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thursday 10/02/2011

I have a Funny deck which helps me a lot:


9 caracters from 5 clan .
Please rate gree

It's up to you, to play Praxie in every deck you build but If you ask for a rating and he's bad in the deck (and in this deck (and in every other T2 deck where you splash him) he is bad) I will rate it red.

Praxie and Chan don't belong in this deck, they are both good T1 cards but this is a T2 deck and rating should be on the decks powerlevel and not on the decks powerlevel compared to your collection.

No complaints on the decks powerlevel, only problem could be the killspeed for DM.

wednesday 09/02/2011

I have nothing to say stranger Nafis.Because he will not read it . it he is really a strange kid. smiley @
@ B.Cat , do you know that germany kid ?
Now i am really closing this subject.
My next Thread is coming with the new preset which one has Hattori and Chan .
Stay toon with me !!!!!!

I do not love Eyrik. i like Ambre only Ambre.

monday 07/02/2011

Just now the game changes...
it just kicks me out of DM room into Fight Club...

sunday 06/02/2011

saturday 05/02/2011

I dunno what the problem is here, but i used to experience the same thing.
Also, i love your avatar Jackiemxxt


It need green face. and good comments. Come on guys rate and comment.

@tooNzyy : lol...
@immortal one: tnx...

wednesday 02/02/2011

If your playing to avoid the one hit ko stratergy just play the equal'y unimaginative combination of graksmxxt uranus skrumxxt and a leader.smiley

monday 31/01/2011


sunday 30/01/2011

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I've broken 1200 ELO with a mono Sentinel deck. I don't think it was good enough to get past 1300 though and it was on a week without too much SOA. This was the deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=814239

thursday 27/01/2011

Here's what I'm bring to DM. Has a lot of 2HKO options.


I would really appreciate some feedback on it.

Thank you.

This deck is a total beast, take my word smiley
Rate up and give my suggestions on what to change if you believe theres something better
Thanks to those who take there time to rate up and help smiley

Na copper is too mch fr me at this tym..

wednesday 26/01/2011

monday 24/01/2011

Fraggle just answered it.

Your time zone is different to urban rivals or you didn't start it (you might have unlocked it but you need to start it).

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