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wednesday 03/08/2016

Hi Darkblood, I would like Virginia

sunday 31/07/2016

20 credits. I can't possibly earn that much in 3 days...so I won't complain either. smiley

tuesday 26/07/2016

monday 25/07/2016

Thanks all very much for playing!

All prizes have been sent and the Month was completed!

Have a very good evening, this thread will now be closed. smiley

saturday 23/07/2016

How to enter?

sunday 17/07/2016

Is this event hpening or what?

I love Urban smiley But Long Live Eder! smiley

friday 15/07/2016


Have a guess which collector I will win from gold Tokenz

If you guess right, you will win 1 Rare Card.

Join up:


thursday 07/07/2016

Because it's me who would get it smiley

This comment has been hijacked by Hideki

gg Hideki the almighty winner

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tuesday 05/07/2016

So i'm hosting a lotto for the 4th of July which happens to be my birthday. It will be a Pirate themed elimination lotto where one by one players are eliminated through random.org until only the winners are left, so hopefully your number doesn't come up. If you would like to join please do since this event is supposed to be a celebration and everyone is welcome. Prizes and donations through the registration period will be added and their might be more places to finish depending on the number of contestants prior to the lotto's start. Any questions feel free to ask prior to. Thank you all for your time and for those of you who have added joy to my life this past year, this lotto is for you.


sunday 03/07/2016

A friend has been sent a PM with explicit instructions to screenshot the PM and note the date.
Trigger some land mines, gather some cards smiley

monday 27/06/2016

No rules just a lottery

Price : 2 000 000 clintz in random cards smiley

Lotteria Aliena

thursday 23/06/2016

friday 17/06/2016


thursday 16/06/2016

Prize list is confirmed smiley

1. Rass Cr + Tanaereva Cr
2. Vickie Cr
3. Melissa Cr
4. Alec Cr
5-8 Robb Cr
9-16 Wee Lee Rb

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tuesday 14/06/2016

Its a bug on the old website.
Use the new website and it works finr

thursday 09/06/2016

Hi everybody !

Concept simple and fast.
Each day or 2 days, i give you the match for the day.

You give me the winner in Turkish part.
Bet right : 1 pt

Other Game :
Bet on the final before Sunday 19 / 06 in Cesky part
Bet right : 5 pts

Entre Few : 2 500 clintz
It's Here : EURO 2016 : Pariez sur les matchs

tuesday 07/06/2016

1 space left before we start the event.

monday 06/06/2016

Urban Salem!

prizes are set we need 4 more players to start! lets go guys!

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