tuesday 23/08/2011

Pay some amount of clintz to some people to create them for you. There are a few out there which are very good. You might also want to try out deviantart. Some of the artists there might do it for free if you ask politely. smiley

Protection:Whatever will confuse everyone! Lol

monday 22/08/2011

Then same as getting a 3/1 any other time. Your 3 from the other clan get their bonus, the Temp-est is left without any bonus.

Soundtrack is right. One is for the "Heal" function (reverse poison) and the other is for +Life function.

Btw,Cyb Lhia

And i meant by
I miss understood what a nuke was.

And maybe the vortex need a good "winner" somewhat like a 7/6 support +3 atack

And they need a boost for elo too...
the poison card was a idea but here are some others,

4* Support:-1 opp damage min 1

lowish damage
But nice dr,wich is unique enough to only work Greatly when your had is at least 3-1.

if UP make it a 8/4

but i feel that its good enough as it is because of half decks it being not verry good,8/4 would mean that its half deck playeable and mono beast,wich might be what will boost the vortex caln in elo.

Another Card i feel needed is a support +4 atack 5*

8/5 support:+4 atack

An amazing WALL to the clan,great to partner up with Dagg and would fit greatly in both t2 and somewhat in elo.

Lets face it,whats not scariyer then facing a 8 powered +16 atack?

Sasha is relativily similar

3 less stars,3 less damage.

but she has one less power and protection.

If this seems to good then make it support:+3 atack 8/5
wich still seems as a great wall to me.

Btw:The topic is more Vortex needs a BOOST in ELO

since the whole nuke topic alwready is out of question.

Pussycats have a lot of flaws: They only have 1 (ELO banned) Stop Opp. Ability (but if you're not playing ELO, what a wonderful card she is!) and they have almost nothing in the way of Attack manipulation, considering the only one that is remotely usable is poor 2 star Brittany. They have relatively few usable low star cards, which makes it difficult to make a T1 deck with Monocats, and a poor hand is a fact of life given the whopping 2 damage your low star cards can do.

That being said though, they're a fantastic clan with a heavily underestimated bonus. Montana and Uppers are great, and their bonus certainly helps them win 2, even 3 rounds no problem, but the thing with Pussycats is that they don't even WANT to win all 4 rounds, or even 3! Oftentimes, winning 2 isnt needed!. Charlie, Ditha, and Muze can all win matches by themselves, and your opponent will rarely realize just how much danger they're in by not pilling huge on that first round to avoid Muze's poison, or just how important it is to save their pills because an angry Ditha is coming and they don't know when.

Pussycats, more than any other clan, can bluff. No, I don't ACTUALLY have any intention of using Charlie's 8 damage, but thank you for wasting 5 pills in order to do...oh dear, 1 damage. Muze's poison is scary, but I was actually planning on using Diana's lifegap with Naomi, so thank you for making it all the easier for them to win!

I love Pussycats because they excel at creating unwinnable situations.

Unless the opponent is Gheist or Roots, they won't likely have very many Stop Ability cards. So when you blend Skeelz with another clan, you are just providing targets for their SoA to still be of use against.

Since their SoA is now useful, the bonus for your Skeelz is essentially wasted.

I was pretty good below level 30. smiley

I tried Vortex and Junks to be useful... With the pill manipulation,

Dregn, Dagg, Cyb Lhia, C wing, Tremorh, Qubik, Jiro, Dreen

sunday 21/08/2011

Quote Asian Republic post 2/7 "6.5/10. Below Average"

Really? lol Mr Abacus.

Is there a post someplace that describesthe terminology you guys use on cards. Like blocks and that sort of thing.

I beg but every one turns me down smiley smiley smiley"

Nope, Not really.... Sorry.

saturday 20/08/2011

WIth my new deck sometines i get defeated because of the montana's abilites like protection: bonus or some of the others nasty ones, How can i fit SoA into my deck?

On the home page, there's a lottery that you can subit your tickets in.

If you win, you get a highly sought-after card.

EVen if you don't, you might get 100 Clintz from Kate by matching the lucky number (The last digit of the lottery ticket).

Good luck!

(And if you ever see a way to get a free ticket, let me know? I never did get mine.) smiley

They don't need a different background they are special enough .... simple. smiley

I hope there are admins listening to your ideas. smiley

It's clear that protection damage makes the card balanced and more solid, but some - life abilities can create bigger gaps ex: Ojibway, Vince. Also - life makes good defeat abilities smiley

friday 19/08/2011

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