sunday 23/10/2011

Wow, you guys are so helpful. Thanks for all this advice.

saturday 22/10/2011

No1 has any info?... well I'll keep checking =]

To see the battle points winnings here:

From knowledge, although it could very well be incorrect.

Winning without taking any damage (you didn't lost a round) you get 9 clintz.
Winning but losing one or more rounds gives you something between 5-7
Losing gives you 2-4 clintz

It's nice but for t2 I'm sure there are better decks

The one who makes the failure is the one who takes the loss, even if it contradicts social expectations or unwritten good behaviour.

Basically only time you can get your stuff back and the other party wont have his benefit is when there is rule-breaking involved; for example fraud or pishing involved. For what I know when that limit is reached the staff takes it very seriously and is delivering bans very lightly.

Out of that its in the hands of the seller if he sells for too low - or buyer if he buys for too high. If compensation or trade cancel is done then its simply by choise of buyer/seller's free will and personal judgement instead of actual rules of the system.

I take every decent opportunity to benefit myself and I expect everyone else to do the same. Most of the time the benefit is clintz, but occasionally it could be honor or simply regarded of being after all a nice person.

@ immortal one...probably not. Most of the top players tend to have more missions accomplished, therefore it's less likely that they'll trigger the RIDICULOUS animation. On a more serious note, mine froze up, prompting me to refresh the entire game engine. That REALLY cost me some time

friday 21/10/2011

Great starter deck. smiley

Well. To really level up ... you need to do urban rivals as complete set. You need to make money in the long run to keep XP flowing, and you need to get new cards so you can unlock new missions for boosts in both cash and cards and credits. Meanwhile you have to play alot, DM will give you good boost, but DT and ELO will generate better profits in the long run - as do survivor.

Meanwhile you can play market, and while doing that you can gain levels by spending surplus XP to level cards. So you kind of level when you play market too, especially if you ever get so rich you actually afford pfulls.

My best advice still is : Dont get bored. Have variety to keep you interested. Try new clans. Have fun. That will in the long run keep you steadily advancing than rushing and getting bored to grinding levels.

Yes underneath the list of tabs at the top of the page in the right hand corner.

thursday 20/10/2011

I got 10K. It's really rare to get 250K.

Lol smiley

Although from what I've seen, the clans go into a rotation based on alignment: evil, neutral, good. And given that Berzerk is neutral (granted chaotic-neutral), we're in line for another good-aligned clan which the Polit doesn't seem to be. Though I kinda like the idea of Polit being more of an "up to the player to decide" kind of thing.

Thank you Xtyx_UM

Please close
thank you

wednesday 19/10/2011

On the bright side, a 1/3 draw is fine against SOB.

tuesday 18/10/2011

Thank Yous...

I would like to thank some of the players who had a hand in making this timeline possible (There's SO MANY of you):
- Admin: Euzebe & Moderator: Vanter for their dated timelines, which made the 1st & 2nd drafts possible.
- Moderators: Commoner-LoA & powderfingers for approving and stickying the 1st & 2nd drafts.
- Moderator: spagr & Admin: Goralion for helping with the pre-mature 3rd draft via approval
- Mistah Prince for finding the majority of UR’s “innovator characters.”
- Special Thanks to LOA Daigon. For putting up with me smiley
- The NUMEROUS volunteers who posted the mistakes/things I missed. Hopefully those are issues are corrected now.

I welcome further corrections, suggestions and even additions to this third draft, via the Pre-3rd draft thread. (It keeps the "main" threads clean)

If possible please also send proof/evidence supporting your claim, preferably an official staff thread or a screen snapshot.
Thanks again all. Enjoy!

All the best,


I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed this new edition of my "UR timeline series."
This thread will be closed in order to keep it clean and more easily viewable by the public.
Thank you mods & admin for bearing with me and working with me to post this grand thread!!!

I would like to welcome further corrections, suggestions and even additions to this 1st draft of the News Archive, via PM or via the link shown below

If possible, please also send proof/evidence supporting your claim, whether it is an official staff thread or a screen snapshot.
Thanks again all.



__rescue for this week__
Pokerface's elo deck for this week.

monday 17/10/2011

The 3 banned characters and 25* count might mean you don't win as many points as you need to.

Ok deck. I would personally change Methane to XU52, Sigmund Cr to Levetion and Hugo to ambre.

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