saturday 24/09/2011

How about comics that involve Leaders's biographies, ie. why they decided to separate from the other clans.
Why is Timber not in Roots?
Why did Ashigaru leave Fang Pi?
What is the relationship between Eklore and Morphun?
And what exactly was Vholt's 'definite mission' ?

Oh, also. You could also join a guild. They might have events restricted to those guild members, so you'll probably have a higher chance of winning, if not just join some free lotterys smiley

Last year they release 3 roots cards the rest are 4 except for clans like skeelz, vortex, montana and nightmare
i think they will release 3 roots cards this year also. Gudvibz, rosen and ______ .

friday 23/09/2011

Hmmm, awesome, alright

I have the same problem i tried to Purchase Credits and a message came up saying that i have when i clearly have not

Yeah...I was also surprised when a Bangers card appeared in my collection.smiley

thursday 22/09/2011

Click my collection (you shall have deck selected) so you can see all cards, also don't select a specific clan sign unless u want just that clan, i'm assuming you are using "My Deck" page

wednesday 21/09/2011

There hasn't been a new online comic in over a year (i don't know if they are planing anymore but i don't think any will come out soon). They did release a comic in real life but it's only in french (and can only be brought in france or imported).

Refesh the page, re check then contact support using the green ? in the top right hand corner of the page.

Lol, it was also disabled for me yesterday at these hours.

I want to be a

Definitely a good idea, if they want UR to really pick up, android is the way to go. They could easily beta it and take out the fancy animations. This would also help speeds and battery usage. Seeing as there really isn't much competition on android (indie developers and lame games) they could be one of the first huge hits. I'd certainly use'd make my classes 500% more interesting! pay up to 10 dollars to be able to!

There was another bug i was gona report but i did some homework after that i forgot sry

tuesday 20/09/2011

It has been renamed lost warehouse.

Isn't the first mission just win 30 rounds? Just play a Piranas deck and you'll have it completed after ~15 games.

monday 19/09/2011

Gaia sucks. Well, not badly, but as long as you have Nanook Gaia is pretty pointless in any game mode short of survivor where every point of attack substitutes for pills.

As PiFang/Ulu Watu you are mostly going to play 2-hit game and one of them has to be big hit. Neither Nanook nor Gaia provides enough damage/gap to make a difference with their basic stats and they need to be backed up with high damage or gap or something to wear opponent down. Nanook is good for wall, but you dont need 2 walls, and Gaia is not as good as a wall.

Nanook raw power is breaktrough, Felicias SoB is a multitool, Georges additional gap provides substitute for pure damage - or even Taigo's pill-saving manipulation - is worth more in the metagame.

Gaia is not bad card by any mean, but she is ... well. Useless amongst the competition. Thats why they made her pretty so she could win the Miss Clintz city competition, thats what she is good for.

Nope, same with SOA leaders aren't affected.

Is there some kind of problem with the slot machine?
3 days in a row now I've been unable to play, and continue getting an error message.
I can select the lines and spin the wheels but it doesn't stop and comes up with an error.
Just wondering if anyone else has been having this issue or if the admins know?

Just get newbloods have a chance of getting cortez

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