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monday 24/01/2011

Estalt to Ghumbo.
Vince to Ambre.
Estalt to Kolos.
Nanook to Lulabee.

There is not much i would change.

It happens now and then. Just waite a bit, refresh the page and it should be fine.

sunday 09/01/2011


saturday 08/01/2011

Can I just say? I love that clown, and I really love that film smiley Also, brilliant deck there, I'd hate to face it with my.. uhm cards smiley

wednesday 05/01/2011

deleted smileysmileysmiley

sunday 02/01/2011

A great deck! I might swap out dreen for gil or Sentogan because of their more solid power, since the rest of your deck is a little low powered vs SOA. Excellent deck all the same smiley

Haha this overload of nightmare was everyone a rush to complete the dudley ld missions, but that should have passed by now. Bangers are used right now because of the deathmatch mission to get the newest Ld, but it shouldn't be too much trouble to beat them. They are easy to beat with damage reducers, paired with attack manipulation. It's really funny to see how these new missions influence the play of everyone on the site, but it makes them play more predictably, so that's a plus smiley

It's a very nice deck! But I would add a leader, like ambre or eyrik instead of petra. Then I would add uranus in the place of Eris/Jautya, because the more damage reducers, the more mistakes you can get away with without losing the game. Murray is actually a very clever choice in death match and in survivor. He can get you a free life gap against the common damage reducers and his high power can counter your opponent without any issues. Good luck! smiley

The only feature I would like to see is a sound, maybe something like the 'ding' you hear at the start of the death match. Sometimes I like to play multiple deathmatches, one after the other, but extra time drags on and on. So I open up a new tab and start doing something else. When I check back to see if the death match has started yet, I have missed two minutes and now have no chance of getting those first +60 points that sets you ahead of everyone else and puts you on the road to victory. A sound to indicate that the death match has started would be much appreciated. smiley

friday 31/12/2010

Nightmare/Piranas T1 deck for the end of the year.
Rate/comment, please. Any feed back is highly appreciated.

tuesday 28/12/2010

Typing in caps is rude

Anyways, good deck, I'd use loocio over Garrik personally though

sunday 26/12/2010



deathmatch-winning type 1 skeelz deck . with aigwon and aigwon noel , because it's christmas .
joyeux noel !

saturday 25/12/2010

Unevolved cards in DMs -.-

tuesday 21/12/2010

sunday 19/12/2010

For T1 smiley


I just won a Death Match with this and my final score was 500! Even if you think a deck is a little weak or has a card like fifty in it doesn't mean it's bad. Heck fifty saved me many of times from koloses and cards like him.


saturday 18/12/2010

Hmmm interesting steel

Probably a bad conection happens to me all the time.

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