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sunday 18/09/2011

Hopper, if you are would change these characters doesn't need -life . 7/8 life gap.
7/5 -10 attack min 5. compotetion rampid Niva, Eggman, Chill, rodney and mindy

What time zone is ur played in? I am confused as to when elo starts and finishes and what time "elo player ban" voting starts and ends? Can someone please help. I am from Saskatchewan so GMT -6...

HELLO! I just wanna brag about my decks~ CHEAP! 1.3 ELO in 1 day! and deleted. They are really successful and i want to share my success with you! So please check it out. Dont forget to rate and comment~thx!

saturday 17/09/2011

I'd say;
Zeke to Chiara
Dwan to Aylen
Carter to Belgosi/Greem

If they both have the same ammount of stars then the Attacker would win

PL_LP, I suggest you contact customer support - http://www.urban-rivals.com/staff/contactus.php They will take care of you there, if the problem can't be resolved then you will have to live with it.

Depends on how you play. Do you go for the two hit KO or do you like to mess with your opp and go three or four rounds.

I get it...

N oodile cr
E dd
R obin
B onnie ld

unfortunatly You miss spelled Nerd my friend...You said nerb...So from now on thats what ima call people smiley

Not nice Nerb

At the top of the battle screen in the right hand corner there should be a few symbals, If you click on the one which looks like a collection of cogs then it should bring up a list of options. If you click on the one which says "show free pillz" then it should stop showing them.


i agree

GuitarGuy amused himself...

Clan: Skeelz

courage: +1pillz per dmg

Wow...could i see the most OP combo ever made??
defeated c wing
Ambre Kolos:
10 x 25=250
10 power being highest possible without courage..AUTOWIN

Skull chill out thats what the boards are 4 u prbly rate down everyones presets dont ya smiley

friday 16/09/2011

Ok deck. I would personally change Hula to Esmeralda, Soushee to Harleen, Zoltan to Grudj, Dwan to Belgosi and Eloxia to Tomas. Also when Olga is banned change her to Akendram.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2017398" and change the = to :

+1 dmg per dmg and/or -1 life per dmg.

Real men done need no fancy computer program gone tellin dem how to spell! But sides, all those red and green squiggly lines make my post all colorful and pretty lookin

thursday 15/09/2011

I'll be ending the second round now, and closing this subject, I will then open a new one for the last two rounds of the tournament.

I ask that no1 steals this idea please, I plan on making more tournaments with different combatants, returning fighters, different styles, and so on. I want to remind everyone again that you are not being asked to vote based on card stats, vote as if these characters were real people (or in some cases creatures),

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