sunday 21/08/2011

I beg but every one turns me down smiley smiley smiley"

Nope, Not really.... Sorry.

saturday 20/08/2011

WIth my new deck sometines i get defeated because of the montana's abilites like protection: bonus or some of the others nasty ones, How can i fit SoA into my deck?

On the home page, there's a lottery that you can subit your tickets in.

If you win, you get a highly sought-after card.

EVen if you don't, you might get 100 Clintz from Kate by matching the lucky number (The last digit of the lottery ticket).

Good luck!

(And if you ever see a way to get a free ticket, let me know? I never did get mine.) smiley

They don't need a different background they are special enough .... simple. smiley

I hope there are admins listening to your ideas. smiley

It's clear that protection damage makes the card balanced and more solid, but some - life abilities can create bigger gaps ex: Ojibway, Vince. Also - life makes good defeat abilities smiley

friday 19/08/2011

I like to deal with Morphun to get my pillz... me and him go a long way when it comes to drug dealing smiley

thursday 18/08/2011

Ok thanks for all the advice guys. I'm going to start playing in the DT's and try to get better at playing ELO. I tried playing yesterday in ELO and lost so many times in a row that I'm down to 940 ELO DX

Jup there is a rule

Sometimes noobish strategies work against veteran players. veteran players mostly think the situation complicatedly. play a card with no bonuses or ability with 6 dmg with 6 pills. 2nd round, do the same. seems stupid to do. gets you a win sometimes.
or just plain out play a 1 hit ko card at the beginning of the round lol. they'll most likely think its a bluff

wednesday 17/08/2011

I have used a deck much like that, but not as reliable on muze and less weak draws imo.

Charlie, Ella, Muze, Wanda
grakxmmt, Jautya, Uranus, Wakai

also t1, idea is much the same, but feels more balanced to me. Won a lot with it. not as maney weak draws as yours, and still has a chance against soa. and doesn't matter as much to miss out on drawing muze. and really with your strategy i can not understand that you did not include charlie and ella.

IMO, good idea, but needs lots of work to make it viable.

I still want to go to the beach a couple of weeks more, let the xmas wait a bit more smiley

Ok, now I see the point. Still think it should be a draw, it's obvious you didn't beat your opponent.


Ive chnged the deck a bit, this is how it is currently

It just have 23* smiley I would change esther to drummond and hawkins noel with spycee to taljion and greesh smiley

As someone who plays Pussycats, I hope the next Legendary is one--preferably with some sort of Support ability or Attack manipulation--the 'Cats have 0 Supports in their ranks and very, very little in the way of remotely worthwhile attack manipulators (Brittany and...that's it). Or even better, Stop Opponent Ability now that Yayoi is gone for good.


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