sunday 14/08/2011

Aunt Igor is your best friend smiley

What clan(s) you should get all depends on what your play style is like. As far as getting clintz goes I can be even more helpful there.

Every other hour there's a Daily Tournament, Dt for short, if you play andf complete one battle while the DT is ongoing you'll get 50 clintz for your trouble, the amount of clintz you receive grows with how well you place in the tournament but you have to be in the top third to see any growth.

Tl;dr Play at least one battle in a DT for 50 clintz

Every 20 minutes there's a new round of Deathmatch, there are multiple rooms going at once but that's besides the point, play and complete one fight and that's 35 clintz.

Then every day there's a prize draw, get the lucky number and that's 100 clintz!

Assistance: X Power or Damage

Until this card is played, it grants X Power or Damage (whichever is specified on the card) to your other cards. However, when it is finally played, it is MISSING the Power/Damage which it gave away.


8/8 with Assistance: +2 Power

Play him first round, he is an 8/8 and all other rounds are normal.

Play someone else first round, and they have an additional +2 Power (so maybe a base power 13 Willy...)
Now play him on second round, and he is 6/8, and the last 2 rounds are normal.

Play him on last round, and for all other rounds you had +2 power on everyone, but now you play him as a 2/8.

I played montana for quite a long time and the clans I found harder were obviously other attck manipulation clans and SoB.

Other than that, due to low dmg, montana will likelly need 3 rounds to win unless they draw a big hitter like avola or Don. If you have a good reducer (or two smiley) you can really screw up their plans. Just wiselly pick 2 rounds to win planning for the dmg you need to win. If they draw a big hitter and play first save a good card killer for it, and becareful of how many pillz they have left and how many you need to win to that card.

They also tend to play deffensivelly making you overpill in the beginning with their bonus especially if they have avola on hand. You can usually take advantage of this by calling out their bluffs (typically they pill 1 or 2 on bluffs) and getting some good damage in.

saturday 13/08/2011

In thr triple Shann, you aren't using Ambre. And either opponent has Defeat: +Life, DR, or we are in Lost Warehouse

Ok... and what about fang pi clang? watch this:

Zhu Tang
Yu Mei

Lowest power is 7... it also has 24*.... very cheap (about 12000 clintz)
is that good? it lack a bit on reduction... but i think it's good also vs soB

"So how reliable is the general prediction of value by the community?"

I'd estimate it 90% accurate.

"If price does ALWAYS come down within a few weeks".

Most of the time it does, but we have seen different behaviour every now and then. Tsubame never came down.

If there is investor (most probably a group) that has enough clintz it can totally own some card, if they blow enough money away in the newblood stage. That would be hugely expensive (and also ultimately also hugely profitable, they would name the price of that card later) manouver, and it would require card that is really worth it's price.

I stongly doubt Diana isnt candidate for such action. So she will be wanted commodity but not something that is fought to last breath of. That would promise somewhat normal price developement.

In newblood stage there is two standards : Sell it as soon as possible (unless you suspect markets will still compensate... if they do you get 10% more, if they dont you could lose 20%...) - Or keep her for post-nb price rise (which these days is not as clear as it used to be, because so many are aware of post-NB price potential).

If you keep the card longer then consider it long-term investment, because thats whats its going to be most probably.

friday 12/08/2011

In order: name - stars - power - damage - link

Pam 3 4 5
Sledg 5 7 7
Glosh 4 6 6
Anita 3 7 3
Krash 2 7 1
Elvira 3 6 4
Slyde 3 5 4
Lea 2 6 2

Greem 4 7 4
Cley 3 5 6
Redra 2 6 2
Jay 4 7 5
Sandro 3 6 4
Otto 2 7 1
Sasha 2 7 2
Aylen 5 7 5

I DIDN'T COPY ANYTHING, please help me considering that I am quite noob and I don't have much clintz smiley
Any suggestion will be accepted but please say me why... THANKS ALL!

Ps: I am searching an italian guild.... what are the pros and cons of a guild?

Double post, but can't edit or anything. Forgot to mention that is DR by ability only. So ignores the many Pussycats who are over 5 power.

I use Urban Rivals on my iPhone, and if your iDevice restarts, you do NOT lose anything on UR.

You should buy cards as soon as you got a deck in mind, try going to since it's got a nice deck editor
from all clans there are no better nor worse, personally my favorite combo would be between freaks + vortex (poison dmg + recover pillz if u lose the other rounds) or GHEIST + Nightmare (SoA and SoB so you can stop either u need)

suggestions(ofc i don't expect u to hav all cash right away and this are mere suggestions to go building towards):

1. as said above
2. 1 new legendary or returning per month or 2 weeks
3. any clan is always viable, some of them are not mono viable, but due to their great bonus rescue always go mono and are viable that way.

I'd say ....mmm................I don't know jungo or skeelz

I do it all the time my brother plays at the same time as me.

@UM-1984: yep, that's what I had in mind too

Gheist and roots have been here for just as long as each other. for deathmatch i'd for with gheist for easier 2hko's.

thursday 11/08/2011

I would enjoy some Skeelz smiley

maybe Eloxia, Deebler, and Caelus

Ditha all the way. 10 or 14 point lifegap shift on the last round if you were conservative. With a deck like this one, you CAN be conservative and live to last round.

Name: Tyrone
Bio: Psycologically obsessed with his Saleen S7, Tyrone refuses to leave the car to do anything which makes eating and relieveing himself a rather big problem that the clan has to put up with. However the upside is, if the clan ever does run into trouble there's a very simple solution they've found.......let the enemy damage Tyrone's car, stand back and watch.
Stars: 4
Ability: SOA
Stats: 7/5

wednesday 10/08/2011

Montana are usually recommended for newbies. Despite prices skyrocketing at the moment due to Bella Ld, here's a cheap but effective Montana deck that's been tried and tested: Cheap Montanas!

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