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thursday 08/03/2012

The market. smiley

If you tell us your deck then we can try to help you improve it.

Trust me when I say this.

You don't know what your opponent WILL do and will NOT do. All you CAN do is go with your gut because different people play differently.

wednesday 07/03/2012

As there's been many "New players" that have done this the past few days, it's fairly save to assume they're multis or old players making new accounts and necromancing threads to be annoying. We just have lazy mods on these boards who don't check that, or tired and just letting posts pass. No new player would be able to go this far back on the boards to find something relative to any query they might have; they'd have found something similar a few pages in. And plus I searched abandon fight, this was 3 pages in. Who really has the time to go through all the results? XD

*sigh* well anyways, you've been trolled. The answer directly above the necroer's question already answered his question. What's worse is you're wrong; abandoning a fight doesn't affect fairplay, it just gives you a temp ban after three strikes now.

tuesday 06/03/2012

Its classed as a fight completed but not as a fight won on your list of fights.

But in survivor it dosn't cancle your win streak and in Deathmatch its classed as a draw.

monday 05/03/2012

To be honest, customer support still probably hasn't got back to him.

Its mainly due to his minimum of 5 and that there are better 2*s in skeelz.

Just buy the smallest ammount of credits possible it unlocks the market and help Urban Rivals.

otherwise your stuck without the market.

I had one time out on me once lol.

sunday 04/03/2012

I am the friend the OP talked about. i said no thanks to his offer, because i dont want to be OP against ohters my level there. but i will take your guys advice to heart, and will probardly soon come with a starter deck on my own

''Then you can buy that Tsubame your girlfriend wants so she won't dump you for that rich Frenchman.''

People date on UR? Date me bro.

Just use the money you spend on food on credits instead.

Case Closed

At the Homepage
You'll see the "EARN FREE CREDITS" below your name
Click it then choose between "Trialpay" or "Sponsorpay"
Choose what task do you want to get in able to get free credits

saturday 03/03/2012

Okay well I meant like which clans combine for the best 4 and 4 deck or 4 and 3+1. And then which clans are better off as an 8 card deck or a 7+1

friday 02/03/2012

Yea Aaabattery, know what you mean, but aside from them, they arent so many costly cards, as for in other mentioned clans, there are more cards that cost much and you could get more, clintz wise...

So I guess I am going to take out Lost hog for Kuei because it seems a majority say that so thanks

thursday 01/03/2012

Although it is interesting that ralph and rolph have the same ability and base power

Some missions have missions that have to be done befor the other one unlocks like Lea's and Kerry's

Interesting deck. I would personally change Olga Noel to Lorna and Jay to Grudj.

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