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sunday 30/10/2011

Please close this mods, it has no relevance as the Tombola no longer exists.

saturday 29/10/2011

@d00mreaper ; i was thinking of replcing coleridge, but he's actually winning me a LOT of battles.... people don't expect any pills on him, and i sometimes put 2-3 + fury, instant 8 damage. Ulrich/Tula usually win the 2nd round too...

In non-random:

Putting one pill is very important. Sometimes even 2 if you anticipate your opponent will guess the bluff.
This is very important for attack manipulation clans.
The best way to use them is to wait until the last 2 turns, that is when the magic happens.
Attack manipulation is a huge advantage in low-pill battles. People tend to use cards like Brittany and Arkn near the beginning as a bluff and force your opponent to waste pills. WRONG!
Let's say Bangers vs Sakrohm. Bangers bonus is profitable after 4 pills.
So in the beginning when pills are plentiful. It is better not to pill but bluff.
Near the end, rounds 3-4, one pill can matter a lot, especially if its a low pill battle.
Your opponent used some pills, you have say a 2 pill advantage because you've bluffed the first 2 rounds.
6 pills to 4 pills. Actually, its 8 pills to 4 pills because of your bonus. A completely dominant pills amount.

That is why cards with both Attack Manipulation and DR are one of the greatest combos. Helping you get over the first 2 turns relatively unscathed.
People say Fabio is better than Spiaghi or Jeremy.
I say otherwise.
With attack manipulation: Good players win in 2 rounds, The best players win in 4.

P.S. 1200 words, quite long so thanks for reading.

@M-Bison Power=Opponent Power IS a good way to save clintz, as long as you use them only in rounds you attack last. There is nothing wrong with P=OP. Yes it has it's weaknesses, but if you are saving money, you aren't looking for the best cards, just cheap options that are viable, and P=OP is VERY viable in the right situations. Sure it has weaknesses, but so do most other cheap cards, and most of those cards don't stand a chance vs Sylth or Kuei. Damage=Opp Damage is similar, but a little more iffy. But it's still not a bad card to have on the cheap.

friday 28/10/2011

I remember someone calculating the values - Fulldeck and Classic with right picks are about as valuable. Fulldeck because it gives extra cards, Classic because you get to pick the best possible combination of clans and therefore highest probability of getting high priced card.

You are more likely to get either really bad or really good profit from classic pack while its more likely to get average income from the fulldeck. If you do this multiple times then the real profit creeps towards the average - statistically.

I like deck!!! good cheap and effective. Try adding Hugo to your deck to increase win rate. he is worth the minus 2 pts for your tiny cuts!
Get rid of slyde and add spiaghi if you can, or cheaper? Pegh/Redra!

Do you want to play or do you want to sell/trade?

Sell/trade - go with Elite and select Nightmare, Vortex, Berzer and Sakrohm.
Play - go with 1 Deck and then buy Classic packs and select your clans that coincide with teh deck you selected.
I suggest Classic as you get to choose more clans to give you access to more variety of clans and refine your selected deck.

Frowns: There power and damage were lower but there abilitys were more powerfull. Im not sure if some were completely different.

p.s i didn't include cards whos abilitys changed on the or a day or two after its release when i said nothing else had there abilitys changed.

I'd have to agree, the number of stickies need to be changed.

thursday 27/10/2011

And you can't put this card in Skeelz, it is pretty much a 6 pill card or a free damage for the Skeelz player. That is an unfair advantage that only all stops can counter. There are only a handful of those in UR, and there are only 4 clans people can use against it.

Late November/early December. No promises on on the exact date.

Ya i agree with you and honestly getting 1000 members is kinda cheesy to be the top guild. I honestly don't think that the right way to show a guild's activity or ranking. Having over 200 in your guild just shows that you have a bunch of people. If you look at this guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=1321122#members. There's only like 20 people out of the 1000 that have more than 500 points.

P = 8
D = 1
A = Protection: Bonus
Bio: A once powerful Goddess, Melizza was demoted after Alenajandriha found the womans obsession with her husband unacceptable. Despite being just a simple Demigod, Melizza is still beautiful, much to the disappointment of the rest of the women in the clan.

P = 5
D = 4
A = Confidence: - opp. power 4, min. 4
Bio: Aryean is a peacemaker - that is to say, he wont stop at anything to get peace. Even if that means arranging someones face against a concrete wall. However, he is primarily a nice chap, and often loves setting people up with each other. He is the God of love, after all...

P = 6
D = 8
A = Courage: Support: attack + 3
Bio: The founder of the Circle of Divinity, Alenajandriha broke off from the Heavens and decided to make her own kingdom on Earth. With a furious temper and a frightening attitude, she rules over her creations with a steel fist, including her husband. After all, gaining power means gaining respect at home, right?

P = 5
D = 5
A = Confidence: +3 pillz
Bio: Husband of Alenajandriha, Drik is rarely seen outside of the Clint City Forest... not because of his quiet and shy demeanor, no... simply because she doesn't trust him. Keeping him locked away day and night, Drik only ever tends to see the light of day when Alenajandriha wants him for some reason, or when Melizza pays a visit...

How do you think the clan would be shaping up right about now? smiley

wednesday 26/10/2011

Thanks dream n drink, you are absolutely right.
I will go and update that site (it's a wiki)

tuesday 25/10/2011

Wahzoo: I didn't count saving the money you get from everything and then buying kolos.

First all additions are done, order doesn't matter. Then all subtractions are done, starting with the highest minimum value, working down.

So Robb Cr with Eyrik defending against Willy attacking with Ambre, first you add the courage, bonus and Ambre, then subtract for Eyrik, then Robb's ability, then Robb's Bonus.

If one of you isn't hideing like fraggle said and its not that one of you actudently left or that you don't have him added then im stumped and you might need to send a bug report to support.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ivana to Wanda.

I don't think it has anything to do with urban rivals. I think its your internet conection or you have too many other pages open.

A good card on its own won't help you if its not got a clan serounding it. Your best bet is to look at the clans and decide which one you like the look of the most and then select cards from that clan (or maby make it using two clans).

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