel will be released tommorow behind the last door

thursday 22/12/2011

The closest thing to that on the UR site is the collection pro feature that sorts the abilities alphabetically.

There is a site maybe you've heard of it. It's urdb.kirlad.net It comes with a search feature that allows you to sort the cards by the ability they have among other sorting categories.

Depending on what deck I am playing Wendel can be a good card and Na Boh could be a real help.

wednesday 21/12/2011

No see what you don't understand is he's trying to say what to do with sentogan did you not read the story dude and he already has a deck with good cards for Junkz its how you use the cards anyway

Idk if all you ban-happies were serious, but honestly, let it be.

Please note, in regards to the Pcats being teh weakest clan, I was referring to clan bonus, not the cards. With Pcats, Vortex, SKeelz, and Freaks as the weakest clans, they're rewarded with some of the best CARDS. In contrast, the clans with the best bonuses are, generally, given sub-average cards as a trade off. The Uppers, best clan bonus and amazing cards, is a notable exception.

Iv been saying ambre should be cr for a while now,

but giving about 3 or 4 crs for newbies seems dangerous dont ya think

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