wednesday 12/10/2011

I just played solo for the missions lol.

*facepalm* lol i didn't notice it was yours. the urban rivals wiki (which im incharge of) has it posted as day one but i don't know where the information came from.

Well sob are deastating to manipulation. like nightmares or piranas will destroy those types of clans.

haven a leader like hugo can even you back out for sure . to bad theres no - att leader gess he be to strong. any way leaders are put in to the game to even out decks from being way to one sided an theres othere abilitys.

but yes there are a strong ability but a player can out bluff a player if they know what they are doing aginst those clans.
one is support so if it is not a full clan it wont work at all it can be half deck but they get only a +6 att boost rescues.
uppers are considered the clan new players are consided to use cause there so easy. montanas are easyer to handle cause the min is 8.

junks are such a pain dont get me started on those guys.

but most the manipulation clans other then uppers an junks are more balanced.

thought if i think about it all clans can manipulat many diffrent ways a opp. thought abilitys bounes to att or power. so all clans can do it just not so over done some times. wich might happen

I highly doubt there are any pro's at rock paper scissors. I still like playing because I like collecting the cards, speculating on the market, math and trying different decks (and their different math).

But yeah. Video games offer artificial self validation. The ego likes this. What's dangerous about that is most people don't realize how far the ego will go to protect or feed itself. This also explains "poor sportsmanship." Poor sportsman ship is actually an attempt of the ego to get the better of an opponent any way possible. "Get the better," as in "feed itself."

So I'm going to go ahead and guess you get pretty angry when you go on a losing streak but if you read this you will get far less frustrated from it because now you understand why you get mad. Just a guess though.

I'm not trolling. Just trying to offer something intelligent.

Haha.. awesome question.. I think I stared at it for hours the first time I got the final evolution trying to figure it out.

Here's a good way to visualize it: Look at his 3* art. He's doing the opposite of that with his index fingers pointing down and his elbows up above his head.

tuesday 11/10/2011

Interesting deck i would personally change Buba to Niva, Scopica to Rodney and Eadh to Artus. Also if you want to use this deck in ELO then change Ghumbo to Karrion.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2044549" and change the = to :

NYKnicks1and7: I am losened up my post was a joke. smiley

Most of the time oxp is worth more because you can get xp from leveling it.

Noemi is probally the best one not in your deck.

Hey guys so im lookin to find a new avatar, yes portraying the lovely Miss Stella, but i cant remember who in hell made my current one.

I know their are a few good avatar makers floating around so if you guys could please name the oens who did yours that would be great so i can get in contact with them smiley

monday 10/10/2011

When I read the name I figured it would be good, but the idea, and bonus is terrible.

Lmao having kids fight for clint city isnt too bad... reminds me of peter pan ._. lol

Thanks....I'll have to contact my ISP. Whats the point in paying for DSL if it doesnt work....

I just published a Jungo T2 deck and I was wondering if you guys could maybe look at it. I just want to make a good deck for battling. My other presets weren't so good, so I really want to improve my strategy. Link is below.

Well, I would list the major factors influencing the price of CR card:

- Its real rarity in market (one with 500 available copies for sell will gain price much faster than one with 50000 copies for sale, even if those copies are not in the market present, regardless of card's initial rarity)
- Its play value
- The investor skills of the cardholders (aka. they know when to delay sales for priceups.)
- Market situation. (If there happens to be great price-gap the gap might stay because investors realize the potential value rather than race the sales.)
- Available funds on the buyers (If there is no money on the buyers, the prices will probably drop....)
- Its price (Cheaper is easier to sell than more expensive, obiviously more people have 10000cz than million clintz at hand)

So; pretty recently released, playwise unusable or with marginal use - and wannabe-investor-infested fresh CR cards that are overbloatingly supplied and constantly traded for even 500cz profits - yet the price is already beyond grasp of majority of players - will obiviously not gain price fast.

Unless some hardcandy simply outbuys everything, but that is rare because they rather pick out the cheap ones one at the time, and play the timegame instead of bruteforce and eventually take more profit when the price finally shoots up.

Well, ELO DM could be alternative, just add one room....

sunday 09/10/2011

Well,i think it`ll be that Urban Rivals will keep churning out releases,and as new releases happen and as more new clans are released,the focus will be on the newer clans,meaning that some older clans may start to get fewer and fewer releases until we get to the point that certain clans only get 2 or 3 releases or so per year.

So no worries about that,for now.

And 20 power/10 base damage is just menacing to any card.

Yo dawg, I heard you like necros....

friday 07/10/2011

" because both cards have the "(Power = Power Opp)" ability that means they essentially swap their powers..."

Yep, that's pretty much why "Power=Opp vs. Power=Opp" matchups can get confusing--usually, the card with the LOWER power (base power, anyway) wins. smiley

Looks like they're not looking at my 6th post smiley

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