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thursday 20/10/2011

Although from what I've seen, the clans go into a rotation based on alignment: evil, neutral, good. And given that Berzerk is neutral (granted chaotic-neutral), we're in line for another good-aligned clan which the Polit doesn't seem to be. Though I kinda like the idea of Polit being more of an "up to the player to decide" kind of thing.

Thank you Xtyx_UM

Please close
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wednesday 19/10/2011

On the bright side, a 1/3 draw is fine against SOB.

tuesday 18/10/2011

Thank Yous...

I would like to thank some of the players who had a hand in making this timeline possible (There's SO MANY of you):
- Admin: Euzebe & Moderator: Vanter for their dated timelines, which made the 1st & 2nd drafts possible.
- Moderators: Commoner-LoA & powderfingers for approving and stickying the 1st & 2nd drafts.
- Moderator: spagr & Admin: Goralion for helping with the pre-mature 3rd draft via approval
- Mistah Prince for finding the majority of UR’s “innovator characters.”
- Special Thanks to LOA Daigon. For putting up with me smiley
- The NUMEROUS volunteers who posted the mistakes/things I missed. Hopefully those are issues are corrected now.

I welcome further corrections, suggestions and even additions to this third draft, via the Pre-3rd draft thread. (It keeps the "main" threads clean)


If possible please also send proof/evidence supporting your claim, preferably an official staff thread or a screen snapshot.
Thanks again all. Enjoy!

All the best,


I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed this new edition of my "UR timeline series."
This thread will be closed in order to keep it clean and more easily viewable by the public.
Thank you mods & admin for bearing with me and working with me to post this grand thread!!!

I would like to welcome further corrections, suggestions and even additions to this 1st draft of the News Archive, via PM or via the link shown below


If possible, please also send proof/evidence supporting your claim, whether it is an official staff thread or a screen snapshot.
Thanks again all.



__rescue for this week__
Pokerface's elo deck for this week.

monday 17/10/2011

The 3 banned characters and 25* count might mean you don't win as many points as you need to.

Ok deck. I would personally change Methane to XU52, Sigmund Cr to Levetion and Hugo to ambre.

sunday 16/10/2011

you think Georgia is OP, i think she isn't since she wouldn't be really used in ELO since most ELO decks are SOA oriented and any card with attack or power manipulation will beat her

Was the reflection ability idea was already thought of by another player or happen to come up with it on accident.

All the big rewards should be credits in my opinion

A comment from someone from the UR community
UM_Triton - Hero - URBAN MADNESS

Thursday 28/07, 03:55
Etymology- Kawamashi is named after Ryuta Kawashima, a professor who studies the mind. Dr Kawashima is well known for having released many brain-training games for DS consoles.
If you're interested in finding out more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryuta_Kawashima

Kawamashi is quite obviously a scientist or professor of some sort, and the "massive blows of fire extinguishers to the head" is a reference to Dr Kawashima studying the mind.

Please don't forget to rate up so his etymology can be known

saturday 15/10/2011

This clan idea could attrackt the children to the game with out braken the rule for age limit.

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Yea courage is first round an 3 rd round it will work cause your picken your cards first be fore they pick theres.

Ghiest huh ok i can help you out.
when i started out i got lucky an started with a ghiest pack but yes there a bit high price.
ghist have great abilitys an low power. so mix would be best to go with till you save enuff to keep buying ghiest cards if your like me an love your soa roots mix with gheist is a nice start roots have a resinable price.

but the clan i found gose super wel with ghiest above all otheres have to be piranas some thing about that clan just clicks with ghiest trust me on this one.

Great deck, too bad they Elo ban Rowdy and Gil.

1. Yes
2. It'll be fun to have a Mr. Clint City. Why let the girls have all the fun?
3. Aniki, for many reasons smiley

friday 14/10/2011

Love the image in the third pic! Wonder what that is...

Looks like you got through to the Admins smiley

"Hello (0P) sCapeg0d,

Dear founder,

I am delighted to provide with a sneak-preview of our forth-coming, major changes to the Guilds!

Very soon the activity of a Guild and its members will become the key issue: the more active a Guild is, the more it will be promoted, and what is more, from now on a guild's level will be based not on the level of its players but on its activity.

At each level a Guild will win points that can then be translated into bonuses, which will benefit its members, based on their seniority. The benefit of these bonuses in terms of the game will be, for example, an increase in XP points or a reduction in the sales’ tax!

At the same time, we are providing you with a much clearer and easier layout from which to manage your Guilds. You will also be able to enjoy some new features.

For a sneak-preview of the new interface, click here : http://www.urban-rivals.com/to/guildspreview/.

Happy gaming to you all!



What about the ghost girls from the Ring and the Grudge? I think the ghost who contorts itself down the stairs in the Grudge would make for an interesting Nightmare member

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