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friday 16/09/2011

+1 dmg per dmg and/or -1 life per dmg.

Real men done need no fancy computer program gone tellin dem how to spell! But sides, all those red and green squiggly lines make my post all colorful and pretty lookin

thursday 15/09/2011

I'll be ending the second round now, and closing this subject, I will then open a new one for the last two rounds of the tournament.

I ask that no1 steals this idea please, I plan on making more tournaments with different combatants, returning fighters, different styles, and so on. I want to remind everyone again that you are not being asked to vote based on card stats, vote as if these characters were real people (or in some cases creatures),

Dragonaging, set your game mode to non random. and you will win if you have the higher attack.

Hmmm, methane threatens but toro goes through more. then again draheera is solid against anything but roots or a PR. and GORK is actually playable for threat too

wednesday 14/09/2011

Xienwolf, quite the contrary - absolutely no retrofitting is needed! The distinction is already in the abilities themselves, and by very simple logic users can be given cues already now in which category the ability is, this evaluation can be done in the code automatically, since the subsets of abilities are obiviously distencted.

The classic SoA is simply "Stop ALL types of Abilities" (Super-SoA) - and the new cards would have also the lesser variants of the SoA's - it seems SoA makes cards easily very powerful, so dishing out these "lesser SoA's" actually makes a lot of sense.

@subclavianHoA, your last line cracked me up, Sir, you win the internets today.

tuesday 13/09/2011

Yea full pirana clan every last one of them.

Oh wow, thanks subclavianHoA and myeltd.. didnt realize i did that... anyways, any ideas?

Buy cards! A lot of em'!

@Tanto89 and myeltd Thank both for your knowledge and examples and it all helped clear the fog

monday 12/09/2011

Heh, I start the game cause he gets me interested and he can't even remember to put a whole decklist in. and to think we used to work for WOTC uk when it still existed

3 messages

First - before accusing people of hacking, try checking to see if you have random on or off. Yes, you can play Survivor with random.

Secondly - if there are any problems, you need to direct it to support not post false accusations on public boards.

Third - check your calculations and clans. Yes, 6 x 6 = 36, but where did that come from since if he has power 7 and also uses 6 pills, the equation would be 7 x 7 (6 pills plus the 1 bonus) = 49, which is more than enough to beat 8 pills on a 5 power card. If the card really was Armand, then the bonus is Stop Opponent Ability not Stop Opponent Bonus.

Thread is being closed - contact support and stop using public threads for this kind of thing.

The only things I can add:

I'd take drummond over miho any day of the week, and Selma should be used instead of Dahlia because of the starting-game conflict with andsom (both are 1st turn-ish cards, maybe 2nd if there were 2 pillz used)

sunday 11/09/2011

So...when do you guys think Crs for Vortex and Berserks will come out. and which cards in each clan do you think will be Cred smiley post your opinions

If it was late last night was a HW fault a couple of times

OK, thank you, I played with the belief that Courage only activates if you go first and therefore if you have more stars in your hand, but I suspected there was something wrong, it just didn't feel right. I lost once on Single Player because of my misinterpretation and then I started to ask myself more questions about this Courage thing. I then played more Multiplayer and kind of figured out / suspected it was like that.
I am now 100% sure so I guess this can be closed, thanks again.

Good luck!

saturday 10/09/2011

Guys is there a way to change facebook acount linked to another.

Playing with all the changes you sugestted ,but I think right now the deck is missing some damage ( tula - hawkins -2 , tobbie - kyle if no soa, -2) , other than that it's good

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