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thursday 24/11/2011

BTW. Nice name. You may opt to close this thread you know smiley

Playing the market is always fun.

Good investment opportunities as of now would be, clans that have not yet recieved a legendary character, clans that you think will recieve an older one soon, new bloodz cards (preferably somewhere in the middle of the pack or near the end), cards that you think will be Cr (very high risk, very high return), and just generally cards you think are a great deal at their current price. The key to the market is patience. If you wait longer than everyone else, you will get more clintz in the end. Of course, if you wait too long, sometimes you'll lose clintz. I've never really had that happen to me before; I've always managed to at least make enough clintz to break even, but you never know.

wednesday 23/11/2011

Fair enough to all of your comments. But I've changed my mind.

Please delete/close mods. Bad idea from the start.

Someone should close jerromy

I think eleit shpuld only be 200 credits my self but o well.

classic i like casue ods are you will get the clan you wont if your looken for a serten type thought you got to pick out of six so you pick othere clans you like or know is going up in price to you got a great chance at geting good cards all to it realy

tuesday 22/11/2011

Which bounes you prefer are you a -/+ att or power player or do you prefer to get rid of you opp ability or bounes. first you have to figure out what bounes you compatible with. one you do that you will have no problem picked a clan. just think which one is me.

Look at every clan individually and decide for yourself.

If you want a list of some clans that *aren't* strong in ELO here is some ;

Ulu watu

Every other clan can compete at a high level in ELO with bans not against them.

That clans all about damage i doubt they will get a dr or a + damage healer very soon poor clan but mono would be strong with a leader like briget or mourphum but all clans can be mixed even rescues. they may be +6 but there is sentenials that can mix with them.

I'll support SadisticCynic Guru in this.

I think the 5 Credits additional in Elite packs is nice if your COMPLETING a SPECIFIC FOUR clans.
(Choosing the clans will depend on you.)

Packwise. With no strings attached. It would be classic.

For invensting techniques, it might be New Bloods.

And for fun. I think it's rainbow, and full deck.

For rich kids. Titanium is the real thang' smileysmiley

monday 21/11/2011

smiley *Poker face*

Okay I might have been on 9gag a little too much lately...

Rudy saved the berzerk this week somehow I think maybe...smiley

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@M-Bison-- true, it may be confusing for new players, but as Soundtrack mentioned, it could be a player only experience. Your opponent would see the art from whatever level the card is, while you saw the artwork of choice.
@Botshot-- I remember reading on another site that they once held a contest to create a card, and the end result was Tula. I don't know if that's true as I've seen nothing here on the official site about it. Also, I dont see the feature as being useless, it would be refreshing and revamping IMO. Just like any other company changing their product packaging to make it stand out more and be more attractive.

LoL Goat XD

Haha, I didn't post here because I thought it'd be flooded with "Amazing idea!" and stuff. But because you'll be able to pick out my post...

I love the idea smiley

sunday 20/11/2011

Agree with FaZe

BTW. Nice title. New Blood Content.. smiley

Well idk if this fits but heres one i recently made Berzerk Creatures

saturday 19/11/2011



Lola is great use her

Lol Goatmanji smiley.

i think you should think carefully. SoB isn't a problem the bonus just removes both of your bonuses so no one is at a disadvanatage. then you said about massive atk manip clans like rescue, montana and uppers, but then they're not much of a threat with their low powers same as allstars, their bonus just doesn't help them against atk manip clans. the clan bonuses may not be balanced but each clan is being balanced by the creators through different strengths in POWER, DAMAGE, and ABILITIES. but putting gheist and roots on the picture messes up the whole thing with many players incorporating one of those SoA clans in a half-deck.

banning the whole clans of gheist and roots would also result to the extinction of skeelz but so what? you still have 18 CLANS to choose from. i'll hold on to my stand, THE SOA BONUS IS BROKEN. and yeah there are some mistakes on the perma banned cards.

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