friday 20/02/2015

Use Maurice, Nellie, Josephine and Kazayan plus Gail Ld, Jose Star/Wendel and Saltsberg with your preferred 3* and I'd say your chances of 1400 this week will be significantly increased.

If u have beck u can make it even better..

Plunk+Chiara -> Beck+Nellie

thursday 19/02/2015

The best and cheapest are not the same thing. Under 5k you don't have that many options

tuesday 17/02/2015

Thanks guys! Still getting used to it, I don't really play anything else than ELO and ocasionally survivor ELO, that's why I'm asking.
Took a look through my collection and damn I've got really good cards.

See you ingame!

It's worth noting Gheist are due for a new release pretty soon since B16 Sestra is about to be phased out of Newbloods, which would leave one Gheist in Newbloods, and it looks like every clan has a minimum of 2 in those packs.

friday 13/02/2015

Yes smiley This is exactly what I thought when I saw xDLol's s**tposting.There's something to be said for reducing the range of players you can play against to a smaller difference from your own score to reduce impact if you're at 1350+ and lose to a furious Konrad/Lola combo, but not for banning both due to a perfectly valid (albeit risky) strategy which requires some skill to pull off. Nice to see some evidence which proves that guy wrong

thursday 12/02/2015

Xingshu is just too good for what she is and is stupidly unfair
I think ur should just release another 4/5* skeelz that is useful but isn't xingshu and then get rid of her so skeelz are still viable
The big issue with them is they'll never be a half deck, it's just not worth putting 4 of them in your deck when you can use 3 and guarantee the other clans better bonus more

It sucks but skeelz are destined for 2/3 card splashes or mono

No it's not. But you'll find it difficult to make up a single table that covers everything all at once.

monday 09/02/2015


Hehe, now my skeelz will rule. Well, you should of voted.

Damn it,,,, i confused with the threads... smiley

saturday 07/02/2015

Of course I have scooty and sabia. Thans for the hep, closing this now.

tuesday 03/02/2015

Http:// Is under 100k and is similar to what I run most weeks.

friday 23/01/2015

You could go Mono Skeelz as well.

Dont splash Xingshu pls... roots so common... Malicia,Dianna,even Mercury> a no bonus Xingshu

tuesday 20/01/2015

The killer clans in Splitz this week is are Pussycats Allstars Jungo ... La junta and Bangers as Splits and of course Uppers and Sentinel are always on top so..

monday 12/01/2015

OPG spams worse than I do lol

I really wanna see the stats though, since I'd at least like to make better informed ban decisions. No matter how you look at it, it's good for the health of ELO.

sunday 11/01/2015

saturday 10/01/2015

Sakrohm is only for half decks.

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