saturday 06/08/2011

I like the idea of making the mission points redeemable. For example exchange the points for packs like 2,950 mission points for a titanium pack or like 500 mission points for a full deck and etc. Or just exchange the mission points for cards, overall I like the idea of the mission points being worth something.

I dont know but im about to give up playing if a cant soon get a app for my android


friday 05/08/2011

So I purchased 420 credits today and bought a mix of elite and new blood packs. I managed to get Dregn along with some other nice vortex cards and a few decent berzerks. I am wondering how does vortex/berzerk do in Elo and other game types? Would it be worth to hold on to these cards and make a vortex deck or sell them for a nice amount of clintz and build something better?

Lol didn't know force had a sense of humor smiley

5x New Blood, 4x Full Deck.

Aha thats it wats_happenin!

Doubles counts as ONE card! Thanks alot wats_happenin and Yurieu! smiley

That settles it! So if i have three of the same, i wont get any Clan-Bonus, unless the fourth card is another card from the same Clan! smiley

Thanks alot gang! smiley

Yes but Mr Bison, you always forget that you shouldn't talk, for you are a bison.

thursday 04/08/2011

Jungo are good to start with, the cheap cards are good value. Make around 10000 and you can make a solid Jungo deck. Trust me.

To be honest I can tell just by reading the links they are the future presets for this game.

It's effort to check them out so I'll just say splash Uranus, easy wins from there.

It takes 2 minutes every turn for me because the website itself is still trying to observe such a beastly player such as myself it almost forgets about the game and just dreams of how amazing I am and how none amazing he is. By he I mean the website, obviously.

It's pretty Obvious and predictable

The first card in UR was Natrang from Fang Pi. I don't know the others.

wednesday 03/08/2011

You didn't deserve to win that match, it's that simple.

It's because I own at the game.

1: deleted

2: deleted

One is more survivability, the other is more aggressive... any ideas or tweaks i could make to improve?

Full pack. Then save up for newblood for next time, wait for a big release and go for it.

The deck was constructed with the idea of consistently winning... I thought about maybe going sak/la junta for more potential damage, but i have very little knowledge of them and would have to tinker with them.

Yes there should be a certain level you can go on lotteries... Say maybe a lottery for each levels? Haha
THis is the reason why I have 286 Tickets

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