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saturday 04/01/2020

Ah judge lynch is also a big considering his bans

He also has a weird drop rate there has been cards before that drop at extremely low rates compared to other cards of the same or higher rarity. Mona Cr was a perfect example before she went cr barely ever more than 10 on the market and was 200-400k at her prime from what I remember.

friday 03/01/2020

Yeah cheers, just figured that out.

thursday 02/01/2020

Does an AI count as an organism? Ah, geez... this is getting complicated. smiley

wednesday 01/01/2020

I mention eklore because consume still counts in later rounds if inflicted by a character of the clan you're doing the mission for
pillzinator and eklore in hand, win R1 with pillzinator, opp drops 2 pillz (consume, eklore) but only the one from the consume ability counts. second round you play eklore, opp drops another 2 pillz, but you still get the +1 mission point from the hive-inflicted consume, even though you didn't play a hive that round. i was just wanting to clarify that the inverse is not true- no mission progress playing a non-pillz-stealing hive card with eklore in hand smiley

Yeah, every 5 games or so...

tuesday 31/12/2019

The big anticipated rematch between the two kicks off again on February 22nd 2020 in an elite heavyweight boxing showdown
this is by far the biggest fight of next year
and it will be interesting to hear everyone's views and opinion on this bout

sunday 29/12/2019

wednesday 25/12/2019

I came back like few months ago, and the game changed a lot, my 200K clintz worth nothing now.. the most expensive card non cr I've ever seen was only like 100K clintz

tuesday 24/12/2019

Idk but yesterday it wouldnt let me play elo with my elo deck or survivor with any deck so i think something weird happened

3k pack there is no chance for this but 4k yes. This year I remember 2 times packs was for 4k.

sunday 22/12/2019

I have used Ozzy for the Dominion Arena and can recall that indirect KO does not trigger the effect. I haven’t tested for Karrion however, but I think Ozzy should be sufficient evidence.

Similarly, Uchtul Cr’s Backlash doesn’t trigger the effect either if your opponent KOs themselves with it.

I don’t have a picture with me right now though, but I recall this feature from the Dominion one.

tuesday 10/12/2019

I agree that the notifications disappear too quickly, they should stay for at least 3 days, preferably even longer, I believe they disappear every 24 hours now, it's too quick.

List is on my profile wall spot.

monday 09/12/2019

I like me some Zerks from time to time, but you definitely have to use them in a split deck due to lack of DR/banned defeat+life cards...but they're great in a split! Chang plus Leopold/Miloz, Pedro and Elvis for double SoA, Hercule and Sylvia Ld for 9 powered butt-kickingness (and yes, they both have backlash), Granny May and the list goes on...

Absolutely Arcade is very much worth it! More than 20k cryptos and many rare cards for free!

Usually if you make the same move every time, the AI will too.
But sometimes you start with courage and sometimes with reprisal, it can also use different cards / pillz. But usually it responds the same to the same opening.

sunday 08/12/2019

Pfull is more expensive, but technically the best way.
I think 2 pfullz + 2 mt's is the fastest

As far as I heard, Staff have lately been using Instagram to hint for potential Crs or Mts (based on my observation to the 15 Crs announcement... the one where Valhala Cr was announced to recap).

I myself don't use Instagram to check it myself to be honest.

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