friday 02/09/2011

Yeah i think thats the problem, i'll see if its still random . thanks for the help!

Thanks for the advice man. Great info.

thursday 01/09/2011

K Ty guys for the help, I will take them all in acount

Well it really depends on what room you want to play in. I gonna guess t1/elo. I would not really recommend La Junta, Votex, or Piranas for you. They aren't bad but they are very expensive. For you I would suggest GHEIST/ All Star. A good cheap deck for you would look like:

Vladimir , Platinum, Dolly, Luba

Alexei / Asporov , Randy , Davina , Ashley

Total cost to you ~1800 clintz.

I'm playing sakrohm since level 7 or 8 and haven't stopped since, I love them and after I got some of their good cards I do pretty good. Sure I would benefit from cards like uranus(15 k ctz) or graks (50k ctz) but I do ok without them too.

Maybe a bot but i doubt that

wednesday 31/08/2011

I would use those 3, however clintz shortage means that I have to stick to the 3 I've already got =/

Hardly copying, or unique. Plenty of commie countries used a clenched fist as a symbol.

Oh, i get it thanks a lot Medivh and 0 Pride

C Wing to Lovhak
Deea to Shaakarti
Sunder to Dagg
Bridget to either Hugo, Morphun or Ambre

tuesday 30/08/2011

Not sure if this has ever been tried before, but I'm pretty sure noone's ever said it before. I've discovered that when in T1 (possibly others, haven't tried it in other places yet) if you are very behind and feel you can't win or it will be difficult, you play Hawkins to match the ending attack (after all the pills your opponent has left are played) of your opponent's strongest card or the card they need to win. About 4/5 times they will play it, and you will end up winning because they wasted everything on something they thought was a bluff.

You have to have more pills then your opponent or be sure Hawkin's final attack be greater then your opponent's after he plays all his pills, otherwise this will not work.

I have tried this dozens of times and people fall for it a surprisingly large amount of the time. Try it yourself, the success rate you'll have will really surprise you.

I would recommend either the Montana or the Piranas clans. Montana for their crippling bonus and the Piranas for those who want to stop them.

I play in DM T1.
My favourite decks and clans are:

Pi Sigma Epsilon

I throw in a few others for fun, spice it up so to speak:

I use DM to test my decks. The speed is good for quick thinking and mixing different play styles.

Least favourite is Rescue.
They are an overrated clan with little to no actual value. I play with them when I'm bored.
Novices and seniors buy them by the truck load due to their clan bonus...until they run into a SOB clan and realise they have just wasted their clintz.
Favourite example: Hax VS Burdock.

Montana's are a pain in the arse. *grumble*
Some incredible cards and their Clan Bonus is deadly, practically voiding your first 2 pillz, unless you face them with mono Sakrohm deck.

Vortex is a great clan experienced players.
I have them on the side, havent actually spent time experimenting with them.

Its a bad idea. I would think that it's the simplicity not the complexity that makes it not practical. Rounds go by too quickly to be considered a real card game. I don't want to go around looking for people to play with every 5-10 minutes.
Also, things like dt and elo can't be applied. there's also the random chance you can win/lose with higher/lower pills.


pfff I was using the best uppers...

Y is every 1 being sarcastic loosen up hes just a guy looking 4 help do wat steelie said

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