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tuesday 21/02/2012

@babyGDS : Make sure you have added him as a friend on Urban Rivals. If you have he should be at the top of the player list. If he dosn't appear reset the room/page.

ELo is diff. on other rooms
It's more strategic unlike on other rooms
Just play there and take some experience from other players

There has been talk about new clans and I also agree that there needs to be one.

Nobles- The nobles wish for nothing but for life to be like it was in the past. They have held onto the culture of the rennaisance and fairy tales. The other clans won't accept it. They aren't comforterable with people with swords running around the streets. (This clan will consist of knights, bandits, dragons, wizards, ogres and more) Their leader should be a king.

monday 20/02/2012

I didn't think of that lol.

sunday 19/02/2012

U gotta buy credit once. completely worth it to do it once to maximise your game experience

But atk manip clans are a better fit with Piranas then Bangers are, thanks to there pill forcing abilitys.

I'm quite certain I belong with the Uppers. smiley

I think there should be a copy opp. bonus clan. It could give them a variety of bonuses. Also, they would still have their abiliy which ar generally more powerful than bonuses. So they would be better than characters like Gerald or Klawz.

saturday 18/02/2012

Try a a junkz piranas split. They will have great synergy with one another and junkz is a great investment for a beginning player with a small collection in my opinion. because Junkz preform well without about any clan. Next to that they are not all that expensive. there only 10k+cards are rowdy, gill, haze and there cr's. of the non cr's 2 are elo banned and even when playing t1 can easily be worked around.

here's a half i'd suggest (t1/elo)
Flanagan (very solid wall)
Tremorh (comming from piranas i bet you know how strong pill reduction with such low minimum is)
qubik (yeah he is just so good)
gibson/ eebiza/ jiro (eebiza might be better with pirana's)

If you buy that you have a solid half deck, your pirana's to make up the other half of the deck and 10k left to work toward another deck.

what i did when i started out was buy half decks of the different clans and pair them up with one another, that way i found out the basic idea of the different clans and which i liked and did not like and at the same time put a lot of variation in to the decks i could play in no time.

I believe damage always goes before abilities/bonus/poison effects, then it is the current round effects (e.g. Phyllis, George, Lola etc, and obeys the plus before minus, highest min before lower min rule), then it is poison

friday 17/02/2012

I'll put some suggestions
Jayzel to brittany
then sheitane to pan
You don't have to get two posion abilities in one deck
One is enough.

Glorg to ghumbo/kolos
lena to diana
Ivana to brittany

I smiley them all

If I was a UR artist, I'd totally steal that idea and make that hybrid monstrosity for the berzerk clan smiley

You should change some of the cards like na boh to graksmxxt smiley

thursday 16/02/2012

You cannot get them to packs anymore

Well, some here are pretty clear. such as how Olga is the strongest woman in the world and has both high power and the ability to reduce everyone else's in comparison or how Ielena drains the life from your opponent. Then there are more inferred ones, like how Tula, a saboteur, lacks power but can undercut most cards, or Miho, someone sent to assassinate Aniki, has power manipulation that neatly sidesteps his.

Who plays skeels and shows Caelus Cr no love he is beautiful I loved Jay at first but im understanding now that his true calling in live is to be an amazing bluff. No pill Eloxia, bluff Jay and kill with Caelus Cr. Fun times lol

wednesday 15/02/2012

Well for me it hasn't been broken for 2 weeks smiley but it's still stupid that it's broken at all.

Really silly of me too, I Beat haven should be changed to a 7/3 while keeping the ability and a redone bonus which I'll think of a bit later

New cards:

Joan: Even though she's young for a Celestial, only a couple hundred years old, Joan pulls a lot of weight in Utopia. Being in charge of security and law enforcement in Utopia is a big task, but Joan was certainly up for the challenge. In fact, when Michael started recruiting people, Joan signed up without a moment's hesitation. Now if only she could stop dying in the middle of combat..."
(She looks like a young girl, around 19 of age, in a full suit of armor wielding a large steel sword in an aggressive attack position.)
3* 7/4 Ability- Martyr: +2 Power

Joan is cool because it allows you to give your opponent the decision of either letting a decent amount of damage in, or giving your next card a significantly better chance of getting through. I think she's still balance though because 4 damage is something they very easily could just take and come back from, and she's useless the last round, ability-wise

David: In life David was known for his strategic attitude in battle, and his foolproof war tactics. In death, however, with no war to fight in, David's more Lecherous side had started to come out, much to the Chagrin of Utopia's women population. Michael hopes that this fight will help bring David back to the man everyone knew and everyone loved."
(He looks like a man in a full suit of armor, blade drawn, with a copy of an adult magazine in his other hand. He is ready to go to war.)
3* 7/3 Ability- Support: +4 Attack

I would personally buy Elite packs and select Nightmare, Berzerk, Vortex and Piranas. This will give you cards for you deck and cards which you can sell to buy other cards.

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