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monday 14/11/2011

You need to contact support (Green ?) who will clear your urban rivals cache which should work. If this dosn't you can re contact support who will take a closer look at it.


p.s your decks been deleted or the link dosn't work lol.

Mentoc did u say wat i think u said bout chuck norris i pray 4 u smiley

Read post. Checked level. Moved on.
@Capn Clintz I agree.

sunday 13/11/2011


This is basically an experimental deck meant to overcome my two weakness: my own overpilling (very stupid for Piranas), and ability based SOA. The Vortex half deck is maily to strengthen my deck against ability based SOA, which was hammering my strategies big time....(hence i used isobahd and Lovhak)....

This deck is mainly meant as a temporary thing until I get enough money for either high end Piranas (for pillz manipulation goodness), or Oflgn and Dagg .. The sad thing is, I had to say goodbye to my beloved +pillz giving Scubb and my bluff killing Taljion (Deea's not too bad as a substitute bluff killer) due to the support nature of their abilities.....

Also, I have these cards and about 10k to spare.... I got 6.5 of that 10k after i made this deck, so this deck was made on a pretty strict budget (and i realise neither clan is at all cheap... I just really like the two clan bonuses and despise playing with attack manip. clans)

I have an andsom , but since Kristin is my only SOA, and the other three are essential, I dunno if i should sub...

Wondering so when will this happen?

saturday 12/11/2011

I usually use revok as an opener to get the damage in or try again for the second time, especially when I also have tsubame, zhutang, kostner or zinfrid to follow it up. And only recently am I able to buy spyke.
What do you guys think of this then deleted?

Yep..well rant over.

I tried.

friday 11/11/2011

Ok, so maybe missions with all leaders is overkill. But something like:
Inflict 100 damages with Timber
Gain 2000 experience using Vansaar
Win 50 battles using Hugo
Remove 50 pills with Eklore
Inflict 150 Damages with any Leader. THAT would be do able.

Appreciate your rant, Yoda does not. smiley

Courage is the discovery that you may not win, yet go ahead and try anyways.


You can read Merm's post.

It sometime takes a lot of time to update the balance, while most of the time its updated instantly.

You can check your balance from the activity list in the front page, there you see something like "Babatin has bought your Ngrath for 575 Clintz (2 653 Clintz in the Bank)" - which is up to date even if your seen balance is not instantly refreshed.

thursday 10/11/2011

If you get the packs for their value get some Classic packs. However if you're after some chars to improve your collection get the Titanium with the clans you like most.

You can get some info about the packs here:


Oh, ok, thank you very much Thoazol for clearing it up smiley

Interesting deck.smiley

Could be i've had problems with my router.

wednesday 09/11/2011

Oh, nevermind... It's actually 5-10-15-20... I'm dumbass, mistook it for +clintz bonus lol

So it's 1% difference, which doesn't sound as bad

But still mostly good for merchants

Tried every tactic there is on this game, bluffing, all out nuke, 3 pills per character, literally everything!! here are my characters: Anita Cliff Ghoub Hax Pam Pastor Sledg Suzie with Hugo as leader.

I lose basically every single round against Montana unless i use all 13 pills in round 1......

Any suggestions?

Interesting deck. I would personally change Zeke to Sandro.

In ELO Caelus Cr can be changed to Tomas.

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