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tuesday 25/10/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Ivana to Wanda.

I don't think it has anything to do with urban rivals. I think its your internet conection or you have too many other pages open.

A good card on its own won't help you if its not got a clan serounding it. Your best bet is to look at the clans and decide which one you like the look of the most and then select cards from that clan (or maby make it using two clans).

Or, at the risk of sounding revolutionary and radical, people could read the bloody rules.....

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wow, I don't want to be rude,

except you don't understand:
1. yes I know about it, but not all of them can be turned off
for example mission reward, there is a present box that opens up to show you what kind of prize do you get (which takes time), win the round if you lose there is a blood comes out, same as if you lose

2. I know about it except you don't understand the last line of my post (first post)

3. I don't want to change to the old one as the new one have chat and lottery function

4. congratulations, it seems you are the one who didn't pay attention

Dude, there's over 2100 posts free on the fifth one.

monday 24/10/2011

Easiest thing to do is to make a room for mission only or more realistically change the ld missions to be done all in fight club/danger zone only.
honestly i dont know why this aint be done from the beginning as the ld mission really spoil the game for everybody elsethose who play in tournament rooms especially. smiley

Check out Candy Jack, Winnifred, Aigwon Noel, Bunny, Mort Box, Gary as cards that are frequently sold almost full. It's an expensive way to power level, but you'll make some small budget players quite happy with your purchases. smiley

Also, why is it allowed to sell a card for well below the market price, like forgetting a zero, but it is not allowed to sell a card for more than "market" price?

sunday 23/10/2011

Wow, you guys are so helpful. Thanks for all this advice.

saturday 22/10/2011

No1 has any info?... well I'll keep checking =]

To see the battle points winnings here:

From knowledge, although it could very well be incorrect.

Winning without taking any damage (you didn't lost a round) you get 9 clintz.
Winning but losing one or more rounds gives you something between 5-7
Losing gives you 2-4 clintz

It's nice but for t2 I'm sure there are better decks

The one who makes the failure is the one who takes the loss, even if it contradicts social expectations or unwritten good behaviour.

Basically only time you can get your stuff back and the other party wont have his benefit is when there is rule-breaking involved; for example fraud or pishing involved. For what I know when that limit is reached the staff takes it very seriously and is delivering bans very lightly.

Out of that its in the hands of the seller if he sells for too low - or buyer if he buys for too high. If compensation or trade cancel is done then its simply by choise of buyer/seller's free will and personal judgement instead of actual rules of the system.

I take every decent opportunity to benefit myself and I expect everyone else to do the same. Most of the time the benefit is clintz, but occasionally it could be honor or simply regarded of being after all a nice person.

@ immortal one...probably not. Most of the top players tend to have more missions accomplished, therefore it's less likely that they'll trigger the RIDICULOUS animation. On a more serious note, mine froze up, prompting me to refresh the entire game engine. That REALLY cost me some time

friday 21/10/2011

Great starter deck. smiley

Well. To really level up ... you need to do urban rivals as complete set. You need to make money in the long run to keep XP flowing, and you need to get new cards so you can unlock new missions for boosts in both cash and cards and credits. Meanwhile you have to play alot, DM will give you good boost, but DT and ELO will generate better profits in the long run - as do survivor.

Meanwhile you can play market, and while doing that you can gain levels by spending surplus XP to level cards. So you kind of level when you play market too, especially if you ever get so rich you actually afford pfulls.

My best advice still is : Dont get bored. Have variety to keep you interested. Try new clans. Have fun. That will in the long run keep you steadily advancing than rushing and getting bored to grinding levels.

Yes underneath the list of tabs at the top of the page in the right hand corner.

thursday 20/10/2011

I got 10K. It's really rare to get 250K.

Lol smiley

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