friday 09/09/2011

I made a deck with Skeelz that mainly focuses on staying alive and ending with more life than the opponent, but could also be used to end the game on turn two.

I'd like to get a rating on this deck if community members would be so kind.

the deck consists of:

Scratch that. last of gheist sold, bought taylor and i'll wait for cortez.

Hmm i see I really like Glenn and ///////////////////////frank Hi the rest are scrub,,,, smiley unfortunately i think i might have to cchange clan

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Ahh thanks guys this is very helpful smiley

I was going to post against swapping Noemi to Muze because I like the extra damage on Noemi (compared to a late hitting Muze at least). But the deck already has some nice "finisher" cards, so you wouldn't want yet another one waiting to run on last turn.

Muze can make a nice first round bluff to force the opponent to spend pillz, meaning you are able to get Ditha through at the end for her lovely 14 point lifegap more often. Honestly with Muze, Sting and Hawkins you have a good chance of always being able to toss out a solid 0 or 1 pill bluff for first/third round. Wanda and Tula make for solid defenders so you win if they bluff (or play conservative after falling for a bluff), so Ulrich was another solid choice to augment that side of the fence.

Might struggle a little bit to do enough damage the times you fail to draw Diana or Ditha, but not so horribly that it cannot be done.

Decided to just market them. delete thread please

Because lower star cards net you more points in T2 DTs.

None of those stats are OP (though maybe the 8/4 DR) they're all abilities the Berzerk need to have to be more on the level with the rest of the clans (especially the DR), and I think the Support and the Poison abilities would be perfect for what's in room 13

thursday 08/09/2011

Sorry to disappoint you, but facebook credits have got nothing to do with urban rivals, facebook connect is just a SIMPLE way to log in. so in answer to your question, no you cannot buy elite packs.


Both of the current 5*s in Berzerk are better than Cortez imo.

Na Boh

Might consider Corrina to Petra and Lola to Melanie.

Cheers people smiley smiley

Wow soundtrack, I like rule #32 a lot more than rule #34 smiley

A couple of cheap cards you could try out for your FPC half would be Zhu Tang and Zinfrid. Oxen is an awesome card best played in the first 2 rounds. Unagi would be a passable replacement for Lihoi chun, at least until you get chan or kusuri.

My favorite uppers/FPC: Kusuri and the seven dwarfs

wednesday 07/09/2011

Im pretty sure UR wont shut the site down any time.

The worst that could ever happen is BAM......
No more cr releases,no more card releases no more staff events.UR will be left to the community to take care of it

But the ideas running out are verry hard to happen. check this thread

Full of ideas. But im pretty sure there will always be someone who whants to take care of UR.. verry scared now XD

Tanaerva Cr becomes 7/10 ??
General cr becomes 10/7 SoA...OMG,switch opp would be as good as it is bad XD

i like all your ideas..UR could use them someday!

Thanks man i'll try it out smiley

I would like to use Ulu Watu and Fang Pi Clang

I have several cards in each and if possible i'd like to use Tsubame. I already own Tsubame.
I have 36k clintz
Just need help.. not great at making decks

First of all, congrats on getting Lamar Cr. smiley

hmm.. If you do go mono All Stars, I'd recommend Eyrik.

Robb Cr might not be a good option for T2 though, you could change him to Dallas or El Gringo. And since you already have Dwan and Caelus Cr, I'd recommend getting Tomas for a solid half along with Ambre.

I used this preset [si ça continu je vais jouer ça] for DM T2 and it did great. hope it'll help.

gg ... always

In that case, you could try ...

Tsubame +

Chan + Kusuri + Nakata + Lulabee + Nanook + Gabrielle + Felicia/Gaia/Janice

Chan and Nanook are great walls, Gabrielle for obvious reasons, Kusuri for the mindgames, Nakata is a great card regardless of his ability, Lulabee/Felicia can do away with attack manipulation clans and Janice when SoAs start to creep up in late ELO.

That is the best I could come up with, GL with ELO smiley

I support this. ryuichi's last level art is just bad

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