wednesday 17/08/2011

It just have 23* smiley I would change esther to drummond and hawkins noel with spycee to taljion and greesh smiley

As someone who plays Pussycats, I hope the next Legendary is one--preferably with some sort of Support ability or Attack manipulation--the 'Cats have 0 Supports in their ranks and very, very little in the way of remotely worthwhile attack manipulators (Brittany and...that's it). Or even better, Stop Opponent Ability now that Yayoi is gone for good.


I have sent the clan idea to the staff, and have been told they will send the idea to the developers, whether this is true or not is uncertain and irrelevant. I welcome other players to think up more members for my clan, so long as they are reasonable, not ridiculous, and stick with the theme.

@Pilluminati, yes the Berzerk clan is filled with "crazy" people, but they are not asylum inmates, they are infected people. This clan is filled with the criminally insane. murderers, sociopaths, rapists, serial killers. the staff can make cards based off famous serial killers, like Dahumer, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Ripper......and so on

Dexter Morgan smiley

Leader, there's only 10 of them and you can get them all free! smiley

Really though, Berserk probably, solely because they're new so 1) there's not a lot of them yet to add up in price and 2) they haven't been around long enough to have any collectors.

tuesday 16/08/2011

Rusko cr, what a legend.

Soundtrack lists 6 clans as being good choices. Battery lists 5.

So apparently Pussycats is just about as good as Pirana for payout. Is the gap to Junkz really a large jump down in average price?

If not, why isn't Classic better than Elite?

Buy 4 packs of Elite, and you could have bought 5 packs of Classic. That is an extra 3 cards in your pocket, which is quite likely going to include at least an uncommon, and half the time should mean another rare.

8 per month still works... because you would only be removing 8 per month. could be every 6 weeks or 8 weeks... so the change over could be for 8/12/16/or more cards. going with 4 is too low and too unstable... going with a bigger number injects that "new life" into the game for players that may feel the game is stagnating.

I for one tend to play more when a new clan comes out cause i want to see how the meta is affected. so if a batch of new playable cards enter the fray -- it will create new interest.

I can say that there have been quite a few times I have tried to click + and instead hit RAGE, then tried to swipe the pillz to full, and accidentally started the match (iPhone interface). Typically it leads me to an embarrassing loss when I should have had an automatic win.

So could be the same, and the guy got lucky that you gave up.

For me, I prefer getting the 50 credits offer al the time, I mean, if you get the 295( let's say it's 300) you get 30 cards four of them rare + decide the clans. Meanwhile if you get six 50 credit packs you get a total of 42 characters six of which are rare. 6 rare>4 rare, you might buy berzerk and vortex but you should always remember, doesn't mean you will exclusivly get from these 2! and 42 cards chance> 30 cards!

monday 15/08/2011

For mr intelijent, all in ogoun kyu have soa so it's pointless to say his soa helps, any other card in his clan would be better than him and would still defend with soa...

A plus to your attack is simply a plus, while a minus is somewhat more complicated due to the minimum involved, and therefore could be abused to your advantage against the opposing card with a minimum that is the same or lower than yours. Keep in mind though that your opponent can use this against you as well if their minimum is not of a higher value than yours, which is something that they won't be able to if your minus were a plus.

Neither is better, as both has its benefits and its flaws. Adapt to the situation and plan your pilling well.

Survivor at early levels will be much like regular t1 or t2 games, till then nothing to be explained, at the (not 100% sure of the numbers) 2nd, 5th, 9th, 14th wins you will get 1 more life point and 1 less pill, this will turn the game harder for you, as such you will need something to counter it, there are multiple ways to do so (and my personally advised leaders):

-Attack +x (this will make as if was extra pillz) (hugo, to increase even further or ambre in early rounds)

-Damage reduction (avoid the dmg from the opps, but remember the cards with abilitysmileyrotection damage will avoid this effect, as will the ones with opp's life -x partially) (morphun to give u more pillz in last rounds or Bridget to keep your health up, Vholt is only an option in t2)

-Pillz manipulation (you'll need to know what and when to play but the ability of + pillz will make up for your lesser amount on the begin) (morphun, as he will give u 1 extra pill besides anything u earn already)

-High power (least reliable as u may end up having no pillz but having extra power compared to your opponent will equal to a +x attack [x is the number of pillz used multiplied by the power advantage]) (Eyrik to increase the gap, morphun to allow higher pillz or hugo for the +attack when out of pillz)

-big life manipulators (this will need to be combined with dr's, with that you can make a unbreakable wall of life) (check the dr section)

Besides that i guess i can say it's about skill

If a card has Support: +X Attack, then the card gains X attack times by the amount of cards of the same clan as the card. So for Support: +2 Attack and you have all 4 of the same clan then the card would get 8 attack.

Heres one

1 6/3
2 8/3 revenge +4 damage

sunday 14/08/2011

Aunt Igor is your best friend smiley

What clan(s) you should get all depends on what your play style is like. As far as getting clintz goes I can be even more helpful there.

Every other hour there's a Daily Tournament, Dt for short, if you play andf complete one battle while the DT is ongoing you'll get 50 clintz for your trouble, the amount of clintz you receive grows with how well you place in the tournament but you have to be in the top third to see any growth.

Tl;dr Play at least one battle in a DT for 50 clintz

Every 20 minutes there's a new round of Deathmatch, there are multiple rooms going at once but that's besides the point, play and complete one fight and that's 35 clintz.

Then every day there's a prize draw, get the lucky number and that's 100 clintz!

Assistance: X Power or Damage

Until this card is played, it grants X Power or Damage (whichever is specified on the card) to your other cards. However, when it is finally played, it is MISSING the Power/Damage which it gave away.


8/8 with Assistance: +2 Power

Play him first round, he is an 8/8 and all other rounds are normal.

Play someone else first round, and they have an additional +2 Power (so maybe a base power 13 Willy...)
Now play him on second round, and he is 6/8, and the last 2 rounds are normal.

Play him on last round, and for all other rounds you had +2 power on everyone, but now you play him as a 2/8.

I played montana for quite a long time and the clans I found harder were obviously other attck manipulation clans and SoB.

Other than that, due to low dmg, montana will likelly need 3 rounds to win unless they draw a big hitter like avola or Don. If you have a good reducer (or two smiley) you can really screw up their plans. Just wiselly pick 2 rounds to win planning for the dmg you need to win. If they draw a big hitter and play first save a good card killer for it, and becareful of how many pillz they have left and how many you need to win to that card.

They also tend to play deffensivelly making you overpill in the beginning with their bonus especially if they have avola on hand. You can usually take advantage of this by calling out their bluffs (typically they pill 1 or 2 on bluffs) and getting some good damage in.

saturday 13/08/2011

In thr triple Shann, you aren't using Ambre. And either opponent has Defeat: +Life, DR, or we are in Lost Warehouse

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