saturday 15/10/2011

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Yea courage is first round an 3 rd round it will work cause your picken your cards first be fore they pick theres.

Ghiest huh ok i can help you out.
when i started out i got lucky an started with a ghiest pack but yes there a bit high price.
ghist have great abilitys an low power. so mix would be best to go with till you save enuff to keep buying ghiest cards if your like me an love your soa roots mix with gheist is a nice start roots have a resinable price.

but the clan i found gose super wel with ghiest above all otheres have to be piranas some thing about that clan just clicks with ghiest trust me on this one.

Great deck, too bad they Elo ban Rowdy and Gil.

1. Yes
2. It'll be fun to have a Mr. Clint City. Why let the girls have all the fun?
3. Aniki, for many reasons smiley

friday 14/10/2011

Love the image in the third pic! Wonder what that is...

Looks like you got through to the Admins smiley

"Hello (0P) sCapeg0d,

Dear founder,

I am delighted to provide with a sneak-preview of our forth-coming, major changes to the Guilds!

Very soon the activity of a Guild and its members will become the key issue: the more active a Guild is, the more it will be promoted, and what is more, from now on a guild's level will be based not on the level of its players but on its activity.

At each level a Guild will win points that can then be translated into bonuses, which will benefit its members, based on their seniority. The benefit of these bonuses in terms of the game will be, for example, an increase in XP points or a reduction in the sales’ tax!

At the same time, we are providing you with a much clearer and easier layout from which to manage your Guilds. You will also be able to enjoy some new features.

For a sneak-preview of the new interface, click here :

Happy gaming to you all!



What about the ghost girls from the Ring and the Grudge? I think the ghost who contorts itself down the stairs in the Grudge would make for an interesting Nightmare member

I find both GHEIST and Roots to be highly hit or miss in ELO. I'll admit that I'm not very good using GHEIST (I have an absurdly low rate of drawing Draheera) and that GHEIST are one of the few clans I consistently lose to in ELO.

GHEIST have a small handful of OP characters: The 5* characters (Wardom, Xu and probably Gork), Draheera, and very slightly Leviatonn. Methane basically trades evenly with most other top 4* characters (i.e. 7 power, 7 gap). Which is not enough to fill a preset full of OP, nor a 1/2 deck (since Draheera isn't OP in a 1/2 deck). The GHEIST 2* are certainly playable but don't give you an advantage over the top ELO 2* characters either. GHEIST hands with at least 2 OP characters are wonderful but hands with 1 or no OP characters are tough to win with.

Roots are in a similar boat with a handful of admittedly one of the best type of characters- SOA DR (Yookie, Arno and Jeena) and a GHEIST killer in Noodile but the quality rapidly drops in ELO. Not even enough for a mono deck. Their OP 4/5* characters (Shakra and Lou and Ratanah) being banned hurts a lot. Arno + Jeena hands are also problematic due to the low power. One big hit + DR is a decent strategy but it's not close to a top strategy. Most of the time you'll have to win 2, which is very problematic for them.

Finally, 2* SOBs are almost universally considered the best 2* characters (Lehane, Hawkins, Tula, Marlysa, Samantha, Lea, the Nightmare), while 2* SOA is no better than an average 2* DR

Does that work? smiley
If not and it goes all weird then copy paste from the http://..... to []&completedmissions=[]

So let's see...

Bikini Joe Ld )7/3) and Dobbs Ld (7/4) protect absolutely nothing with their abilities. So obviously we won't be using him.

Best draw I think you could hope for would be:

Dudley Ld: 7/5 Defeat -2 Opp Life Min 1
Bella Ld: 5/5 Revenge Power +2
Bonnie Ld: 7/2 Defeat +2 Pillz
Lois Ld: 6/6 Revenge -3 Opp Power Min 4

Then you lose 2 rounds flat out, but gain a pill advantage in one and life advantage in the other. You get an effective 7/5 and 9/6 against your opponent's (effective) 10 health. So KO is possible, but they have to play JUST dumb enough to let you get away with it.

The other 4 cards to avoid the draws you can also get from being too horrible:

Harrow Ld: 6/7 Protection Power
Hopper Ld: 7/4 -2 Opp Life Min 1
Scott Ld: 7/4 -2 Opp Dmg Min 2

And for the last card I am not sure if I would rather Kreenk Ld for a 7/2 Dmg = Opp Dmg or Travis Ld for a 6/4 -6 Opp Dmg Min 4. Probably I would rather Kreenk Ld.

That puts us at 28. The power on each card is decent, the damage is poor. So in T2 this will NOT survive against anything. If we swap out Hopper Ld and Harrow Ld for Gail Ld (6/2 Confidence: -2 Opp Life Min 0) and Travis Ld, then we barely squeeze down to T1, but our non-ideal hands are now VERY much worse off (Travis Ld's DR is basically useless in T1)

So you could have an Ld only deck that is capable of beating level 12 guys who don't know how to play yet, or people in the sub 30s who aren't paying attention, but that is about it...

Liliththe first umm what?

so they buy a leader they get for free just to make a 2% extra in the final score to what give them say 50 clintz after a battle is over is not much an there can only be one in each deck. or the other leaders cancle them selfs out an it probly wont work for turniments or the one room were you battle for only money. they can ealy block the card from soing so its for only when you finish a battle prity much it. its pritty good if they take the right procausions with it.

smiley i cant wait

thursday 13/10/2011

What are said rumours?

Also depends on your play style.

Looking at the forums from the website link in the iPhone app for the first time ever. Curious if the guys in charge of the forums and app design ever have.

There is no (obvious) button to look at the next pages of the forum itself, so due to all the sticky posts, only the 3 most recent "real" posts can ever be read.

When you open a post, the OP is in a strange little box that seems like it SHOULD be able to scroll, but cannot, so you may only read the first 100 characters or so of the first post. Replies you can see all of, and it IS possible to navigate to other pages of replies.

While posting this I notice a lack of character count, so it won't be obvious there is a 5,000 character limit.

0 Pride: If you got the tickets for free you might as well.

p.s to use the slot machine you must be using the urban rivals website (not an app) and be using the new game version.

I would like to be able to edit or delete comments you have made on the message boards.

wednesday 12/10/2011

Go into any game room and down the bottom it should have a tab saying ''prize draw'' or something like that.

I just played solo for the missions lol.

*facepalm* lol i didn't notice it was yours. the urban rivals wiki (which im incharge of) has it posted as day one but i don't know where the information came from.

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