saturday 27/08/2011

PCats' 5* are:
Ditha- A very good character
Selina- A useful ability to have
Charlie- A good character to have
Louise- A playable character in type 2
Emma- useful but slightly underpowered in type 2
Clara- much underpowered in type 2 and 5 damage hurts

Their best 4* characters:
Yayoi- a great 4*, only slightly behind Jackie Cr and Graksmxxt
Diane- underpowered for Type 2

I think they would fare poorly against the strongest Type 2 presets

Ongoing gaps.
Gabrielle-? biggest ELO playable 2* gap for Ulu Watu
Jackie -? biggest gap for 8/6 4* character

Clans that have never had:
A support character: Freaks, Junkz, Sakrohm, Uppers, Nightmare, Pussycats, Ulu Watu, Fang Pi, Vortex, Berzerk
A DR character: Berzerk
A STOP character: Piranas, Uppers, Skeelz, Nightmare, Junkz, Roots, Bangers, Berzerk
A beneficial Pill manipulator: Roots, Sakrohm, Uppers, Nightmare, Montana, All- Stars, Ulu Watu, Sentinels, Rescue, Fang Pi, Jungo, Berzerk
A Poisoner: All- Stars, Junta, Ulu Watu, Junkz, Sentinels, Rescue, Fang Pi
A Courage character: GHEIST, Nightmare
An 8 base damage character: Freaks
An 8 base power character: Rescue, Bangers
A character with > 8 power inc. ability + bonus: Roots, Sakrohm, Uppers, Nightmare
A character with at least 15 base points: Piranas, Skeelz, Nightmare, All- Stars, Sentinels, Bangers, Rescue, Fang Pi, Vortex, Jungo
A character with at least 16 base points: GHEIST, Sakrohm, Uppers, Montana, Junta, PCats, Ulu Watu, Freaks,

So, as you see from the title of the subject, I'm for ideas for cheap T1 decks. I've got 24K A.T.M. I'm mainly looking for tips for GHEIST/Roots, Sakhrom, Freaks and/or Sentinel. I'd like to test out different strategies and different clans.
I would also be thankful for tips on which cards I should buy to Make a Vortex deck using the cards I already have: Kobalth, Kronnen, Krung, Marty and Onyx. All tips are welcome! Thanks in advance.

Thanks mods too.

friday 26/08/2011

@ Gomla - Not entirely accurate. "Protection: attack" would do exactly that--stop any and all "-X attack, min Y" abilities from functioning against that card. "Protection: power" doesn't stop attack manipulation, so why should it work the other way around? Yes, If you lower their power, it does end up lowering their attack, but it does so indirectly--that's the key to beating them.

@ -Raven_ (et al--side note) - It doesn't have to have low-ish power; in the Create Your LD thread, I made a Sentinel with 8 power and "protection: attack" by bumping up the basic Carlos by 1 power and giving him the ability. Oshitsune could still stomp him flat, with his awesome ability and SoB. They WOULD tie, and with 3* Donovan Ld has an advantage, but with 1 more pill, Oshitsune wins every time (after all, the SoB prevents the attack from being ADDED, instead of REMOVING it).

Mainly for fun. That's kinda obvious once you see them. Please rate them green.

Stella Challenge
Akhab Challenge


thursday 25/08/2011

HA nothing much i would say. It has gone some revisions once I learned a bit more about it all. Here is the revision.

Ashigaru for ELO
Morphun and Eklore for Survivor
Ambre for Type II
Vansaar for leveling up
Bridget for Deathmatch
Hugo for Type I

All of the Leaders are useful, I think we have an 8-way tie.

wednesday 24/08/2011

Can't stress the importance of #6 nearly enough. If the opponent absolutely MUST win BOTH rounds to take victory, then you shouldn't 0 pill bluff or pile it all for round 3. That gives you a 50/50 to lose. Putting in SOME of your pillz means they have to guess EXACTLY what you did in order to get through both times. If they all or nothing, you win.

7. Always do the math. For instance, if the opponent is running Mono-Montana DO NOT 4 Pill a 5 power card! That gives you 20 power, which reduces to 8. Exactly the same result as if you had used only 2 pillz.

8. Don't get overconfident. If you have 11 pillz and they have 3, don't do the math and play EXACTLY the right number of pillz to win, leaving yourself with 6 pillz or so at the end of the game. Someday, you will forget to account for Hugo, their Bonus, or something else, and your math will be ever so slightly off, costing you what was a sure win.

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And your preset got always deleted smiley

You realise that the DT operate in the same rooms as T1, T2 & ELO (but not survivor or Death Match) and starts every second hour. You don't need to specially enter, just play within that hour and you get extra clints & credits if you come top 3 (or just 50 clints if you don't)

The Konami code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.

Quit drinking. smiley

@ -Raven_
There are clans with SOB out there you know. I know the bonus of Montanas are great, but most cards can stand up to it.

@ n____n
I am not asking another Mona or Spiaghi, but i would surely like cards that are not too difficult to put in a deck. By that i mean that Montana already has Mona, Sharon, Milovan, Velicio, Oscar, Ottavia etc. It doesn't seem nice to keep filling a clan with three stars. Bring a four or five star instead.

@ IM Hartomesh
Ace is good, I agree but he is nothing special. There is already Prince Jr and Spiaghi and to some extent Ficanasso (My liking). It is good in a Hugo-Montana deck but what does it do? 2 damage? No one even considers him seriously (Note the MOST) as they do towards Spiaghi and Prince Jr. As i said, they are crowding a clan with cards of certain stars that they already have a lot of.
I also agree to the more four or five star cards.

@ Hula_BZ
Slipped out of my mindsmiley

tuesday 23/08/2011

They should make a skeelz with no ability.

Amazing to counter Leviatton

No its not a scam i do them they work anyway if ya have an ipod/iphone download the app do the free offers thats the easiest way

If so,the the best way to earn crs was to.

Use 10k clintz on timbers
sell all to kate

10k=100 timbers

100 timbers=10,000 Prize draws,

It be a basic way of transforming clintz into prize draws,

Rich guys could waste 100,000 clintz
and make millions,since i guess 100,000 Tickets is enough to win you millions.

Are you planning to be a collector or a player?

If you are planning to be a collector, 1000 credits will definitely not be enough. As a collector, you might want to start off with Titanium packs as they give the most variety of cards. Full Decks are great as well if you're planning to get some duplicates to trade/buy. If you're planning to spend x number of credits every month, you might decide to spend on them cards that are just released as they cost the most. Sell them at once to gain the most profit, then purchase them back after about a month or two.

However, if you're a player, you might want to spend them on Full Decks or Classic Decks. If you plan to study the game to get an edge, you might want to head over to the public presets and spend some time learning to deck-build and start off there. There are certain decks Hugo-Montana, Hugo-Sentinel which are really cheap and can get you far. Start off with Daily Tournaments and slowly head off to ELO.

Also, you might want to head on to, which links you to a great commentator, UM-1984 which helps you to learn the game better. I've learnt a lot about this game, especially deck building from him. You might want to check it out if you plan to get better.

I had this bug once a long time ago. I think my internet connection was down at the time. It said I won by timeout but I actually lost the battle. Check your fight log, maybe you will find something.

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