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saturday 19/11/2011

Lola is great use her

Lol Goatmanji smiley.

i think you should think carefully. SoB isn't a problem the bonus just removes both of your bonuses so no one is at a disadvanatage. then you said about massive atk manip clans like rescue, montana and uppers, but then they're not much of a threat with their low powers same as allstars, their bonus just doesn't help them against atk manip clans. the clan bonuses may not be balanced but each clan is being balanced by the creators through different strengths in POWER, DAMAGE, and ABILITIES. but putting gheist and roots on the picture messes up the whole thing with many players incorporating one of those SoA clans in a half-deck.

banning the whole clans of gheist and roots would also result to the extinction of skeelz but so what? you still have 18 CLANS to choose from. i'll hold on to my stand, THE SOA BONUS IS BROKEN. and yeah there are some mistakes on the perma banned cards.

friday 18/11/2011

Support +pow and ambre makes +6 power (3 same clan + leader)

The current max power is 14 if I'm right.

1. Smileys in posts - without it, we couldn't truly express ourselves! smiley


thursday 17/11/2011

I gess ok but takes a bit of work to get the 20 credits since i play free an al an i dont have any reason to spend my credits on any thing els right now seeing i finished my ghiest clan so i dont need packs an i maken plenty money thanks to the slots. so i gess this be fun.

Draws in DT's is like a loss...so annoying.

It's actually not a big deal, since the thread was in stickies for a good few years. And in a way it still is.

I guess you mean equal attack!
if they both have the same attack, the card with lower star wins the round and if they both have same count of stars then the card that attacked (started the round) will win the round.
good luck smiley

I find that letting attacks go through is quite useful, especially when you are in the lead and have a damage reducer or two. Personally, in my return to this game (past 2 weeks) since the Open Beta, I call them a "hollow win" because yes, they won the battle and succesfully did a 10/1 power ratio, but they wasted all those pillz for... 2-4 damage... leaving me with a chance or two to fury with my 2-5 damage cards >.

It was probably a while ago, when she was first released and was a bit bugged. But still some sort of heal + revive ability would be nice. Like maybe Defeat: Super-heal 2. (name needs to be work shopped smiley) it acts like a normal defeat + life but also revives smiley. So yeah, wonald. c:

wednesday 16/11/2011

The best lineup depends on the cards in the clan. there is no set mathematical formula for this. Technically 4/4/4/3/3/3/2/2 SHOULD be the best, but there are a lot of 2*s with 3* potential, and vice versa and for other stars. You just have to use the cards that you like best with the best possible lineup you can afford.

I don't wanna be ill-tongued. I don't think I'm good, Rescue isn't really one of the clans I like to play, but whenever I do, the only really difficult (difficult = tactical) opponents I have to fight are Nightmare + Ambre. Almost all the other clans are easy to handle... You may not have Marco cr or Alec Cr now that they've become expensive but know that Rescue is a good clan and instead of relying on extremely basic startegies such as full pillz + 3 olds or 3 pillz 4 times or 6 pillz 2 times, you might want to consider how the opponent will play then calculate the adequate number of pillz to overpower him.

If you want better tactics...that you can't think of on you own...

Pastor with 2-3 pillz is usually a good idea smiley
Hax played with courage at 3-4 pillz (don't do that if your opponent has a good DR smiley )
Instead of playing your characters with no pillz at all, give them at least one ...
Don't hope that cliff will save you.
Don't overpillz when your opponent plays either Spiaghi or Burt
Anita/Suzie with 1 - 2 - 3 pillz if your opponent has a DR / SoA / SoB

And please don't come complaining that it's impossible to win Montana with rescue. Montana's bonus is min.8 therefore your opponent will always need to put at least one pillz to win the round. Any clan can beat any other... the most difficult fights are clans that don't have SoA / SoB or attack/power modifying bonus (FPC, La Junta, Freaks...) against attack/power modifier, such as Rescue smiley

tuesday 15/11/2011

FPC comics! Starring Tsubame lol it would be sick.

I dont understand what any of the missions mean help?

Thanks for the tips much appreciated

Logs are kinda boring and don't put up much of a fight. I'd rather fight people.

monday 14/11/2011

@2: You're def right.
But 4 and 5 shouldn't even be optional, it should be forbidden. What is done... is done!

You can go to http://urdb.kirlad.net/packs.php to see which pack gets you the most money when you buy it smiley
If you wanna rock, don't play rescue, play Uppers (plus, they're not as expensive as Rescue - apart from collectors- ) smiley
Or you can play Piranas, Nightmare and GHEIST and piss off most players when you go against them

I know this is a general question, not a stratergy and tactics one, but there isent a general topic,

So anyway i was wondering, After you have bid on an auction, it goes under the 'my bids' section so im just wondering if there is anyway to remove the old ones off that list which have already being sold, As i use the My Bids page of more of auctions which i am watching waiting untill near the end to make my bid, so i can keep the money i might spend on it for longer. so when im looking to see when the next, i sort it by End Date and Accending so i have to skip the first few pages untill i find one which i can actually buy one.

So im wondering if they do automaticly delete themselves after so long
or i think they should be put into a log like Purchase & Sale History to keep My bids empty
or there should be an option to delete auctions which you are not winning or have already finished

So do people agree? or is it just me who thinks this would be a good idea?

Still no appearance from Chuck Norris then... smiley

You need to contact support (Green ?) who will clear your urban rivals cache which should work. If this dosn't you can re contact support who will take a closer look at it.

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