thursday 06/10/2011

Yeah that is true, but all the cards listed have very strong power manip. and olga is just banned now and then more because of her clan, wich got alot st since the extra lifepoints in elo. and she is the perfect card to secure a win on round 1 to get the poison going.

I understand the cards i listen not all are overpowered for just there ability, but for the complete package, but so are the cards listed in the OP. i mean robb cr lowers the opponents power by 5, and with the highest base power being 8, robb wins against almost every caracter in this game without to much problems.

once again, its not a cards ability alone what makes if a card tias op or not, but rather his ability, bonus, base stats and the way he fits into his clan.

You can get 100pts in DM. This is how you can do it. first you must lose 3 times in a row. Then you must beat someone that has already beat you in that DM so that's 50pts + 15 for beating someone who beat you. Then you get 15 for winning after 3 defeats or more. Then you add 15 more points if they were in a winning streak of 3 wins. and you beat them that's 15 points, plus 5 more for beating them with a lower score. so that would be 50+15+15+15+5+=100

Yup if you have 10-11 life with Cherry against Freaks, you'll end up on the bad side :/ (ending with 8-9 life).

Not every card you list in that can make a huge life gap.

Nyema = 8
Scopica = 6
Rodney = 5
Mindy = 3

Honestly I think that Vortex (Oflgn) or Pussycats (Ditha) is your better choice with Nightmare. They offer you a benefit on the rounds you don't win, and since they bring in more cards with the LPD it improves the chances you pull 2 of them in a round to keep the opponent guessing as to when they need to use DR.

The deck you outline is immune to DR (Jungo with low damage) and vulnerable to it (the LPD cards). Bad combo since the enemy then knows EXACTLY where to put any DR they have. Though you do still have 3 LPD, so a semi-decent chance to double draw with it.

You are correct - they generally follow up missing credits/money very quickly. It sounds like some information may have been lost via the black hole of the internet.

I would suggest trying to contact support again and Im sure it will continue the process.

wednesday 05/10/2011

Getting a Titanium Pack and getting nothing worth over 4k clintz.

tuesday 04/10/2011

I remember when you had to get them in packs (there prices were really high) but i can't remember if they had there own rerity.

Thanks Carnage-Time... smiley

At the end of the day the clans are well balanced. Contrary to what some have said, Nightmare is not ability reliant.
Each clan consists of individual cards that have a number of nuances based on their clan bonus.

So you will find that Roots, Gheist, Piranas and Nightmare allows more for game control than say Rescue or Junkz because of their clan bonus i.e. SOA and SOB.
It only allows control not automatic victory. smiley

monday 03/10/2011

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And, even if you sell for 5% more you are losing money, because you are paying Kate-fee from your "profits" too.

You have to sell your cards about 5,27% higher than buy-price just to break even. Ok rule of thumb is that its not worth doing unless you can get 10% more money by selling it, unless you count carefully and care.

Xtyx_UM: You can in the fight club.

After this years excitement with the Fang Pi holding their first ever cross clan tournament, Clint City Mayor Drummond has decided to make the tournament an annual event in Clint City, a time where all the fighting is done in the arena instead of in the streets. The All Stars have agreed to let the tournament be held in their stadium (so long as they get a small percentage of the profits) Even though the next tournament is just two months away the buzz is so great it's even attracted a few old faces to grace the streets of Clint City once again to get involved. the first tournament winner Rowdy has already told his fans that he will not be defending his title, instead he will be coaching and training his friend and fellow Junkz member Onik for the next tournament. Can Onik keep the momentum that Rowdy gave the Junkz by winning? He'll have his hands full with new combatants such as Sum Sam Cr, Timber, Hammer, Splata Cr, and returning fighters, Wardog, El Gringo, and Jeeves. Excited yet folks? I know I am

It doesn't matter what level you are all that matters that you have the cards needed for the missions

Thanks guys. i know have my answer

sunday 02/10/2011

saturday 01/10/2011

Kolos is great card, I have a lot of fun with him.
You can always run a dual deck with FPC and Nightmare.

The staple Nightmare cards are Kenny, Oshitsune and Pan. Kenny is optional but deadly. I will also suggest you ad in Artus for DR.

Not that bad for a bigginers deck. If you want to use it in T1 then i would change Owen to Lehane and Miss Chloe to Spiaghi.

It was a bug they posted that they fixed it in the Ld's new thread.

Change the options to non random.

p.s seems to me someone traded an account lol.

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