saturday 01/10/2011

I actually like all 3 cards you made. It is kinda tougher to beat them then most other clans but I think with the right strategy they are beatable.

friday 30/09/2011

Thanks for the help. I've decided to buy an elite pack.

*facepalm* i read it wrong i fought it said 3 or less power. smiley

Its quite good but not really for begginers due to the 18k price tag.

Wow 46 damage with just 23*. smiley just don't mention the power.

thursday 29/09/2011

Elke Elke Elke Elke Elke smiley maybe slow, but cheap and easy

Yet another grave digger. Still, it brings a nostalgic feeling to the heart seeing all these old names.

Verse Roots and you have 2 damage on all your cards? 3 of them do 4... And if you;re talking about Jeena and Yookie and Arno.. Most of Bangers would also have 2 Dmg. Blaaster = 2 dmg against Jeena. Most cards get raped by the Roots DR's.

With SOB dominating lately, i'll take my hand with the extra power.

wednesday 28/09/2011


Basically 16-20 life to stop 5050s

No crs
Each player can have 1 card any price
All other must add to a total of 10k

And you bann the most powerful 2,3,4,5 star from each clan

Thank all, i basically use all my 300 credit on Classic and make about 100k Clintz after i sold it all, i use the 6 clan from my post on #9

peace all

I'd much rather have someone forfeit than rage quit and make me sit there waiting for the match to time out. Let's get on with it.

If the game is over in the first or second round, and my opponent is playing quickly to end the match, I will play it out to give them the points they won. If they play slowly because they're watching TV or something, and use up the whole timer waiting to play out the foregone conclusion, I will simply forfeit and end it right there. I don't mind the loss, just don't waste my time.

It does for the + pillz mission and the damage. at least it did when i drew multiple hawkins noels and sliman respectively.

Dont worry about Nistarok.
Dont sacrifice your other cards to fit in a 5 star card.

tuesday 27/09/2011

Nice budget deck. When you get more clintz i would personally change Keanew to Stiko, Jiro to Tremorh, Zhang to Jakson and Katja to Melvin.

Ladies and Gentelmen, It is my honor to announce the winner of the first ever Bloodsport Fighting Tournament: ROWDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations to the Junkz for not only holding the best parties, but having the city's best fighter in their clan. This little fact might very well help them in the clan wars of Clint City

sunday 25/09/2011

Thank you Unicron, it is like you said...Wish I knew earlier, since I sold Elke thinking it was useless..Oh well, thanks, I got my confirmation as well from checking the Mission stats. You can close this..

This deck is old and u already got advice on it smiley

Flesh Pimp. Even though I own Edd, Murphy, Donnie and Griezzo, he still gets my 4* spot in Mono-Montana because people love to 0-pill.

Could be done using the heroclix system.

Nice cheap deck. smiley

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2026353" and change the = to :

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