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sunday 22/01/2012

The whole berzerk clan.

saturday 21/01/2012

I want a Junkz card and thanks for correcting me I was tired as hell when I posted thissmiley

Keep up the attitude. Embrace the game. smiley

I see this was highly popular

I have hefty Samantha Harold Bianca Tomas Lorna Liam cley . Let's stop the SOAbuse and SOBellitling.


friday 20/01/2012

It has been discused in other topics.
Victory - 12 pts
Draw - 6 pts
Defeat - 3 pts.
Also, points from completing missions are also added. For example, if you win 250 fights with clan X, you will receive 50 points which are added to your activity.
I believe in Lost Warehouse rewards are reduced and I think you receive only 1/2 from fights, although I am not 100% sure.
You do not receive any points for market activity.

SOB will only stop the bonus of the character its playing against. It will not affect the other cards in your opponents hand.

This will mean that the other cards with still get the extra +12 attack for having 4 cards from the same clan in your hand.

thursday 19/01/2012

Jungo have alot of Stop: cards and they can be used against the GHEIST anad as for Nightmare i would say Piranas although Skeelz are excellent against GHEIST

You need cards that have -life as an ability, for instance the Berzerk clan with their bonus, stuff like Lin Xia or Ojibway.

wednesday 18/01/2012

Saying that you should have balanced hands would create an abusable situation. Think of it this way. If you KNOW that you'll always be drawing a 13-14 star hand, you could potentially pair cards with others, assuring that you'll get certain draws.

Did you seriously bump a 2 year and 8 month old thread just to say "very good"? smiley at least add something or raise a new question.
FPC has changed quite a bit in the 2 years and 8 months since this thread started. They are a much better clan now. With the creation of "defeat" FPC now can have the pill advantage in fights with the help of Tsubame and Kursuri. These cards allow FPC player to have the mind games they used too when their 1 hit kos cards matter (they don't now, 6 power and weakness to SOA just doesn't cut anymore it in any mode). Heitachi allows the clan to stay strong in the ELO Spyke environment. Heitachi Kursuri Zhu Tang, and Nakata / Ralph is an amazing half deck. I still think they are pretty low tier but they are better in ELO than Ulu Watu.

tuesday 17/01/2012

Spyke, no doubt about it. especially now that he's unbanned =D

monday 16/01/2012

It just goes to show that roots get all the hate from unskilled players.

The " Sorry Iyruma the deck of the opponent you've selected is too weak to your deck" can be stopped by using the quick challange button which will automatically select an oppionent whos deck is not too weak.

You have to have 8 cards in your deck at all times so if you want to change a card you have to add the new card befor removing the old card.

(if this isn't your problem then please can you re word the question).

No, no no and no. The Bonus is ridiculous. I like the ideas, the bios, and some of the abilities you came up with, but the abilities alone, mixed with the power that some cards have AND the bonus, make everything about this clan completely OP.

sunday 15/01/2012

Oh yeah

i forgot about thormund

he would go to my eyes as better then sasha

he can take out any card.
and even vs soa you got a 7/3 which is fine

MrSmokey_WMD - Imperator - Wise Men Distracted
Today at 06:58
Doesn't the sure shot take an equally long amount of time?

If you have the crazy new animation for it, yes. If not, no, takes at least half the time, to about three times faster

@ Jason
Lottery tickets don't exist anymore (this is an outdated thread).
Slot Machine cannot be found on the App as it has not been implemented yet.

You can use the Slot Machine on a computer via the 'PLAY!' button. If you play on the new game version you should see an option at near bottom.

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