tuesday 06/09/2011

Don't get me wrong, you can do pretty well with low cost deck, I have a 12k deck with which I can get in top 50 dt, win dm, get past 1200 elo. The problem is if I want to check out another clan.. I have to spend another 10-15k for a playable deck, if I don't like, another 10-15 for another deck and so on. and all the farming clintz and credits is not really worth it if you can work in that time, you'll make money for a LOT more credits and be able to get what cards you want after that.

I have tried pure piranhas , pure berserk ( not really much time on them) , berserk/piranhas , piranhas/gheist , piranhas / sentinels and pure sentinel , got bored of these , can anyone recommend me my next clan to play? if possible not any of those LOL , I can buy cards max 10-12k clintz

This also occurred to a friend of mine who just started out recently (it looked like they were playing ping-pong forever) but I guessed it to be a glitch in the server.

PS: he was playing it through facebook


i'm out of clintz nowsmiley

Trying to make a hybrid deck of Fang Pi Clang/Wulu watu With Tsubame in it but i'm not sure who else to use... just looking to see what people think would go good with Tsubame.

monday 05/09/2011

This doesnt make sense anymore because UR does not have Tombola anymore. Sorry.

Depends what they want to do with the deck... if they haven't purchased credits and can't sell any cards, getting expensive cards in clan you don't want won't help you, so for those people titanium and elite are their best bets.

Its changed to a slot machine now. It can be accessed from the 'Play' home page, where u get the option of multiplayer or singleplayer. So to get there....

1. Press 'Play1' or 'The Game'
2. if your not already on the home page of 'play!' or 'the game' then click the 'back to menu button', its under the game room choices.
3. bottom left hand corner is 'Buona Fortuna' Click that smiley

sunday 04/09/2011

WOW, Thank you for all your posts! Really helpfull indeed! So I have to build a SoA deck...
@ 0 Rowan LoA you have a good deck but the only type you can use it in is DM type 1 smiley

@kise 2-HW Then I have to say you have a good deck!

Isnt blacklisting like nt allowing the eprson to have any contact with you?

Der Magus,why ould you blacklist a player that you will never face again,it seems quite pointless,unless they keep on doing it :/

Jautya has been great investment for whomever had him as investment. He is probably the best mission card there is, and also game-maker.

I wouldnt dare to invest to Murray because he is common, but some crazier folks will have success with him.

And Grax is overprized. Not because he isnt worth his price in play - but because most of the normal players cant afford him. I bet Grax is sold more investor-to-investor than investor-to-normal player. That means his demand could potentially be totally artificial. People want grax, but they dont really NEED him to play the LD's. Thats why his price wont develop, and because investors are supposedly stuck with their stocks they dare not to push the price up much - even in the time of LD. Thats why we see even 100% price rise on the cheapish cards, but Grax gets barely 5% - even if Graxes stats surpasses almost anything.

We never fought yet bison r u still up or are u afraid smiley

Havent seen you in a while i always use your site to look at new releases and check cost of my cards keep it up what i would really like is a background in the back of ur site

Yea definetly update instructions

saturday 03/09/2011

For t2 it would probably be 10 x Dj Korr cr
for t1 : 5*: Guru cr
4*: GraxsmxxT
3*: Uranus, Murray, Sigma, Corrina
2*: Na boh, Wakai.

Seriously Asian Republic? You ask for advice then criticise it????

My fault about Vickie...I always confuse her with Jackie .
I checked your answers and clearly Edd is the best Montana 4 * !
But if you put another 4* beside Edd which one would be that? For example I'm using Donnie, but I tend to believe that Vito it better than him . Someone said Rosa...I'm not that sure because if you want her to be efficient you must use her in the first rounds so it's predictable... About Murphy I must totally disagree...Murphy with his ability is a 6/7 ...he depends too much on his "great" ability...
I think this debate should go on and sorry again for Vickie Cr... she is a great card by the way smiley)

I think Travis Ld will come out in december. GHEIST need some moree serious muscle if they want to be played as a mono clan so maybe GHIEST LD?

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