wednesday 10/08/2011

Fristly, ad hominems don't help your case, all they manage is to make you look stupid.
Especially when they consist of pointless e-peen waving.

Secondly, why? How can an innocuous analysis like that have put your panties in a twist? I don't get the misplaced rage.

Finally, the specific example is meaningless; focusing on it is missing the point by a kilometer.
At no point was I even suggesting that any of those cards should make it into the game; they were just there to illustrate a point; because this is the internet and pure logic often flies over people's heads.
Then again, it seems adding an example doesn't prevent that problem.


Completing Missions and the Solo-challenges also gives you Credits and Clintz!
For Credits you can either buy Card-Packs or Clintz-packs (25 Credits = 2000 Clintz)

Put all Draw Tickets you get in the Daily Draw as well, you can win 100 Clintz per winning number if you dont win the Card. smiley

People have been saying they would make that clan awhile ago its called polit. i for one am very surprised that they havent added one yet in all honesty. i think it would be very cool personally but no it isnt a crazy idea if you read the comics youll find out more about it. you definetly are not the 1st person to think of that though.

THE THIRD person whop asks the same question!

look before you post smiley

Hungry samurai not really.something happened theresmiley
Bythorshammer is correct

tuesday 09/08/2011

Pretty sure there was a short period recently with no currently available Ld. Not absolutely certain since I had finished the prior missions long before, but I swear either before or after Hopper Ld there was a brief lull.

Thats just way to OP though, i mean he makes other 8/8s 6/6s.

It requires you to make your own image (with your name on it) and then uploading it as per normal. Alternatively you could beg someone to do it for you smiley

Except for gork backslash poison... example: if a poison is still activated by the time gork's backslash is activated.... it wont work... the previous poison is still the one who will do the damage to you

Telling sarcasm isn't very easy when all you're doing is reading type, there are tons of people who probably seriously believe that kolos or jackie cr shouldn't be permabanned. the only ones you might be able to argue for are kerry, striker, and gil, but it's a tough arguement, and they'd probably be voted regularly anyway

monday 08/08/2011

I beat the last ones using a mono montana deck (for the bella Ld missions), only had troubles with Usine a Pillz and the one after that. smiley it was this deck seems it's already preseted smiley o°.0 Special 25*0.°o

Play in daily tornaments, play the game, sell characters, buy em from the shop

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Other than that I am unable to understand what your exact problem is.

Once upon a time I would have agreed, more or less. But Legend Missions set the precedent for missions that can no longer be completed no matter what (if you did not start them on time). So I'd say the desire to make all missions available (wthout high cost) will not be heeded - it's not possible anyway.

I like the bid increments idea, with both players placing their bets, then a simultaneous reveal. Exact numbers/ranges would need tweaked a little bit to ensure that you can trick your opponent into pilling too heavy.

Maybe the limit on pillz you can use per round increases each time you come back to raise? Possibly while at the same time the insta-win gap gets smaller?

The gap would have to be set by ATTACK value, not by PILL value though. So high power cards mean you can attain auto-win gaps more easily.

Assuming equal power, and that 3*Power for these cards is the auto-win gap:
So I want to force you to overpill, I bid 3 on first round, hoping you will bid 1 and be threatened that I create an insta-win gap. Next round we can bid up to 5 pillz, so if I bid all 5 and the insta-win is +/-3, you are already down by 2, so you MUST bid 4 pillz to stop me from claiming the round. If I bid 0 to throw it, then you have paid 5 to my 3, so I have a small advantage in pillz now.

In other scenarios, you might have a case with Ambre + Willy (14 power) against Redra (6 Power). If Redra does 1 pill and Willy does 4, that is 42 against 6, almost certainly sufficient to trigger an insta-win gap on the first round.

In this model, I would say you start with 10 pillz each, and gain 8, 6, and 4, on the following rounds. So you can always bid fairly large and yet get back substantial pillz, but creating small gaps early pays off nicely later.

Theme decks are good as first ever pack buy. They will not provide anything significant ever, but they will provide a deck that can be used in the game. If you'd use your clintz to 3 random packs you could end up with no usable cards at all, without bonus synergies. So - playwise - for first pack the them deck is totally OK choise.

After getting better or near same level of hand as theme deck is they become bad choise. As in any progressive game, you just dont easily cut to the top end stuff, right? - So getting what is needed to survive is good FIRST priority.

Thanks guys. Really enjoying the game so far.

sunday 07/08/2011

Try daily Tournaments, ELO is to competitive with that deck. Also try getting NEW BLOOD when you get the credits as you usually get higher clintz per card...

Sarkrohm is a good choice, so is Skeelz as an other half-deck as they're both usefull yet quite cheap smiley

He asked if it's the BEST pill manipulation deck, not necessarily saying it must be ONLY pill manipulation smiley

Personally I think Eklore is better than Morphun

And Katan is.. meh. I don't really like the low power. Since it's T2 anyway, why not use Dalhia instead?

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