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wednesday 30/11/2011

Wrong forum. Check the "Business and Trade" section.

5/5 Team: Stat + 1 (Atk +1 Dmg +1 Power +1)

True moderators.smiley

Please close and thanks.smiley

Here this website will help you all


Everyone one knows the leader will get an LD making every card in your opponents hand bob joby

Mission 1)
Get 100k points in a day.
Mission 2)
Deal 100k damage with Leaders
Mission 3)
Win 25 matches with a knock out from Bob Joby

tuesday 29/11/2011

Non of this is true, the last 3 clans came out with a 12 month gap between them. That makes a clan per year, and it's released around may-june.

You can check the info about Berzerk here: http://urdb.kirlad.net/clan.php?show=22

Lol i love that cause i look down wich cards i wont in a serten order an when i get around to it i forget wich ones were going to be bought first lol.

heck may be in stead of a noel card once every clan gets 1 the wish list could be made an you type in one cards name under say the price of 5k or lower the higher the price card you asken for might not get but if you ask for a realy cheap card worth 200 clintz you will get a messige from kate say hears a card for the holidays. an you get a free card yaaaaaa. for the ones asken for a 5k one well they can end up with a 1k card but any way a free card an ppl will probly think 5k to much of a price to ask for a card that can be worked out in time

Same as triple A

monday 28/11/2011

Jiro, archie gianfranco and ficcanaso all fit this list snuggly here.

sunday 27/11/2011

You don't have to be mutal friends. I have done many trades without being mutal friends, but i usually make friends after i do secure trades.

I think the new guild system creates more market simply by making guilding so much more important and makes people view guilds more - so that will create competitivity on the guild scene. As there are great competition in the average level category, especially in being in the first page / top 10 - that means more markets to pfulls when guilds rush their position by this mean.

I think such competition is also good for economy, since they ultimately make cards circulate on the market. Clintz come from releasign the old collections/CR's creating supply that keeps the inflation in bay - as does the cards that are sold after they have done their part.

And that rule about pfulls is now obsolete, because you can validate cards on secure transactions pfulls are no longer a scammable item of trade if buyer pays any attention. I think market forum should have ONE thread about pfulls where pfullers offer their batches. That wouldnt clutter up the market forum (I like it the way it is.)

@Mr Intelijent: I think jerromy meant janice.

saturday 26/11/2011

"Your not alone. It took me more around 3 hours for that event."

event = mission. sorry my bad smiley

Most changes are made immediately not nearly 6 years after the card was made

friday 25/11/2011

There is no easy way to make good amount of clintz fast and reliably, unless you count those offers that will give you the initial push. But they are one-time opportunity.

After that becomes this equation:

Clintz = Risk x Skillz x Time sacrificed x Effort

or using the shortcut

Clintz = real money spent

If there would be easy way, then everyone would do it. The easy way now is to play that one game in DT to cash in 50. Thats the best easy risk-free low-effort method you will find. Its will not make you rich quickly - but atleast its something.

Yup. It's still worth still worth it./

But unlike in early days, the meta level for investing your UR time in that has gone up.
Since the Deathmatch mode is here now. A very good substitute to for leveling your account w/o having to force level up UR characters smiley

Bronze = common, silver = uncommon, gold = rare and purple = legendary.

Atk manipulation is good at bluffing w/c beat power manipulating cards
power manipulation (higher pills= higher atk) w/c beat atk manipulation cards

thursday 24/11/2011

"This topic is getting a little out of hand. It will be closed if this continues..."
Just close it already. The OP is trolling anyway.

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