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thursday 08/12/2011

If you find ghiest to much go for roots i got over half the clan with 11k no joke i just ne 7 more then im done

Daily Tourneys are a good way for making Clintz and the higher you finish the more money you make.
Otherwise you can try and play the market depending on your starting base.
It requires patience but you can pick up bargain priced cards then immediately re-sell them on to make a small profit, but you have to be really quick and also know your card prices well.
Finally, buy some credits and get loads of packs and sell what you dont need/want - simples smiley

wednesday 07/12/2011

Support cards aren't real.

monday 05/12/2011

sunday 04/12/2011

I'm loving the idea of a lending system but that because I stand to make a bunch of clintz off of it.

Dacha Macha, Ninja Nyne, Aldo, Slyde, Sakura, Alice, Amelia, Amy.

I still have all of them.

Wow! It worked smiley subclavianHoA you're my hero! smiley Now to figure out how to close this thread...

Its in the old version o.O

saturday 03/12/2011

I've learnt this quite quickly after my return to this game, and you know what, I've improved because of it. I get a lot more battles where I win/lose by 1 or 2 life rather than lose by 6. That's not to say I improved solely because of this; It just helped me to stop worrying about losing and therefore focus on the gameplay a little more.

And in terms of quitting fights, I've had to quit many of them, not because I didn't want to play, but because my router resets itself once daily at a random time smiley And then I've had to go to the washroom a few times, so I was forced to quit. My point is, I have quit rounds, but not because I am a sore player.

In terms of timer, I find it useful because it stops the game from going on for hours, without mentioning that your opponent lost connection 10 minutes ago. Though I do find the timer a little bit long (30 seconds too long), It has given me time to reset my connection when the router resets, allowing me to get back to playing just in the nick of time.

friday 02/12/2011

You can close a thread simply by clicking the lock button in the top right. I wish people knew this....

thursday 01/12/2011

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When you think of card you got to think how will they stay balanced with the clans underline idea an not hurt any other clan out there an make the game stay balanced. or at least try to.

Get classics for all those clans who have had no LD yet.

Sell at LD period.


This is best guaranteed average income that is not luck-dependant.

If you want to instantly cash in or add to collection - then Fulldeck. You are guaranteed - but not limited to - 20 rares. And the rest of the 140 cards are bound to have good hits amongst them.


Thats is all

For me, it's Defeats and DRs that have massive damage. Cards like Ahkab, Tino, Sekutor, Chloe, any that have 7 or 8 damage. Because you can never predict what your opponent's going to do with them. Do you pill one because they're going to play on their character's ability/DR? Or do you pill a few, hoping your opponent's playing on damage? And the most annoying thing is, you never know what to do either when YOU have these cards! smiley XD


Boris is underated
5/4 -4 op. power min. 4

He can beat most cards in UR with his ability especially if he's first in a round
He can destroy olga and she's 8k more than him If I was new with a small budget I would use him over olga his only weakness is SOA

Same thing with Magda and she's only 289 clintz
5/3 -3 opp power minimum 3

wednesday 30/11/2011

Hopper LD - Inflict 5000 Poison damage with Sylth| Win 1000 rounds with Boohma against Jackie Cr| Reduce 8000 damage with Pegh| Gain 10000 life using Jungo

Wrong forum. Check the "Business and Trade" section.

5/5 Team: Stat + 1 (Atk +1 Dmg +1 Power +1)

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